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  • 1.THE ART & SCIENCE OF NETWORKINGThe Idea: Its not only who you know.Bobby

2. Networking What ?Why?How?Tools? The Networking Game is the art of discovering patterns in the world and making useful connections for ourselves and for others. It is about weaving new options into our social safety nets. 3. The Networking Game Network: lines of communicationconnecting a set of points.Network: a pattern of humaninteraction characterized by aprocess of information exchangeusually leading to other humaninteractions and/or material,service, information, monetaryor spiritual exchanges.~ Richard HaightWeaver: someone who seespatterns and makes connections;they weave the networks. 4. Theres Networking and then theres NetworkingYou know more than I do about the fine points ofsocial networking.But how much do you know about purposeful orproductive networking?There is an art to the latter and theres somescience, too. 5. THE BIG IDEA (Network) Q: Its not what you know, its who you know.TRUE______ FALSE______ Q: Its not who you know, its who knows you.TRUE______ FALSE______ 6. THE BIG IDEA A: Both are TRUE, but not really. Q: Its not who knows you, its who knowsWHAT YOU KNOW.TRUE______TRUE______ 7. Purposeful Networking We tend to think it is: But it really is:Cold-calling Warm leadsMingling with strangersRelationship buildingBorrowing Moms & DadsCreating your owncontact list connectionsFaceBook or any otherFace timeOnly for extrovertsA learnable skill 8. Purposeful Networking To do it well, you will need to:Be clear about your goals.Create a strategyBe able to articulate your personal vision and value andneeds.Know whom you want to know and be known by.Commit to building relationships over time.Be strategically opportunistic.Offer as much as you ask. 9. First, the SCIENCE There is a calculus / there are formulas.You must have goals for networking that support yourvision (or your vision-in-process).Research, research, research -- Determine what / who isadjacent and how they might help.Build your lists maps targets.Work your lists and track your activities and responses.It is, to some extent, a numbers game. 10. Now, the ART There must be a vision and a message this is marketing!Bring your creativity and excitement to every encounter. Become a compelling brand. Create buzz. Get slightly famous. Practice making new connections and in roads Be empathetic consider your audience. Think big and think long-term. Nurture connections to turn them into trusted and reliable relationships. 11. Few Networking Sites LinkedIn [] business networkXING [] global business [] science networkRyze [] business networkPlaxo [] business networkZoomInfo [] business search engine, partneringwith XING and Hoovers [] business search engineImplu [] business search engine 12. Rules of the game Be it Useful for both sidesSee opportunity in every thing and everyone you see or talkNo Boring TalksListenSome leading questions - Query in a way they would like toanswerNever cut the relations - keep it alive by means of festive anykindBuild Relations Build and BuildDont Make assumptions 13. Recruitment Recruitment Vs Networking 14. bobbyabrahammathew@gmail.comTHANK YOU