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Investing in the Future How SMART solutions help you meet American Recovery and Reinvestment Act objectives


  • Investing in the Future

    How SMART solutions help you meet American Recovery and Reinvestment Act objectives

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    Improve learning for all. Race to the top.Its a time of great opportunity for education. Its a time for careful planning and complex decision-making as you form strategies for using American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding. The decisions you make today will affect your districts performance for years to come. But the solutions you choose must result in immediate improvements. They must drive results now and in the future. Young peoples ability to compete and succeed in a global economy is at stake.

    So choosing a technology company that has earned the respect of educators around the world is a wise decision. And SMART Technologies is just that company. educators have made SMART the global leader in the interactive whiteboard category they have been turning to us since we invented the interactive whiteboard nearly 20 years ago. And educators keep choosing SMART because our products are easy to use and they are proven to drive results.

    now, nearly 6 of every 10 interactive whiteboards in u.S. classrooms come from SMART, according to Futuresource Consulting, a leading global research company that has tracked interactive whiteboard shipments for almost 9 years.

    In the pages that follow, youll learn how SMART solutions meet ARRA funding requirements. Youll discover how our solutions can help you achieve immediate and long-term results and enable your students to achieve higher standards. Youll also see how our solutions help you improve teacher effectiveness, enable high-quality assessment and improve learning for all students. To help you make the best choice, we offer a wealth of research and resources that demonstrate SMARTs leadership in enabling the extraordinary transformation of learning environments through the use of innovative technology.

    SMART products encourage

    academic achievement

    through challenging

    technology-based lessons

    that help my students

    feel more engaged in the

    learning process.

    Anthony Mullen, 2009 national

    Teacher of the Year, ARCH School,

    greenwich, Connecticut

    SMART leadership facts

    Over 25 million teachers and students

    in 900,000 classrooms worldwide use

    SMART products

    SMART products are sold in more than

    175 countries

    Futuresource Consulting identifies SMART

    as the interactive whiteboard category

    leader in the united States and most other

    major geographies

    SMARTs category share is nearly

    two-and-a-half times that of its closest

    competitor and more than all interactive

    whiteboard companies combined

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    Get ahead quicklyAt SMART, our products are intuitive for the novice and the tech-savvy user alike. Teachers tell us every day that they love using our products to engage digital-age students. Thats why adoption is so rapid. And thats why choosing SMART helps ensure more immediate results.

    Reach for higher standards SMART products give you a head start on reform, and then grow with you, helping achieve your goals and objectives. SMART solutions include innovative products, professional development, resources and support, so you have everything needed to successfully and efficiently implement technology-enabled learning environments.

    Teachers around the world will confirm that our products provide concrete ways to move toward more rigorous education standards through the following:

    Increasing student motivation and engagement Products like the SMART Board interactive whiteboard bring media-rich lessons to the classroom, enabling teachers to reach students in more visual, real-world ways

    enhancing assessment Our interactive response system, SMART Response, is a key tool for tracking student progress and understanding. Its gradebook software makes it easy to conduct meaningful assessments and evaluate data, giving teachers the information they need to help all students succeed.

    Improving learning outcomes Research consistently shows that interactive whiteboards raise student achievement levels in a wide range of subject areas

    Preparing students for careers in a knowledge-based marketplace SMART solutions are excellent vehicles for developing critical thinking, collaboration and problem-solving skills

    Keeping students in school Many administrators make a direct connection between increased attendance levels and the use of SMART products in the classroom

    Teachers who had 35

    years experience but very

    little technology skills are

    now doing integrated

    technology lessons in

    their classrooms with

    SMART Board interactive

    whiteboards. Its pretty


    David C. Harding, Superintendent,

    Willington Public Schools,

    Willington, Connecticut

    I have students who are

    reluctant to complete

    coursework on paper,

    but will spend an

    hour and a half totally

    engaged doing the

    same assignment when

    using the SMART Board

    interactive whiteboard.

    Charlotte Bartsch, Language Arts

    Teacher, Southeast High School,

    Wichita, Kansas

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    Expect results in targeted areasBecause SMART products engage students in so many different ways, they are key to your success in many of the areas targeted in the ARRA funding guidelines.

    Special educationSMART products support an inclusive learning environment for students of all learning styles through the following:

    Achievement for all The SMART Board interactive whiteboard meets universal design for learning standards

    even those who cant hold a pen can write on and interact with content using the finger-touch capability of the SMART Board

    Students with autism benefit from the strong focal point the board creates. The SMART Board interactive whiteboard helps them improve learning and communication skills and offers a nonverbal option for answering questions.

    The boards touch-sensitive surface turns learning into a more participatory experience, making students eager to learn

    Meaningful assessment Teachers can gain immediate insight into understanding and progress with SMART Response Le, an interactive response system designed for use with special education students

    Early childhood educationSMART solutions are ideal for very young learners because they help teachers do the following:

    Convey concepts easily to preliterate children Information and instructions can be communicated through images and sound on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard

    Help students develop fine and gross motor skills Many teachers use activities like the handwriting tool to help young children master basic writing skills

    Develop collaboration skills The SMART Table, a multitouch, multiuser interactive learning center, comes with interactive learning activities that require students to work together

    engage young students easily Learning is fun, active and literally hands-on because students can control the SMART Board interactive whiteboard and SMART Table with their fingers

    Assess young students work Teachers can gain immediate insight into learning with SMART Response Le, which caters to children who may not read yet

    SMART Table

    SMART Response

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    Higher educationWhen SMART solutions are incorporated into lecture halls, research facilities and classrooms, they help college instructors and students prepare for a future based on innovation and technology. And the integration of our solutions into education faculties helps ensure the effectiveness of tomorrows teachers. SMART solutions give faculty and students technology that facilitates the following:

    Flexible teaching and learning environments SMART conferencing software supports distance learning and remote collaboration

    Integration Our products work with other technology, including laptops and personal digital assistants

    Increased productivity The Sympodium interactive pen display, which is ideal for large lecture halls, and the SMART Board interactive whiteboard help instructors save preparation time through reusing content, capturing lecture notes and uploading lesson material after class

    1:1 learningTodays teachers need flexibility to make learning more student-focused and give students the skills theyll need in a global workforce. SMART solutions help teachers and students shift between different types of learning environments, particularly between individual computer work and collaboration with peers, through the following products:

    SMART Board interactive whiteboards and personal computing devices Allow teachers to switch easily between whole-class, small-group and individual instruction

    SMART Classroom Suite Manage classrooms, create and deliver interactive lessons, and assess student understanding anytime during class. Students can use the suite to create and manage their own multimedia content, take notes, collaborate with other students and share files with teachers.

    SMART Board

    interactive whiteboard

    SMART Classroom Suite

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