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2. INTRODUCTIONArticle writing is an item on one topic/subject with severalparagraphs on that topic. It can be to explain something, tellabout an event, or to describesomething. 3. FORMAT OF AN ARTICLE TitleAuthors Name & DesignationMatter 4. First thing to do is to give an attractiveheading that forces the reader to read thewhole article.Next, in the first paragraph define themeaning of the heading and provide thesupporting information for the openingstatement.Then give some solution to the problemdiscussed, the outcome of the subject of thearticle, or the next step expected; followedby a conclusion or closing statement.Write your name and the date under yourname. 5. WHY WE WRITE ARTICLES?It may be for the purpose of propagating the news,research results ,academic analysis or debate.A news article discusses current or recent news of eithergeneral interest or of a specific topic.A news article includes accounts of eye witnesses to thehappening event. It contains photographs, accounts,statistics, graphs, recollections, interviews, polls, debateson the topics, etc.The writer also gives facts and detailed informationfollowing answers to general questions like who, whatwhen, where, why & how.References to people are made through written accountsof interviews and debates.All these are also possible by other means, but articlesgives the fact along with general public view to a largeaudience. 6. TYPES OF ARTICLESText articlesAcademic paper- is an academic article published in an academic journal.The status of academics is often dependent both on how many articlesthey have had published and on the number of times that their articles arecited by authors of other articles.Blog- some styles of blog articles are more like articles. Other styles arewritten more like entries in a personal journal.Encyclopedia article- in an encyclopedia or other reference work, anarticle is primary division of content.Marketing article- an often thin piece of content which is designed todraw the reader to a commercial website or product.Usenet articles- are messages written in the style of e-mail and posted toan open moderated or unmoderated usenet newsgroup.Spoken articlesIn the general context, this terms refers to articles produced in the formof audio recordings. They are also referred to as prodcasts.LenticelsArticles whose primary content is a list. 7. CHARACTERISTICS OF WELL- WRITTEN ARTICLESArticle is usually on a well definedtopics that are related in someways.The writer is objective and showsall sides to an issue.The sources are identified and arereliable.Show, dont tell. 8. AUTHORSHIPPublications obtain articles in a few differentways:Staff written- an article may be written by aperson on the staff of the publication.Assigned- a freelance writer may be asked towrite an article on a specific topic.Unsolicited- a publication may be open toreceiving article manuscripts from freelancewriters. 9. STEPS TO WRITE ANEFFECTIVE ARTICLECollection of material: you can write only when youknow the subject- matter. For this purpose, it is essential thatyou read widely. Have a keen power of observation & writedown from your own experience. Think over the topic and jotdown the points that come to your mind. Make a selection ofpoints you have jotted down and strike out those which areirrelevant or unimportant. 10. Arrangement of material: when you havecollected the material, divide it under differentheadings. Arrange the points in logical order. Thedifferent ideas should be collected under its properheadings. Avoid repetition.Writing the article: devote one paragraph toeach main heading. See that paragraphs are relatedto one another. A paragraph should talk of one mainheading only. Its first sentence should be the keysentence. All other ideas expressed in the paragraphshould be related to the main idea. 11. ELEMENTS OF AN ARTICLEHeadlineA headline is text at the top of a newspaper article, indicatingthe nature of the article. The headline catches the attention ofthe reader and relates well to the topic. Modern headlines aretypically written in an abbreviated style omitting manyelements of a complete sentence but almost always includinga non- copula verb. 12. BylineA byline gives the name andoften the position of the writer. 13. LeadThe lead (sometimesspelled lede) sentencecaptures the attention ofthe reader and sums upthe focus of the story.The lead alsoestablishes thesubjects, sets the toneand guides the readerinto the article. 14. BodyDetails and elaboration are evident in the body and flowsmoothly from the lead.Quotes are used to add interest and support to the story.The inverted pyramid is used with most articles. If less vitaldetails are pushed towards the end of the story, thepotentially destructive impact will be minimised. 15. A feature article will follow a format appropriate for its type.Structures for featured articles may include, but are not limitedto:Chronological- the article may be the narrative of some sort.Cause and effect- the reasons and results of an event orprocess are examined.Classification- items in an article are grouped to help aidunderstanding.Compare and contrast- two or more items are examined side-by-side to see their similarities and differences.List- a simple item-by-item run down of pieces of information.Question and answer- such as an interview with a celebrity orexpert. 16. CONCLUSIONOne difference between a news story and a feature article isthe conclusion. Endings for a hard news article occur whenall of the information has been presented according to theinverted pyramid form. By contrast, the feature article needsmore definite closure. The conclusions for these articles mayinclude, but are not limited to:A final quoteA descriptive scene.A play on the title or lead.A summary statement. 17. HOW TO ELIMINATE CHILD LABOUR Today hundreds of children are acting on stage as artists in serials.They are talented kids. Production houses are making TV showsfeaturing kid actors. But I think they are playing with the lives of thechildren. Rehearsals for serials take a lot of time. Their talent isbeing discovered and polished at the cost of their education. Thekid actors neglect their studies. They start dreaming of earningname, fame and fortune. Many of them will regret their mania forshow business.Maharashtra government has justly decided to take legal actionagainst eight production houses for violating the child labour act.According to rules, child artists must get one hour rest after everythree hour hours of shooting.Everyday we celebrate on June 12 World Day Against Child labour.But this campaign will do no good to little kids unless they geteducation . State protection are removal of poverty. All the childrenmust compulsorily go to school. This should be the nationalagenda.X.Y.Z. 18. THE EVIL OF RAGGINGRagging means playing practical jokes on somebody. It is annualentertainment held by students to collect money for charity. Today isevery college the seniors indulge in a dirty game. They go mad. Theysay they are welcoming the freshers by harassing them. They play crueljokes on them. As a result so many new corners run away from collegefor their safety. The fear of ragging drives them mad. There have beenso many cases when the victims of inhuman ragging died.Say No to Ragging- This is need of the hour in professional andtechnical institutes. The supreme court and the government are deeplyconcerned how to stop the evil. The threat of fine or short termrustication or even cancelling the admission of the raggers are notenough. The guilty should be sent to jail and the killers be hanged.How shameful that even girls also join the boys in humiliating thefreshers. Such interaction between the newcomer and the seniors ishateful and a violation of law. I wonder why and how the brilliantstudents in medical and technical institutes become so stone heated.