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Innovation in Flexible Packaging


  • 1. Flexible Packaging TechnologyInsight view into a market driven segment of packaging with future
  • 2. Composite principles: laminates
  • 3. Flexible Packaging MaterialsComponents of Flexibles aluminium 6,35 m - 200 m film 12 - 100 m (PE, PP, PET, PA, PVC,..) paper 20 - 300 g/m coatings 0,5 - 10/ 50 g/m polymer resin ancillary materials (adhesives, lacquers,wax, inks,..) => these composite products are used for specific packaging systems, generic systems (pouches, lidding, blisters, laminate tubes, wrappers,..)
  • 4. Composite principles: adhesion
  • 5. Composite principles: adhesion Wetting of surfaces: The principles of surface tension
  • 6. Composite principles: adhesion
  • 7. Composite principles: adhesion
  • 8. Composite principles: sealing Joining of thermoplastic layers under the influence of heat and pressure, while substrates remain uneffected
  • 9. Composite principles: sealing
  • 10. Composite principles: sealing
  • 11. Composite principles: sealing
  • 12. The Polyethylene Family
  • 13. The Polyethylene Family
  • 14. The Polyethylene Family
  • 15. The Polyethylene Family
  • 16. The Polyethylene Family Linear Polymers short branches
  • 17. The Polyethylene Family Molecular Weight Distribution
  • 18. The Polyethylene Family
  • 19. The Polyethylene Family
  • 20. The Polyethylene Family Peel test: Adhesion and cohesion
  • 21. The Polyethylene Family
  • 22. The Polyethylene Family Tear test
  • 23. The Polyethylene Family Dart impact
  • 24. The Polyethylene Family COF: Coefficient Of Friction
  • 25. The Polyethylene Family
  • 26. The Polyethylene Family Optical properties: Haze
  • 27. The Polyethylene Family What is heat sealing?
  • 28. The Polyethylene Family The heat sealing curve ...
  • 29. The Polyethylene Family The heat sealing curve ...
  • 30. The Polyethylene Family
  • 31. PET films mono materials composite principles Advantages of Coextruded raw materials PET-Films in Flexible Packaging Applications converting process Richard Davis Marketing Technical Service Consumer Films Mitsubishi Polyester Film GmbH
  • 32. PET films Monolayer PET Films Commodities More than 50 producers worldwide Modifications: corona and chemical pretreatment (ILC) New Coex Lines Coextruded PET Films for the Flexible Packaging Market Advantages of the coex technology for PET films Examples of coextruded Hostaphan films and their applications Coextrusion is the future of PET films
  • 33. PET films Corona + ILC Surface layer Core layer Surface layer High mechanical Surface Gloss Slip strength Layers Adhesion Sealing Good dimensional Barrier stability Very good barrier Core Stiffness Transparency properties after Layer Barrier Mechanics coating
  • 34. PET films Stiffness Topography Dimensional Process- Stability mono ability Barrier A B Haze Gloss C
  • 35. PET films Film layers can be arranged so that they do not compete with each other. The films have balanced properties without compromises. A large range of different properties can be realized. PET-Films are the tool for individual problem solutions
  • 36. PET films PET surface layers with antiblock filler Clear PET core layer without antiblock filler ABA coex structure Good mechanical and thermal properties Very low haze, high gloss Standard quality for printing, laminating and metalli


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