are you ready today for tomorrow’s technology?

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Keynote PPT for INTE Conference in Paris, June 25-27, 2014.


  • 1.Prof. Dr. Ana Donaldson AECT Past President

2. It not just the toys. because we have the recipe 3. Learning is a touch away. 4. UNESCO Thematic Think Piece Education and Skills for Inclusive and Sustainable Development Beyond 2015 /Think%20Pieces/4_education.pdf 5. How we interact with our world 6. How we create our world 7. Gartners Hype Cycle 8. Gartners 2013 Hype Cycle 2015 2014 2013 v 9. Technology. Science or knowledge put into practical use to: solve problems or invent useful tools. 10. Responsible for Learning Questioning Immediate Access Global Context 11. Flipping your classroom 12. OER - The 5Rs cc 13. Learning Analytics 14. Key Trends Openness MOOCs Informal Learning Personalizing Changing Roles Paradigms Shifting 15. Today is yesterdays tomorrow 16. The possibilities are unlimited