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    Prepared for the Arlene Drake

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    cqeative engagement.

    213-422-8053 Los Angeles - New York

  • socialagenda: mission possible

    The internet. For small business owners, it represents both bold opportunity and white-knuckle voyage into the unknown. You need to be there, but are you corralling eyeballs or is your site sequestered in some remote location like a National Security file? And if you dont have Fortune 500 cash flow, can you even make a dent? Social/agenda tames the web for small business owners, making it the Glorious Democratic Peoples Revolution it was always intended to be. Its not enough to be a just propeller head or a just bedhead creative. You have to be both. And we are.

    BLOGSWere more than techno-slave apparatchiks. Our Award-winning writing excites and inspires. Our client blogs have been featured on Yahoo News (60 million readers/month) and The Huffington Post (35 million readers/month). We can even seamlessly infuse your articles with keywords so your site gets lots of love (i.e., better rankings) from Googles search engines.

    SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION)Want your website on page one of Google? Irrelevant, junk links wont cut it anymore. We build high-quality SEO links (as high as PR7) BY HAND that will rocket your site to page one of Google. Well get you on page one in half the time of other SEO companies.

    FACEBOOK & TWITTERDont sluff-off your social media feeds to the intern with nose rings and tattoos. Thats YOUR marketing message going out to 750 million Facebook and 100 million Twitter users! We professionally manage your business identity on those platforms so youll never have to think about it again. We create imaginative promotions, contests and polls to drive folks to those like and follow buttons.

    Every client is unique. Some need to focus on SEO, others need more emphasis on Social Media. Both are essential for the growth of your business! Let us shake you a marketing martini so stellar, even 007 would be willing take a bullet for Whether its BtoB or BtoC, weve got you covered, A to Z.

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  • Intelligence Agents:

    Greg Fields: founder, SEO/SMO Intel Operative. A former Project Manager for a search engine marketing company, his experience encompasses branding, analytics, content, articles and press releases. Greg has worked with clients from a broad spectrum of industries. Fields is also a produced screenwriter who worked on projects for Focus Features, the Academy Award-winning division of Universal Pictures. A member of the Writers Guild of America, he worked with Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock and Academy Award nominated producer Michael London (Sideways; Milk). Before being bitten by the writing beast, Greg put together financing for film projects as a literary agent. Greg earned his Ph.D. in Russian Studies at the University of Virginia and was mentored by one of the CIAs most renowned consulting political-economists.

    Obsessed With: Vacuum tubes, UVa football (Go Hoos!), Wreck DivingAspires To: Write a historical novelFavorite Travel Spot (so far): St Petersburg, RussiaFavorite WebSpot:, StumbledUpon, TheEconomist.comLittle Known Fact: Met former Soviet Leader, Mikhail Gorbachev

    Rozanna Leo: founder, Content Czar, award-winning copywriter and former fashion editor. As the in-house copywriter for Stila Cosmetics, Rozanna was instrumental in developing the innovative concepts for the companys advertising campaigns, press releases and training manuals. Her Stila copy was recognized by AdWeek magazine for its originality and excellence. As the European Editor for IN FASHION magazine in Milan, Italy, Rozanna oversaw fashion shoots and magazine copy. Rozannas inimitable wit and irreverent style were also noticed in Hollywood. She has been a screenwriter for hire on several film projects, including THE RETURN with Sarah Michelle Gellar and an adaptation of the hit video game CLOCK TOWER (release date TBA). Rozanna earned a degree in Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and studied creative writing at New York University.

    Obsessed With: HipCooks, Dtox Dayspas + my kids w/ & w/o furAspires To: Write a Robert Ludlum-esque novel with a "killer" female leadFavorite Travel Spot (so far): Marrakesh, MoroccoFavorite WebSpot: DailyBeast.comLittle Known Fact: Has a Stila lipstick named after her

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    cqeative engagement.

