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This is the presentation I have used for my talk on detecting simple malwares at null Chennai


<ul><li> 1. Are You A Host For Malware? By Venkateswara Reddy </li></ul> <p> 2. Agenda About me What is a malware Types of malware What a malware Can do How malware propagates Demo Time You can eat my brain 3. About me Working as Security Consultant in TCS Also Bughunter Listed in Yahoo, Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco etc. Offensive Security Certified Professional 4. WHAT IS A MALWARE? A malware is a piece of software which performs malicious action 5. TYPES OF MALWARE Virus Worm Trojan Ransomware Adware Backdoor etc... 6. WHAT A MALWARE CAN DO? Steal Personal Information Delete files Use your computer resources Encrypt Data 7. HOW MALWARE PROPAGATES? 8. Human stupidity is proportional to getting affected with malware 9. Few real time examples!!! 10. This happened with my friends friend on 11th Aug 2014.. 11. Thank you!! </p>