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  1. 1. Tel: +44 (0)20 7036 1300 Email: Main Conference 22nd-23rd September 2015 Post Conference Focus Day 24th September 2015 Warsaw, Poland Benefits of Attending: vGain comprehensive understanding of the latest modernisation and armoured vehicle acquisition programmes across the region direct from the programme managers vJoin nations including Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Moldova, and Slovenia as they discuss their technical modernization priorities for the next decade vAccess the latest intelligence on requirements and technological specifications for each nation as they accelerate their modernisation plans vSolve the technical and operational challenges facing the armour operators of NATO and their partners including the need to improve interoperability for joint commands vPosition your business as a leading solution provider for the mechanised community of Eastern Europe vAssess the impact that the implementation of NATO STANAGs, including for Generic Vehicle Architecture, is having on modernisation and procurement Exclusive Speaker Faculty Includes: BrigadierGeneral AndrzejReudowicz, Chief of Aeromobile Division of the Land Forces Inspectorate, General Command, PolishArmedForces MajorGeneralWilliam BillGayler, Deputy Commanding General, U.S.ArmyEurope LieutenantGeneral TimEvans, COMARCC, NATO BrigadierGeneral KrzysztofMotacki, Chief J3/7, General Staff, PolishArmedForces BrigadierGeneral IgorGorgan, Chief of Main Staff of the MoldovanNational Army Very interesting eventWell organized and properly focused Senior Director Project Strategy, GD ELS Great event and experience. Range Director Land Forces Training Centre Drawso, Polish Armed Forces
  2. 2. Tel: +44 (0)20 7036 1300 Email: Dear Colleague, Demand for urgent modernisation and ever greater interoperability is driving NATO allies and partners to collaborate to assure armoured vehicle capability into the next decade. In recognition of her critical role in re-invigorating European defence spending, we are delighted to be returning to Poland for a second year. Regionally, Poland is laying down a marker by transforming its capability with a very ambitious modernisation programme: Over 30 billion spending is planned for the next ten years. Poland is also responsible for the largest armoured vehicle fleet in the region, with a sizeable inventory of tanks and armoured vehicles, far exceeding the current capacity of neighbouring countries. As tensions rise on the Eastern frontier of Europe, the Armoured Vehicles Eastern Europe meeting 2015 brings together key nations and leading technical experts to discuss what can be done to assure the security of the region within the land context. Because of todays renewed focus on NATO centric cooperation, this event is an essential opportunity to engage with your key partners. This event comes at a critical time as investment in new fleets and the modernisation of existing inventory gathers pace across the region. As the regions original forum dedicated to the future of vehicle assets, the event offers an unrivalled opportunity to engage with key military stakeholders, and local and international industry. Discussions will cover the most important issues for the procurement, sustainment, training and operational use of armoured vehicles across the region, contextualised by the current security environment. With three days of detailed presentations, high-level debate and concentrated networking opportunities with key military, local manufacturers, international vendors and government stakeholders, Armoured Vehicles Eastern Europe is the essential forum for anyone conducting existing or looking to generate new business in Eastern Europe. I look forward to welcoming you to Warsaw in September. Kind Regards, SophieStewart, Conference Director Armoured Vehicles Eastern Europe 2015 International Speaker Faculty Includes: LieutenantGeneralTimEvans, COMARCC, NATO MajorGeneralWilliamBillGayler, Deputy Commanding General, U.S.ArmyEurope BrigadierGeneralAndrzejReudowicz, Chief of Aeromobile Division of the Land Forces Inspectorate, GeneralCommand PolishArmedForces BrigadierGeneralImrePogcss, Director General Armaments, HungarianMoD BrigadierGeneralJariKallio,Commander of Karelian Brigade and Representative of Army Command, ArmyofFinland BrigadierGeneralKrzysztofMotacki, Chief J3/7, General Staff, PolishArmed Forces ConfirmedDeputyCommanderLand ForcesorChiefofStaff, BulgarianArmy BrigadierGeneralIgorGorgan, Chief of Main Staff of the MoldovanNationalArmy BranchChief(Colonel)representing BrigadierGeneralWodzimierzNowak, Director of the Armament Policy Department, PolishMoD ColonelMaciejZajac, Deputy Chief Land Forces Department, Armaments Inspectorate, PolishMoD ColonelEnricoRinaldi, Mobility Systems Officer, ItalianArmy ColonelKazimierzKowalskiPhD, Head of Logistics Department, MilitaryAcademy ofLandForcesPoland M.Sc.MihaMatek, Head of Armament Project Management Division, SlovenianMoD ColonelKlausSchiefenbusch, Chief of Combat Division: Concepts and Capabilities Development Centre, Bundeswehr Dr.WiesawBARNAT,Technical Engineer, MilitaryUniversityofTechnology(MUT) Poland Armour Trials and Development Unit, BritishArmy IanBonallo, Chief, Land Systems ServicesMaterial Management Section, AirLand Combat Systems Programme, NSPA The head of the U.S. Army in Europe, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, has elaborated on plans to keep armoured equipment on NATOs eastern border as a warning to Russia that forces will be ready to respond to further military aggression.
