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  • Arcola Community School Regina Public Schools

    400 Pre-K to Gr 8 studentsRegina, Canada, 44,000 s.f.

  • 2

    Personal Learning Community PLC 1 Grades 1-2 or 1-3

    Ground Floor Plan

    Personal Learning Community PLC 2Grades 3-5 or 4-5

    Community Nutrition Room

    General Offices

    The Atrium Commons supports performance, peer-to-peer learning , technology enhanced, collaborative, independent learning, and a cafe.

    Indoor Play

    Centre for Visually Impaired

    Media & Resource Centre


    Operations Stor.

    Pre K


    Learning Studio

    Quiet Learning Suite

    Atrium Lounge


    Quiet Learning Suite

    Learning Studio

    Gym Sto.

    DaVinci Studio

    Project Yard


    Learning Studio

    Performance stairs


    Welcoming Entry

    Quiet Rm

  • 28

    Learning Studios for seminars, direct instruction and project-based learning

    2nd Floor Plan | Grades 6-8

    DaVinci Arts & Science 1315 sf

    Quiet Learning Suite 450 sf

    Quiet Room 150 sf

    Teacher Collaboration & Workroom

    Commons for peer-to-peer, technology enhanced, collaborative, and independent learning.

    Mechanical Room

    wet messy

    Green Roof

    660 sf

    650 sf

    Student Workstations

    DaVinci Project Terrace

    Student Wardrobes


    Media Bars Book Shelves

    West Student Entry

    East Student Entry

    160 sf

    Quiet Room

    Glass Roll-up Doors

    Window seat Warming kitchen

    view window

    Gym below

    View window


    Open to atrium below

    Student Wardrobes- 2 per student

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    View from the South Old school at leO to be demolished

  • 50 View form the North

  • 49 View from the East

  • 42 The Heart of the School

  • 4 Gathering Stair

  • 24

  • 44

  • 11

  • 15 View from the Grades 3-4 Commons