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Art History & Visual Culture Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Dr Lisa Mansfield [email protected]

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Art History & Visual Culture Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Dr Lisa Mansfield [email protected] Slide 2 Paparazzi THE GAZE Is graffiti art? WAR IN FILM Celebrity Animation GLOBAL / DIGITIAL / VIRTUAL Slide 3 ART HISTORY & VISUAL CULTURE MINOR 2014 Level 1: ENGL 1105: Film Studies (semester 2) Level 2/3: ARTH 2003 Art against Society: Censorship & Iconoclasm (semester 1) ENGL 2057 Hollywood or Bust! (semester 1) PHIL 2029 Beauty: Pleasures & Principles (semester 1) ENGL 2061 Body, Culture, Text (semester 2) EUST 2114 European Film Movements (semester 2) HIST 2054 Reel History: World War II in Film (semester 2) HIST 2078 Britain 1700-1830: Power, Sex and Money (semester 2) Future courses (2015 availability to be confirmed) ARTH 2000 Northern Renaissance Art & Visual Culture ARTH 2001 Modern Chinese Art & Visual Culture ENGL 2008 Adaptation HIST 2063 Early Modern Europe PHIL 2051 Philosophy of Art Comprises 6 courses or 18 units (maximum 2 level 2 courses) Slide 4 Art Against Society: Censorship & Iconoclasm Slide 5 Patricia Piccinini, Big Mother, 2005 Silicone, fibreglass, leather, human hair, 175.0 m Art Gallery of South Australia Slide 6 Cosimo Cavallaro My Sweet Lord, 2005 Milk chocolate sculpture 6 feet, over 90 kg CENSORED Slide 7 Future study pathways Honours (Art History dissertation) Masters by coursework programs Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Slide 8 GRADUATE PROGRAM IN ART HISTORY Postgraduate coursework and Masters degrees in: Art History Curatorial & Museum Studies Slide 9 C A R E E R S Where can studying art history and visual culture take you? Slide 10 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Art History graduates (St Andrews University, Scotland) Study Art History around the world on Exchange! Slide 11 Arts administration & management Heritage officer (National Trust) Auctioneer Art critic (journalist) Publishing Teaching & arts education Curator Conservator Art librarian Art historian Slide 12 SUCCESS STORIES! Graduate Employment: Artlab (Adelaide) Art Gallery of South Australia National Gallery of Australia (Canberra) Australian War Memorial (Canberra) National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne) Art Gallery of New South Wales (Sydney) Bendigo Art Gallery (Victoria) Castlemaine Art Gallery (Victoria) Flinders University Art Museum Artspace (Adelaide Festival Centre) Migration Museum (Adelaide) The Australia Council policy and funding Auction houses (Melbourne and Sydney) Art Magazines (Australia) Slide 13 QUESTIONS? Thank you