artificial intelligence & expert systems. artificial intelligence “computational intelligence is...

Download Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems. Artificial Intelligence “Computational intelligence is the study of the design of intelligent agents.” “An agent

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Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems Slide 2 Artificial Intelligence Computational intelligence is the study of the design of intelligent agents. An agent is something that acts in an environmentit does something. Agents include worms, dogs, thermostats, airplanes, humans, organizations, and society. An intelligent agent is a system that acts intelligently: What it does is appropriate for its circumstances and its goal, it is flexible to changing environments and changing goals, it learns from experience, and it makes appropriate choices given perceptual limitations and finite computation. (Poole et al., 1998) Slide 3 AI in Gaming Simulations AI knows environment parameters AI reacts intelligently to attain goal takes action with highest probable success Tic-Tac-Toe Deep Blue Slide 4 Examples of AI Politics & Government Arts, Entertainment, & Leisure Science & the Environment Education Health Business & Employment Slide 5 Expert Systems AI that acts like an expert in some system Often used by technical help and support Examples: 1-800-APL-CARE (1-800-275-2273) Slide 6 Costs & Benefits List several costs and benefits: Slide 7 Social & Ethical Concerns?


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