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  • 1.BIOGRAPHY Ira van Duykeren (39jr), since 2008 fulltime active as Allround Creative Artist, in own atelier and at location. As a little girl she sat by grandmaster daddy in his atelier and watched how he made the most beautiful paintings. As curious as she was, she also tried andit succeeded a bit. It was a lot of practice to be as good as her father..but there were other plans with her and other interesting experiences came along to her personal path. After puberty She just had a few times a pencil in her hands, but she was always very creative in whatever she did and she had even a nick name crea-bea. From everything she had thatched she has made something creative and it was delivered with big joy. After 12 years in the fitness industry she had done everything thats possible and it was time to make a big change to accept new experiences and chal- lenges. Being creative has followed her all those years and started to itch. It was very exciting to start and sins July this year you can find her at daily basis in her own atelier. She works on own projects or in command. To paint different materials (for example: canvas, panel, walls) with acryl, oil or water paint, nothing is to crazy. In line she keeps herself busy with photography, inclusive operation. Interior Styling is also one of her passion. She did the interior from Fitness Health Clubs, Personal Training Studios and private homes & villas. Since this is a perfect creative connection and that her work is diverse and alternates, it is also used for such projects. If you are interested in her work and what she does or you want more information, dont hesitate and send her an email ( or surf to her website ( With CREATIVE greetings, Ira van Duykeren

2. SERVICES Own works - portfolio paintings- portfolio photos Commissioned PaintingsIn different sizesOn different materials, walls, etc.PhotosIn different sizesOn canvas It is possible paintings as the photos kunnen voorzien worden van een exclusive by-ira lijst, welke vervaardigd wordt van verschillende leder-/ stof materialen in diverse kleurstel- lingen. 3. Army WifeSPONSOR 80x120 (excl. list/ 120x160 (incl. list) Painting inspired by tough & powerfullyoung woman. To make the cool look stronger,paper, gold, black & army green collors are used and the list is made of army Photohootclint green 2008 4. Buddha 15x30Type ART-work : 3D painting/ 2-door Materials : Canvas, acryl Details : - 5. Classic80x1203D cartooninterpretation of afamous worldstar.The painting has a classic touch, because of the used copper braun leather fabric. 6. Emotion Mask SPONSOR 90x200 (incl. list) Photoshootselfportraitby-ira 2009Sponsored by Jet-Je Valk, Potic Performer to translate 1 of her beautiful learics into visual art.Expositon of this painting, beside the other ART-works, takes place in June 2009, where also a collection is gonna to be releaed. 7. Golden Child100x100 (excl. list/ 120x12 (incl. list) The youngest among inspire to make ART. In this painting has a special look becauseof the bronze, gold & brown collors.Photoshootbabyby-ira 2008 8. Hidden (in a box)OPDRACHT 100x100 (excl. list/ 140x140 (incl. list)Type ART-work : 1D painting Materials : Canvas, acryl, rice paper Details : Selfportrait Emotion hurt To run away in a box from everything & everybody 9. Japan 50x70 Type ART-work : 3D painting Materials : Canvas, acryl, leather fabric, wood Details : Left corner used leather fabric triangle incl. wooden J sign The country Japan with Japanese characters and map display. 10. Pray 120x120 (incl. list) - 4-luikAn idea is gonna be creative prepared,like this artwork. The painting is build of4 parts, wich is a cross-operatieve,that follows on the subject. To make thework even more exclusive, she wears anreal neckless around her neck! 11. Pop Art 100x100 (excl.list)/ 120x120 (incl. list)Selfportrait in pop art-style,The gold that has been uses, in contrast with the green collors and black, makes the pain- ting very special & luxerious. Potoshootselfportrait by-ira 2007 12. Pretty in Pink90x190 (incl. list) 3-door Contract is prepared by an interview with client, so that specific features (happy,rebelious, dreamer, spiritual, sports) can be includes in the design, ultimatily this result. PhotohootclintSPONSORby-ira 2008 13. Sepia 80x80 Type ART-work : 3D painting/4-doorMaterials : Canvas, acryl, leather fabricDetails : Selfportait, after self photoshoot.To get a strong mysterious effect,there is black leather fabric used thathas been partly placed over the face. Potoshootselfportraitby-ira 2006 14. Strength50x1002-door Selfportrait after photoshoot, own idea in Japanese style,inspirered by Japanese woman & signs.In this painting is paper used to get an oldPhotohootIra 2009 15. Strong Face 100x100 (excl. list/ 140x140 (incl. list)Wold masters inspires to make an own &different interpretation of their originals, adapted over time from now.In the painting you will findrelif & structure and there are also gold, bronze & neon orange been used, so it Mona Lisa has its own style has become.Leonardo Da Vinci 16. Yellow man50x50 (excl. list/ 90x90 (incl. list) Painting inspired by sun & vacation.Photoshoot has been taken place in the swimmingpool. There are shades of yellow been used to let the sun shine within the painting.Photoshootsponsor by-ira 2008 17. Meditation100x100 (excl. list/ 140x140 (incl. list) This painting is inspired by meditation,relaxation & buddha and is full of brown &. gold . SPECIAL DETAIL:She wears a real nose piercing Photoshootself portrait with swarovski stone!by-ira 2009