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July 15-18, 2014 • Napa, CA • Learn how to integrate this stunning arts-alignment framework into your everyday teaching.


  • Learn how to integrate this stunning arts-alignment framework into your everyday teaching.

    Initiated 23 years ago by American music icon, Leonard Bernstein - this teaching and learning model has provided thousands of educators a pathway to integrate the arts across the curriculum.

    Artful Learning is a transformative learning model employing interdisciplinary curriculum units, magnified by arts-based strategies that deepen engagement, learning and understanding. The four main elements - Experience, Inquire, Create and Reflect - encourage and support arts-alignment, best teaching practices to improve student learning; all drawing from an overarching Concept, a Significant Question and a Masterwork. Student assessment is based on a variety of measures to include dierentiation, content and performance standards.

    July 15-18, 2014 Napa, CAArtful LearningSummer Session

    Create high levels of student engagement and achievement

    Learn how to connect the Common Core with the Arts

    Experience engaging arts and digital media workshops

    Design an interdisciplinary unit of study that usesthe Arts to demonstrate student understanding across the curriculum

    Work at a demonstration site where leadership, collaboration and infrastructure continue to transform the school with community support

    Receive one-year of remote professional support after the summer session

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    Session Dates: Tuesday, July 15 through Friday, July 18, 2014when

    whyBecause this is the era of progressive thinking and action for education. Our belief is the Arts are a pathway for student engagement, response and understanding.

    Session participants will learn all aspects of how to use the Artful Learning framework while incorporating their respective Common Core State Standards along with every site/district initiative required for providing instruction to students. Emphasis will also include 21st Century Skills with unit design and leadership. Participants will receive on-going support via phone and web-based communication platforms throughout the upcoming academic year to successfully deploy their Artful Learning Unit of Study. Daily instruction and on-going mentoring will be provided from Artful Learning Master Trainers and practitioners of the model.

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    Oered for PreK - 12 educators and leaders desiring to learn the framework and any Artful Learning School currently using the model with new teachers to train.


    whereSession will be held at Salvador School - one of the premiere Artful Learning Schools in the nation - situated in the beautiful Napa Valley of California. In addition to the inspirational school site, the region is populated with picturesque wineries, artisan restaurants and a unique, entrepreneurial culture. Learn more about Salvador School at our website link.

    Encouraging two educators from a school or district to participate together as collaboration is integralto unit development.

  • session highlightsMaking Curricular Connections with Arts-Based Skills & StrategiesMusic, Theatre, Visual Arts, Movement and Digital Media strategies will be be demonstrated during highly interactive workshops for participants to first experience and then make relevant connections to their curriculum for immediate use in the classroom.

    Educators use literature, social studies and visual arts disciplines to create a music soundscape.

  • session highlights

    Scientific understanding of The Periodic Table of Elements is conveyed through a theatre strategy.

    The same theatre strategy used across the curriculum, in this instance portraying a current event that will be used for a creative writing prompt.

    Artful Learning: Exploration of Experience, Inquire Create & ReflectIn-depth exploration of the elegant and evocative framework will reveal how to use the power of arts-alignment to engage student learning. Examples from across the country will showcase how the framework of Experience, Inquire, Create & Reflect links academic rigor, creativity and achievement.

    Experience ReflectCreateInquire

  • session highlightsCreating a Unit of Study Using the Artful Learning FrameworkLearn how the framework anchors of Concept, Significant Question, Masterwork Experience, Inquiry Centers, Original Creation and Deepening Questions are used to build incredible units of study and empower student learning. Participants leave the session with a fantastic start to a unit that will continue to evolve over the next several months, aided by remote professional support.

    Students from national Artful Learning Schools immersed in Units of Study. (Clockwise) - Concept Exploration of Perspective, an Inquiry Center focused on Interdependence and metaphoric Original Creations come alive depicting Conflict.

