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Chris De Rubeis, Fine Art of Metal, 716 Duval St., Key West, FLChris De Rubeis, Fine Art of Metal, 716 Duval St., Key West, FL 33040 by Kevin Dayhoff, February 10, 2011Well-known as a haven for artists, writers, tourists and snowbirds, Key West’s constant temperature in the 70s and warm Caribbean breezes makes navigating the 2-mile by 4-mile island-in-the-sun a joy for a refugee from the frozen north.Key West, Florida has a long history that is intertwined with speculators, plundering sea wrecks, U.S. presidents, the railroad, fishing, boats, artists and writers, sun and fun.The southernmost city in the United States is actually closer to Havana, Cuba, than Miami, Florida; and at times, the place is so weird, you may also conclude that it is just within sight of the edge of sanity and good taste – of which the locals are quite proud.If you weave your way up Duval Street from Mallory Square, past the tourist-oriented shops and free spirits at Sloppy Joe’s at the corner of Greene and Duval Streets, keep a sharp eye out for a number of high-end clothing stores, jewelers, and art galleries.Indeed, there are quite a number of art galleries in town which cater to everyone from the casual tourist-oriented sun-sand-and-beach crowd, to the hardy-partier booze and broads, to the serious collector.Out for an evening walk, last Thursday evening, I found that I could easily walk by the ubiquitous ice cream parlors, bars, t-shirt shops, and eateries. However I found myself quite distracted by an amazingly beautiful motorcycle in the window one small gallery at 716 Duval St. that had a pleasant, inviting, and exciting array of meticulously vibrant colors in the immediate background - the art of Chris De Rubeis …I wondered why I had not noticed this art gallery before. I have rather fine-tuned radar for professionally managed galleries and cutting edge art. Poking around the web I came across an article by a Keys magazine, Conch Color, that indicates that it opened last March, 2010, just after my last annual pilgrimage to Key West, in search of sunshine and warmth: Grand Opening of “DeRubeis Fine Art of Metal” Gallery, By: Conch Color, March 26, 2101: to a website bio,, the art of Chris De Rubeis… Born in 1978… is referred to as “Abstract Sensualism.”For folks who are reading this from Baltimore, apparently the work of De Rubeis may also be found at the Light Street Gallery,, 1448 Light Street, Baltimore, MD 21230, (p) 301-762-4908, The Light Street Gallery says, “Chris De Rubeis was given an airbrush by his grandfather. What followed was unrestrained creativity that spans the breadth of dynamic abstracts featuring weightless, diaphanous and seamless forms of color and light to hyper-photo realism. Further distinguished by holographic imagery and haunting sensuality, his unique work creates and in fact, exaggerates depth through the masterful manipulation of light.“Chris is of the opinion that, ‘...all art should inspire and evoke emotion... art should be something you can actually feel.’ Though capable of capturing light on any surface, his preferred medium is aluminum. ‘...I favor metal because I can combine a form of sculpture as the foundation for my expression and have found a way to enhance my ability to communicate emotions more intently.’”“Chris De Rubeis has studied at the Pasadena Art Center College of Design, as well as the Associates in Art College in Sherman Oaks. He was inducted into the National Art Honors Society and was a key contributor to the California Institute of the Arts Community Art Showcase. His work was featured during the telecast of the 2000 American Music Awards. Also, as the exclusive airbrush artist for MGS custom motorcycles, Chris' airbrush p


CHRISTOPHER DERUBEISsoft and pliable and I can combine a form of sculpture as the foundation for my expression. It enhances my ability to communicate emotions more intently. All art should inspire and evoke emotion. It should be something you can actually feel. DeRubeis says his biggest challenge, like most artists, was introducing his distinct style to the public. Once I got into some art galleries, it was a domino effect and I started seeing sales right away. I no longer had to convince buyers. Now, people from all over the world and from all walks of lifefrom high-end businesses to first-time buyerscollect my work, he says. First-time buyers, especially, are intrigued with my work. They say it has changed their perception of artits not just an oil painting of

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BORN IN: Los Angeles GALLERY LOCATION: Key West, Fla. ARTISTIC INSPIRATION: Salvador Dali PUBLISHER: David Smith STYLE/MEDIUM: Mixed-media on metal YEARS IN THE BUSINESS: Seven CONTACT: derubeisneart. com; 786.430.9805 David Smith,; 808.463.9643

Christopher DeRubeis, dubbed the father of a new movement, was given an airbrush by his grandfather when he was a boy. That gift gave birth to unrestrained creativity featuring the artists signature holographic imagery and abstract sensualism. While working as an airbrush artist for Harley-Davidson, DeRubeis noticed he could create different designs and patterns with the tools. Although he started with figure painting, DeRubeis says his style has changed over the years. My workreferred to as abstract sensualismis very dreamy and relaxing, the images are soft and calming, which is my signature style, says DeRubeis, whose groundbreaking mixed-media metal paintings and sculptures also depict a masterful manipulation of light. I favor aluminum because it is

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All art should inspire and evoke emotion. It should be something you can actually feel. Christopher DeRubeisFire and Ice

a landscape, its something cool and different. Those kind of reactions inspire me. DeRubeis has received many notable honors. His work was featured during the telecast of the 2000 American Music Awards. And, in July 2005, DeRubeis was honored with two nominations by ARTV in the Mixed Media and New Movement categories and was the recipient of the first annual ARTV Awards in New Movement. Also, as the exclusive airbrush artist for MGS Custom Bikes, DeRubeis airbrush art played the key role for their f lagship chopper, Dragon Slayer, which continues to earn many awards, including Best Paint at the 2005 Grand National Road Show. He has appeared with his work on the Playboy Channel and has been featured on the DIY network and HGTV. See Beyond

DeRubeis says his dimensional, abstract and sensual technique has evolved mostly by trial and error through mixing different chemicals and heating up the paint. His favorite piece is an original called Day Dream hanging in his home. I wont sell it. It calms me and takes me to another world, he says. In 2007, DeRubeis was signed by art publisher David Smith who immediately saw the

future in Chriss art. Now, DeRubeis is has become one of the most popular-selling artists with his works on permanent display in high-end galleries throughout the United States and abroad. Another unique twist to DeRubeis artwork: his pieces are rarely shown in frames. When asked why his work is always floated, Chris simply says with a smile, Why not? Growing up, DeRubeis was inspired by the works of Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. Dali was so different and unique for his time, he says. I could look at his art for a long time and notice different things. I also love Pablo Picassos abstract style and color palette. In March 2010, DeRubeis opened his own signature gallery in Key West, Fla. His goal is to open as many franchise galleries as he can and to be recognized with his own signature artwork. His advice to up-and-coming artists: Put yourself out there and believe in the work you are doing. Meet as many people as you can, go to the expos, even if you dont sell anything, the exposure is important and positive. Stay focused and good things will happen to you. Viewers can keep an eye out for DeRubeis ever-changing artwork in galleries worldwide and on many of the cruise ships.

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