ARPDC ELLUMINATE Moderator Training Chinooks Edge Sept 25, 2010

Download ARPDC ELLUMINATE Moderator Training Chinooks Edge Sept 25, 2010

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ARPDC ELLUMINATEModerator TrainingChinooks Edge Sept 25, 2010


Outline:1.Elluminate Introduction and Moderator training2.Interactivity Tools for Participants3.Play Time (5 Minutes)4.Moderator Tools5.Play Time7.Q & A

Participant Introduction Exercise-Sound Check-Mic Check-Polling Check-Icon Check-Graphic tool check-Hands up/down(If someone arrives late, create a breakout room and go over this with the participant, then return them to the session. Dont interrupt the presenter)

Moderator TrainingElluminate Live! Moderator Training sessions: a.Getting Started with Moderatorsb.Next Steps for Moderators

Moderator Training GuideFound at Elluminate Training:

Creating SlidesCreate in powerpointNo embedded links, flash, animationsNo transitions

The interactivity is lost when the ppt file is converted to a whiteboard file for Elluminate.

Group TrainingIf you have multiple Moderators, have them work together.

Stress participant interactivity!

Polling-Yes/No-Multiple Choice-Hidden Response-Show Statistics

Which Calgary Sports Team do you think is the best?a.Calgary Stampedersb.Calgary Flamesc.Calgary Roughnecksd.Calgary Hitmene.I do not cheer for Calgary TeamsWebtour/TimerShow live websites!

Timer for participants or Moderator

Application Share-Run any application open on your desktop-Can give desktop control to participants

File TransferSend files immediately to participants-samples of rubrics, resources-assignments, etc.

Multimedia/VideoShow videos in presentation

Convert to Quicktime!

Unfortunately direct from YouTube does not work effectively

Breakout RoomsWith large groups you can have participants to to separate rooms to dialogue and collaborate!

Practice time in breakout rooms!

Be in the session hr prior to it starting. Assure the moderator is ready, then deal with participant needs.

Start and Stop the recording

Questions?Contact information:Pat BohnetCARC River Glen Schoolpbohnet@carcpd.ab.ca403-848-1663Twitter: patrickbohnet

Todays Presentation can be found at: