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www.hardshell.aeArmoured VehiclesWe provide protection by armouring with composite material. Our state-of-the-art facilities assure high volume production with consistently superior quality.Lightweight Transparent Bullet ResistantGlassOnly the top Quality ballistic glass used with custom features included to maintain ballistic protection at higher temperature.Ballistic SteelOnly Pre-certified ballistic grade steel is used which is fully traceable back to factory production lots.

www.hardshell.aeFloor ProtectionFlexible multi-layered ballistic Kevlar is sealed to the entire floor, roof and body of the vehicle. Designed to absorb bomb and ballistic fragmentation.Run Flat Tyre SystemRun flat device in all tyres. These tyres continue to run even after a tyre is punctured or burst Up to 60 miles at 60mph after a bullet hit.Suspension, Shocks and BrakesFront shocks replaced with custom made coil over shocks fully tested in off road conditions. Smoothes out ride over all terrain and provides stability to offset increased load due to armouring. Rear Brake shoes replaced with high performance material for improved braking and increased safety.Dual Ram BumpersConcealed behind both the front and the rear bumpers, this option allows each vehicle to ram their way out of a dangerous situation without causing in- operable damage.www.hardshell.aeSpecifications & Options:Level B4, B5, B6 or B7 ProtectionBomb Blast Protection FloorsBallistic GlassProtected BatteriesUpgraded SuspensionUpgraded BrakesRun Flat WheelsRam BumpersOptional Gun PortsStrobes and Siren

Protected Passenger CellThe passenger cabin is protected according to protection level specified including all sidewalls, doors, pillars, roof, floor,firewall, and rear

Opaque Armouring AreasThe passenger cell is protected using ballistic steel and is applied to the following areasRH and LH sidewallsSide DoorsA, B, C and D pillarsRoofFront bulkhead (Engine firewall)Rear bulkheadwww.hardshell.aeTransparent Armouring AreasBullet resistant glass adequate to defeat the specified threat level (with anti-spall liner), is applied to the following glazed areas.WindscreenFront doorsRear passenger doorsQuarter PanelsRear Bulkhead

Design and EngineeringAll Hard Shell protected vehicle products are fully designed and engineered using the latest CAD systems.www.hardshell.aeAll CAD data is generated and critical section data is generated to ensure no ballistic leaks are apparent, the optimum fitting and attachment strategy has been adopted and that critical materials and system interfaces areachieved with zero ballistic leak.CAD data also generates data for production tooling, laser profiles, work instructions and process data sheets.This ensures all vehicles are produced to a consistent process and provides full traceability.Edges and seams are designed to feature armoured overlap system to prevent ballistic, and spall penetration.Bullet resistant glass with polycarbonate anti spall liner film is used at all glazed areas.ManufacturingAll Hard Shell protected vehicles are manufactured in strict compliance to our Quality Standard and follows strict process controls to ensure high product quality, materials traceability and product repeatability.The Hard Shell resembles a normal civilian vehicle. It is low profile meaning that the vehicle is nearly visually identical to a standard vehicle. Therefore unwanted attention while traveling is avoided.www.hardshell.aeFuel System ProtectionFuel tanks are protected from all sides with ballistic steelRun Flat InsertsAll 5 wheels (4 driven and 1 spare) are supplied with a FINABEL approved run-flat insert band providing the ability to travel a total distance of 50Km.SuspensionIn order to ensure the vehicle handles and reacts in a safe a predictable manner all Hard Shell have a complete upgrade to the suspension system. The revised system includes Coil Springs and Shock Absorbers. These components are specially developed after much R & D.Brake SystemThe braking system has been modified to ensure the fully laden vehicle reacts as close as possible to the OEM Vehicles. Hard Shell have a slotted disc design which allows for better braking performance and to dissipate the heat created due to braking.www.hardshell.aeDoor HingesAll original door hinges are replaced with our in house designed and manufactured heavy duty door hinges. The vehicles body structure is reinforced at the door hinge locations. The heavy duty hinges and the body upgrades ensure the vehicle can take the additional weight of the fully armoured doors.

Standard EquipmentOEM Air condition systemHeavy duty suspensionAll 5 tires with run-flat systemHeavy duty hinges for all doorsOriginal Toyota Tool kitAudio SystemFire ExtinguisherHeavy Duty JacksFirst Aid kitInterior door trim panels to replicate OE conditionwww.hardshell.aeGeneral Purpose Vest-DefenderOVERVIEWGeneral Purpose Vest is designed as a basic armour vest for the police and private security companies. It provides front, back and side ballistic protection.CERTIFICATION & TESTINGAll our products are tested both, in the field & in international Laboratories around the World.All Body armour manufactured by Hard Shell is tested strictly to ensure ongoing compliance.Through rigorous field & Laboratory testing we certify that our products offer protection as per standards set by the National Institute of Justice of AmericaTESTING METHODS FOLLOWED BY HARD SHELLSelf satisfactory independent testing in the field.Certified Level IIIA ballistic Protection.Consumer testing.www.hardshell.aeFeaturesCustom cut NIJ 0101.06 Level IIIA DuPont KevlarSoft armour.Allowance for 10 by 12 Hard armour Panels of Level III, Level III+ & Level IV.(fitted in HAP Pockets).Allowance for Kevlar Material inserts to be used with ICW (Is Conjunction With) Hard armour Plates.Front to back wrap around ballistic protection.Air Mesh for improved airflow around the body of the wearer..Adjustable side closure design.

Size adjustable straps.Available in PU Coated Hardwearing Nylon Fabric , Cordura, Cotton Fabric in range of colors.Externally and Internally adjustable Waist Bands to secure the vest to the wearer.www.hardshell.aeProtection LevelSAP protects against 9mm Projectile as per NIJ Level IIIA.Can be upgraded to NIJ LEVEL III, III+, IV, depending upon the HAP used.

PerformanceWashable outer cover.Transfer soft armour protection from one carrier to another.ColorsBlackDesert TanOlive GreenOlive DrabUN BlueNavy BlueWhiteDesert CamouflageDigital Desert CamouflageJungle Printwww.hardshell.aeAccessoriesBP Vest bag/CarrierHAPsSturdy drag strap on Rear of Vest.SizesSmallMediumLargeX LargeXX Large (can be customized as per requirement)Coverage AreaSizeCoverage AreaSmall0.26 m2Medium0.29 m2Large0.35 m2X- large0.38 m2XX-large0.44 m2www.hardshell.aeWeightOuter Cover + Sap Approx. 3 kg (for large) Tolerance: 5%

Warranty5 year performance warranty on SAP10 years performance warranty on Hard armour Panels1 year performance warranty on Outer Carrier(Subject tousage conditions)www.hardshell.aeCONTACT US :- HARD SHELL FZE PO BOX: 121454, SHED No: Q4095, SAIF (Sharjah Airport Free Zone), Sharjah, U.A.E

+971 6 5489 903+971 50 6339 794, +971 50 6339 , www.hardshell.aeThank You