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<ul><li> 1. Order of ability Possible evidence Very able; listens carefully; creative; HIGHready to answer; interested in everything. Interested and co-operative but MEDIUMsometimes a bit shy; not so good at speaking. Absent-minded; cannot concentrate; LOW always want to play.</li></ul> <p> 2. It refers to the phenomenon in which thegreater theexpectation placed upon people, oftenchildren or students and emploees, thebetter they perform.(Rosenthal-Jacobson) 3. Treat each pupil as an individual. Very difficult for a 30-student class. ADOPT different TEACHING STRATEGIES: Differentiating activities. Peer tutoring. Group teaching. 4. Teach core contents for all pupils. Reinforce work /more intensive practice for weakerstudents. Extension work for faster students.(Fast finishers) 5. We can adapt the same activity to suit differentstudentsneeds. Look and compare activitites pages33,34. Which one provides more/less support? 6. Slower or weaker stduents can be paired with astronger partner for some activities, but they must beaware that: Buddies are friends. They are there to help you. They support you, not dominate. They help you when you get stuck. They help you to do things for yourself. They do not tell you the answers. 7. When could you use this strategy? What are its advantages and disadvantages? What changes would you need to make in order to use it inyour context? 8. Students divided into groups according to theiracademic ability. Teacher monitors each groups tasks every twentyminutes. Africa. Argentina teachers working in rural schools. Teacher must produce several different plans for onecourse. Integrated students? 9. Mixed ability classes are common in our reality . Decide which situations work best according to yourteaching context. Having high expectations from children raises theirown expectations. Being open/flexible to change. Assist children in developing more positive self-images and higer levels of self-exteem.</p>