  • session highlightsThe Artistic Process An Intimate & Evocative Conversation with Jamie Bernstein & Alexander Bernstein

    Global ambassadors for education and music, The Bernstein Family provides incredible insights and perspectives about their father - Leonard Bernstein - and his artistic process.

    Artful Learning Summer Session is delighted to host a conversation with noted author and performer - Jamie Bernstein. Modeled after the Leonard Bernstein Young Peoples Concerts, she is creator of the Bernstein Beat education concert series. Audience members around the world have been thrilled to learn about the iconic orchestral music written by her father and other composers.

    Alexander Bernstein serves as President of the Artful Learning Board of Directors and charged with preserving his fathers education legacy. As an educator and activist, he has witnessed the power of his fathers philosophical beliefs put into practice across the country and all over the world.

    A rare opportunity to delve inside their personal experiences, along with colorful commentary, about living with and preserving the legacy of a creative genius. Participants will be inspired to continue their own work in classrooms as artists, teachers and scholars.

    Trouble in TahitiMusic by

    Leonard BernsteinDirected by

    Jamie Bernstein

    Leonard Bernsteins one-act opera reflects his incredible ability to fuse language and music into this contemporary gem. A hybrid of jazz, contemplative melodies and a libretto as relevant today as it was when premiered in 1952.

    Directed by daughter Jamie Bernstein, performed with full orchestra and a gifted cast - this synergy of music, emotion and learning will be thrilling.

    Festival del Sole and the entire Napa Valley community have been incredibly supportive of Salvador School and Artful Learning. Be part of this exciting evening of inventive music and legacy.

    Artful Learning Summer Session participants receive a discounted ticket price to this coveted event.

    Learn more about the festival & schedule of events at:

  • session highlightsCurriculum Mapping with Artful LearningParticipants will be coached how to dismantle and reassemble their content areas/required initiatives through the process of curriculum mapping. Demonstrated procedures will be modeled with how to analyze what students must understand, know and do within the context of a prescribed time period. Participants develop and complete a working curriculum map that is arts-aligned and ready for unit design.

    How to Integrate the Common Core State Standards into an Arts-Aligned Unit of StudyDesigned to demonstrate integration of the respective Common Core State Standards into each participants unit. Because the standards allow for a wide-range of dierentiation for student responses, the Artful Learning framework is a tremendous platform for incorporation.

    Curriculum Mapping sessions empower educators with the skills needed to explore their content areas and find a nexus of standards. Educators collaborate together to examine and discuss how best to integrate and then align all aspects of their curriculum.

  • Leadership Strand: How to Lead an Arts-Integration SchoolSchools who fully integrate the arts and focus on creativity are on the cutting edge preparing children for the 21st Century. Learn what it means to be the leader of a school committed to this mission. Work with experienced leaders who have led and lead Artful Learning Schools. In addition, the opportunity to work at and tour Salvador Schoolwill demonstrate how vision and commitment can lead to a sustainable, arts-integrated environment.

    Artful Learning Summer Session July 15 - 18, 2014 Napa, CaliforniaFor more information about registration or the session, email or call 310-383-6647 and a representative will answer questions to walk you through the process of enrolling.

    Hurry! Space is limited.

    register today!

    session highlights

    Learn how shared leadership and sustainability plans connect initiatives using the Artful Learning framework. These stunning woolen banners were created by the entire student population, teachers and artists to display the color schema of Character Education.

    Transform your thinking about what is possible for students. Unlock student understanding at the highest levels of Blooms Taxonomy and the Hess Cognitive Matrix. This class Original Creation is just one of many examples participants will learn from.

  • costs & planning

    Session Cost: $1,200.00 per participantIncludes all materials, Educator Notebook, and, one-year of remote technical support through deployment, feedback, and, conclusion of the unit. Upon successful registration, participants will be given an access code for the discounted hotel rate at Embassy Suites.

    Associated Costs:Lodging, airfare, meals and grou