    213-422-8053 Los Angeles - New York

  • Randi Gollin, East Coast Ghost Blogger and Brooklyn-based journalist, runs with an elite NYC crowd. Manhattan celebrity chefs, star fashion designers, retail store moguls are oh so hum-drum to her. She covers food, style, travel and retro crazes for The New York TimesMarketing Services and The Washington Post. Her work has been featured on websites from Edible Brooklyn to Vintage Magazine. A former senior editor atZagat Survey, she keeps her critic daggers sharp with Europes Top RestaurantsandNew York City Restaurants. She also co-founded Zagats annualNYC ShoppingGuide, an extremely popular title that monitors Manhattans mercurial retail scene. As if Zagats eighteen hour days and surprise deadlines werent enough, Randi edited the much-missed Foodie Magazineand was a staff writer at MTV News. In her abundance of free time, she managed to collaborate onThe Bombshell Manual of Style, a lifestyle book about Hollywoods sirens of yesteryear. She is currently a raging blogaholic and feeds her addiction by writing about her latest obsessions and discoveries at

    Obsessed With: All things BrooklynAspires To: Finish my period novel about a young girl stuck in a ghost townFavorite Travel Spot (so far): Clich perhaps, but yeah, ParisFavorite WebSpotz:, and New York Magazines The Cut Little-Known (embarrassing) Fact: A sucker for cheesy dance movies

    ! social/agenda

    cqeative engagement.

    213-422-8053 Los Angeles - New York

  • Comrade Clients:


    Stila Cosmetics Spikes Bar & Grill Pet Quarterly Magazine Foodie Magazine In Fashion Magazine Sportswear International MagazineVintage Magazine

    Web/Social Media

    emitLED (N.Y.C.)2011 Green Festival (L.A.)deKor Interior Boutique (L.A.)Beauty Beyond Skin Deep (N.Y.C.)The New You (Charlotte, NC)Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts (L.A.) (Quebec, Canada)MySongApp (L.A.)Ramos Family Law (Houston, TX)No Drama Realty (L.A.)Ramsey Shilling Assoc. (L.A.)DeSantis Gunhide (N.Y.C.)The Urban Pet (L.A.)Edible Brooklyn (N.Y.C)Zagat Guide (N.Y.C.)Donna Pascoe Salon (Boca Raton, FL)


    Focus Features (Universal Studios)Andrew Lauren Productions The Mayhem ProjectFranchise PicturesMillennium Pictures Groundswell FilmsGreat Southern Television

    ! social/agenda

    cqeative engagement.

    213-422-8053 Los Angeles - New York

  • Love Thy Trainer The New, Affordable NeurOptimal Personal Trainer

    Most folks have a love/hate relationship with their personal trainer. S/he makes them do things you dont necessarily want to do. Like Cardio Barre at 6AM before that wake up shot of Nespresso. Like that extra rep when biceps are screaming with lactic acid. That personal trainer is probably the only person outside of their immediate family who keeps bringing the pain, but still gets an invite to the house a couple times a week.

    But what if a personal trainer didnt cause you any pain? What if they didnt even require you do any physical work? In fact, what if they encouraged their charges to kick back, have a latte and catch up on podcasts during training sessions? And what if this taskmaster actually helped them do - not just things they WANT to do - but things they dont know HOW to do? Like, feel happier. Or work more efficiently. Even become a better athlete. Sound too good to be true? Its not. There actually is a personal trainer that checks all those boxes. And s/he doesnt wear tight, muscle-hugging shirts that make their clients egos smolder with envy.

  • Thats because this personal trainer is not a real person. It is an it. Next to Chucky Chest, the human trainer, the NeurOptimal Personal Trainer looks sort of...unexceptional. If you didnt know any better, youd say it was laptop computer. It is; but it isnt. This sophisticated little machine is the culmination of years of cutting-edge brain research. And while a human trainer can change someones shape, this inconspicuous little computer can change someones life. Forever.

    You see, this NeurOptimal Personal Trainer uses the same neurofeedback training system implemented by professionals to address imbalances in the central nervous system. Professional athletes have used neurofeedback to up their game with remarkable results. And people everywhere have benefited from the incredible clarity and focus neurofeedback provides. How does this happen? The NeurOptimal neurofeedback system uses a safe, non-invasive technology that teaches the brain how to achieve peak performance and subdue suffering by optimizing the way in which the central nervous system processes information.

  • Now, NeurOptimal, a world leader in neurofeedback training, brings this incredible technology right up to your front door - literally. One can relax and enjoy the benefits of neurofeedback training right in your very own living room while listening to your favorite CD. Typically,