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  • /Prof i le /Educat ion A fresh graduate student majoring in computer science at Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Indonesia. Have high interest in user experience and people development especially in employee branding and development planning. A people person outgoing, love interacting with others and open to new challenges.

    Universitas Indonesia Computer Science, Faculty of Computer Science

    Graduated in February 2016 Cumulative GPA: 3.37/4.00

    2012 - 2016

    SMAN 70 Jakarta 2009 - 2012

    /Work Experience

    Recruitment Intern, PT LOral Indonesia (February 2016 Present) Responsible for managing LOral Indonesias young talent programs Responsible for handling LOral Indonesia careers social media accounts Responsible for designing communication tools needed by LOral Indonesias HR division

    Notable project: A Taste of L Oreal 2016 A 3 days 2 nights development program with 30 participants from across Indonesia and the total of over 1000 registrants.

    Account Manager Intern, Definite (June 2015 August 2015) Responsible for handling client and managing clients account on a day-to-day basis Communicated clients needs to development team Managed MoU and report it to team Creating deck for presentation to client

    Client: Matahar imal l .com

    Teaching Assistant for Database subject , Faculty of Computer Science (February 2015 June 2015) Assisted the lecturers by teaching students outside of class, conducting tutorials on SQL and correcting students assignments.

    ARIFIA AYU ZENITHA Home Taman Bona Indah Blok A3 No. 5 Contact Address Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta 12440 +62 81905605075

  • /Organizat ional Experience Head of Arts & Culture Department Student Execut ive Board , Faculty of Computer Science formerly staff (January 2014 January 2015) Led 10 staffs to organize 15 arts and cultural projects at the faculty, managed 4 students art communities, and managed talents to compete at UI Art War (Universitas Indonesia's biggest art competition).

    Steering Committee Computers Get Together 2014 formerly staff of creative division (January 2014 May 2014) Taking an advisory role to the head of committee of the biggest gathering event in Faculty of Computer Science. The event was held for 2 weeks, consisted of competitions and performing arts show.

    Head of Creative Divis ion Pemil ihan Raya , Faculty of Computer Science (October 2013 - December 2013) Pemilihan Raya is an event in which the student body elected the new head of the student executive board. Led 6 staffs and responsible for all graphic designs and decorations throughout the event.

    Mentor Freshman Orientat ion Program, Faculty of Computer Science (July 2013 November 2013) Responsible for mentoring a group of 8 freshmen in order for them to have a successful college experience ahead.

    Head of Creative Divis ion Graduat ion Event , Faculty of Computer Science (May 2013 - August 2013) Led 8 staffs and responsible for all graphic designs and decorations throughout the event.


    Dentista+ Website (ongoing) Account Manager & UI/UX Designer (October 2015 Present) A company website for Dentista+ that includes an online booking system. Website link: dent istaplus .com

    Order Up! - A Restaurant Management System UI/UX Designer (February 2015 - June 2015) Project development for Software Project class. Developed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

    Midpoint Team Leader & UI/UX Designer (September 2015 December 2015) Final project for Human Computer Interaction class. Developed a high-fidelity design (in the form of a clickable wireframe) for a new mobile application called Midpoint.

  • /Ski l l /Language Development Tool Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Eclipse IDE,

    Indonesian Native

    Engl ish Professional Working Efficiency

    Graphic Design Software Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

    Prototyping Tool Balsamiq, Invision, Marvelapp

    Programming Language Java, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, C#

    Database Management System PostgreSQL

    Other Unity 3D, Asana, Slack, Trello, Github, iMovie, Avature