  3. 3. Tel: +44 (0)20 7036 1300 Email: Defence IQ prides itself on offering international professionals the rare opportunity to meet the right people responsible for major programmes within the growing global armoured vehicles community. The longest running and most prestigious series of armoured vehicle events started with Light Armoured Vehicles in 2001. This portfolio has followed and helped shape the debate from light armour to medium armour, from tracks to wheels, from lethality to mobility to survivability. Now in its 16th year, International Armoured Vehicles is the sector leader. The armoured vehicles sector is vast and includes numerous different mission sets and requirements. Thats why we have consulted our military and industry advisory boards to offer a distinct portfolio of regional-specific events, with Armoured Vehicles Latin America, Armoured Vehicles Africa, Armoured Vehicles Eastern Europe and Armoured Vehicles Asia. Our portfolio has also focused on specific key nations with Armoured Vehicles Turkey, Armoured Vehicles India, Armoured Vehicles UAE and Armoured Vehicles Brazil. Weve enjoyed formal endorsements over the years from SSM in Turkey, UAE Land Forces, the Royal Wessex Yeomanry in the British Army, Nigerian Army and the Ukrainian Army. By concentrating on specific subjects at each event, we ensure that the military and governmental representatives in attendance are the decision makers for that specific area. This delivers the most relevant and receptive audience for your specific solutions; it makes the face-to-face interaction immediately more comfortable as you are both on the same page. If youre looking to introduce your product, grow your brand, or maintain your client relations within the armoured vehicles market, then you will certainly benefit from joining us at one of our regional events. The Armoured Vehicles Series Why Partner With Armoured Vehicles eastern europe 2015 Armoured Vehicles Eastern Europe will bring together the regions key decision makers, all of whom have strong business reasons for attending the event. Due to the very nature of the high quality of delegate attendance, the contacts generated by exhibiting and presenting will lead to very high conversion rates. Sponsorship is one of the most effective ways to step into new markets. It is a great opportunity to research and network, whilst gaining exposure to a new qualified database. Use the event as a launchpad to promote your latest products or system. With the most senior figures from the industry in attendance, plus carefully selected media partners at the event, innovative new technology will always generate a buzz. Speaking on the programme will allow you to demonstrate your market knowledge and expertise to an audience of high-level decision makers. Face-to-face contact at conferences and showing continued support of the market helps develop client loyalty as well and cements your position as an industry player. We have researched the market in order to find the most influential media partners. We understand that opportunities for editorial coverage and developing better relations can be integral to your companys success, so our media partnerships offer additional benefits above and beyond the standard sponsorship package. Being part of this highly influential industry event will establish your company as a strong brand and highlight your companys abilities and strength, as well as willingness to conduct business. Launch New Products or Services Position your Company Brand Build Customer Loyalty Generate New Sales Leads Enter New and Emerging Markets Demonstrate Thought Leadership Build Relations with the Media Amar Karia, Head of Armoured Vehicles Portfolio T: +44 (0)20 7368 9515 E: For more information about how Armoured Vehicles eastern europe can help put your product in front of key decision makers, get in touch:
  4. 4. Tel: +44 (0)20 7036 1300 Email: Conference Partner Website: BAE Systems is a global defence and security company delivering a full range of products and services for air, land and naval forces, as well as advanced electronics, securi


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