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Art 21 Project

Art 21 ProjectBy: Alex Moser

Some Pretty Colors by Mary Heilmann, 200150 x 40 inchesMary Heilmann is known for portraying her emotions into her paintings. She uses bright colors in this painting to express happiness. She also uses the goop like shapes to express chaos. Alex MoserI liked the way Heilmann uses many bright colors in her work. For this piece, I wanted to use the same exact colors as her, but create a more regulated composition. When I looked at Heilmanns piece, I felt joy because of the bright colors. I wanted to add that same feeling to my piece; so I always created them in the shape of a flower.

Wood;Installation dimensions variable; height of tallest individual piece: 18 inches, by El Anatusi.El Anatusi is an African native who is known for having mutable sculptures. Anatsui breaks with sculptures traditional adherence to forms of fixed shape while visually referencing the history of abstraction in African and European art( This sculpture introduces ideas about the function of objects. ( Alex MoserFor this piece, I used supplies I had around the house. I wanted to use objects of the same size as the other sculpture because I wanted to introduce the same ideas about the function of the objects. I also wanted to add color to my piece.

Power by Ida ApplebroogIda Applebroog has developed a style of using human forms with bold outlines to make them stand out. Strong themes in her work include sexual and gender identity. ( In this image, Applebroog paints a beautiful portrait of a woman but bold her lips and braces. By doing this, she is able to point out the personal struggle of appearance women face everyday.