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Architectural Styles. DDP. Art Deco. It was started in 1920- 1939 This style of architecture is angular and clean cut. This style is a “modernization” of old artistic styles. It is usually on the west coast. Bungalow. Low-pitched roof, horizontal shape, and living room at the center - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Architectural StylesDDP

  • Art DecoIt was started in 1920- 1939 This style of architecture is angular and clean cut.This style is a modernization of old artistic styles.It is usually on the west coast

  • BungalowLow-pitched roof, horizontal shape, and living room at the center The structure is cheep and looks goodThe Bungalow style is almost always residential and many architects use this style of houseThis style is popular in California

  • Cape CodFirst built in the late 17th century.Has a step type roof with side gables.The roof has a small overhang.The houses are usually 1-11/2 stories.The house is built out of wood, which is then covered by wide panel shingles.The door is located in the center of the house house.

  • ContemporaryIt was most common between the 1950s through the 1970s. Usually is a two story house.Uses natural materials such as cedar or stone to build the house.Some unique features are its odd and irregular shape, its lack of ornamentation, and its tall oversized windows.Most contemporary styles use harmony with there surrounding landscapes.

  • Dutch*Dutch housing styles is primarily characterized by gambrel roofs *Also Dutch style have curved eaves along the length of the house *The building style was used by northeast farmers as far back as the 1600s *Dutch Colonial roofs also have flared eaves that extend over the porches, which gives them a hat-like look*Dutch Colonial homes also include eyebrow dormer windows and open wheel windows on the third story. *It's also common to find older Dutch Colonial homes with horizontally divided front doors

  • GeorgianDecorative crown over front door and Paired chimneys' are some distinctive featuresThese buildings are most of the time square and plainThese building are used for residential use and are not being built as much as they used to beThese buildings are commonly found in rural eastern U.S

  • Greek RevivalGreek Revival homes have a heavy cornice. A cornice is the uppermost section of moldings along the top of a wall or just below a roof. They have an entry porch with columns.This style house has pediment gables.A pediment gable is a low-pitched triangular gable on the front of some houses.These types of styles have symmetrical shape.

  • International The international style was most commonly used between the 1930s to the 1980s. The number of stories can vary from one to about 70 stories. The building materials used in the style are Concrete, glass, and steel as the most common and also using lots of glass.They are mainly seen in all major cities everywhere and are these buildings are sometimes referred to as big glass boxs. These buildings are widely used to represent company's of some sort. Evan though the international style is many seen as big glass boxes, some designs can appear to look as a regular home.

  • Italianate*Low-pitched or flat roof *Balanced, symmetrical rectangular shape *Tall appearance, with 2, 3, or 4 stories *Wide, overhanging eaves with brackets and cornices *Square cupola *Porch topped with balustrade balconies *Tall, narrow, double-paned windows with hood moldings *Side bay window *Heavily molded double doors *Roman or segmented arches above windows and doors

  • ModernGained popularity after WWII1907- todayUsed in institutional, corporate buildings, public and low cost homesForm follows function Used iron and concrete Used factory made partsRebellion against traditional designUse principles of classical designOften have open spaces

  • Prairie StyleFrank Lloyd Wright wanted to change old Victorian house styles into more open floor plans.Three characteristics of a Prairie house are low pitch roof, horizontal lines, and over hanging eves.

  • RanchOne story highThe houses are usually made of wood or brickLarge windows including, double-hung, sliding, and picture These houses are small stylish and cheepResidential use and used by many people who want cheap small housesTheses houses are found all around the country but are more commonly found in the south

  • Salt-BoxA saltbox is a wooden framed house with a long pitched roof that slopes down the back of the house.These houses have 2 stories in the front and 1 in the back.

  • SpanishLocated in the American South, Southwest, and California ~One story ~Flat roof, or roof with a low pitch ~Earth, thatch, or clay tile roof covering ~Thick walls made with rocks, coquina, or adobe brick coated with stucco ~Several exterior doors ~Small windows, originally without glass ~Wooden or wrought iron bars across the windows ~Interior shutters

    ~Second story with recessed porches and balconies ~Interior courtyards

  • TudorSteep pitched roof Tall, narrow windows Massive chimneys, often topped with decorative chimney potsBased off of English style houses

  • VictorianBuilt narrow and tallSteep roofs Bay windowsStairs to front doorCone shaped turretsIrregular roof linesMixed exterior materials. Stone, brick, sidingWrap around porches