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A presentation I created for a training at my work. I made the images and graphics utilzied in the presentation... the presentation is not much of a written presentation focusing more on cued reminders for the presenter.


<ul><li> 1. Pinky &amp; The Brain</li></ul> <p> 2. [ Micro | Mezzo | Macro ] 3. The Line Up 4. Advocate 5. DiscussionWhat are some environmentsthat require change? 6. DiscussionHow can you make the changes?What are the processesThat could be implementedTo effect change? 7. SectorsSectors Youth Parent Law enforcement Civic / Volunteer Groups Business Healthcare Professionals Media School Youth-serving Organizations Religious / Fraternal organizations State / Local / Tribal Government Other substance abuse organizations Chemical dependency treatment Mental Health Services Representative 8. PRI Planning Framework 9. PRI Planning FrameworkGetting StartedPlanning the Planning Determine participation Clarifying Coalition Roles Establishing WorkingRelationships Creating Core Workgroups 10. PRI Planning FrameworkCapacityGrowing to Meet the Needs Ongoing Process Establishing Core Leaders Recruiting &amp; Retaining Membership Offering Training &amp; TechnicalAssistance 11. PRI Planning FrameworkAssessmentLets Be Evidence Based Gathering &amp; Evaluating Data Gathering &amp; Evaluating CommunityInformation + Feedback 12. PRI Planning FrameworkPlanningMeasure Twice Cut Once Using a Strategic Framework Selecting Goals, Population, andStrategies Developing a Strategic Plan 13. PRI PlanningFrameworkImplementationGetr done Implemented strategic plan, Confirming partnership Implement environmentalstrategies Implement selected directprevention strategies 14. PRI PlanningFrameworkReporting &amp; EvaluationSo, How Did We Do Reporting Outcomes and Measures 15. Logic ModelConsequencesConsumption (Long-term / (Long-term / InterveningShort-term Short-term VariablesOutcomes)Outcomes)Local Conditions Strategies&amp; Contributing &amp; LocalEvaluation PlanFactorsImplementation 16. Logic Model YouthConsequences Delinquency (Long-term /(HYS/JJShort-term Perception ofOutcomes) Enforcement) 17. Logic ModelConsumption Interactions(Long-term / with antisocial Short-termpeers Outcomes)(10th grade) 18. Logic Model Current &amp; Problem Drinking(HYS R/P)Intervening Alcohol Laws: Variables(Enforcement; Penalties;Regulations; Perception)Alcohol Availability: (Social Access) 19. Logic ModelLocal Conditions Alcohol Access&amp; Contributing&amp; AvailabilityFactors 20. Logic Model Provide InformationalStrategies Meetings&amp; Local Community CafsImplementationTown Halls 21. Logic Model Public Awareness: Process measures; Community ProfileEvaluation PlanSurvey; Managing forParents of YoungChildren surveys 22. Logic ModelPasco Discovery Coalition - Logic ModelInterveningLocal Evaluation Plan Consequences ConsumptionConditions and Strategies &amp; Variables(Short-term and Long-(Long-term/Short-ContributingLocal term Outcomes)term outcomes) (Including R/PImplementation Factors) Factors PDC Primary source fromAnnual Key Leader Coalition:family, friendsAnnual Coalition Survey Contract Services SustainabilityUnderage Drinking Documentation Current &amp; Problem parties commonDrinkingPublic Awareness: (HYS R/P)Youth Fighting Provide InformationalProcess measures; Weapon Carrying MeetingsCommunity Profile Survey;Alcohol Laws: Managing for Parents of Community Caf s Young Children surveys(Enforcement; Penalties; AlcoholTown HallsRegulations; Perception) Interactions withAccess/AvailabilityYouth Delinquency antisocial peers Alcohol Availability: Environmental(HYS/JJ(10th grade)(Social Access)Understanding local Law enforcement Strategies: Perception oflaws &amp; policiespolicy modificationProcess measures and/or Enforcement) community survey; HYS Underage andProblem/Heavy DrinkingCommunity NormsTeenage drinking (10th grade)LifeskillsPerception of Risk common Prevention/YouthFriends Use DrugsIntervention Services: Any UnderagePerception of HarmLeadership/ClubsAcademic FailureProgram pre/post; Drinking(HYS R/P factors) (Mentoring, After(10th grade 30-day use)School &amp; Faith-based) Family Norms Poor FamilyFamily ManagementManagement:(Unsure of communityParenting WiselyDirect Services:(Cultural &amp; Social Norm)laws and policies) Incredible Years outcome measures; Love &amp; Logic Managing for Parents Extreme Economicof Young Children; HYSDeprivation 23. Handout Empowerment Theory</p>