Architectural Portfolio Alex Pellicciari 2016

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Architectural portfolio of my projects through my working experiences in Hong Kong, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh CIty and Dubai


<ul><li><p>Senior Architect and team leader in Hyder-Arcadis for buildings design on Jumeirah Open Beach project. Client: Meraas Holding. Project located along northern Dubai Coast. High quality waterfront development 1.4 km long, comprising of existing beach and reclaimed land. The beach front will be re-developed and improved offering over 150 high quality F&amp;B and Retail units on two beaches. Reclaimed lands consist of leisure and entertainment hub, hotel, lifestyle public spaces, luxury resort, yacht club, branded villas.</p><p> Cluster Composition Strategy Unit Modularization Strategy</p><p>La Mer Mixed Use Project - Design Development and pre-construction phase Dubai, UAE 2014 - 15 </p><p>Roof Plan of one single cluster South side of development birds eye view</p></li><li><p>F &amp; B building (left ) and Retail Building (right) Mood Render Boards wth materials </p><p>Typical Building Sectional Elevation 1</p><p>Typical Building Sectional Elevation 2</p><p>To support the Design intent from client (high end buildings but real, fair face materials for a humble apperance,) the building system is characterized by steel structure with I-shaped columns and beams, and external beams to suppport the canopies. The cladding is made by structural insulated panels (SIP) and glass reinforced by cross bracings.</p><p>Section through basement parking</p><p>Typical Building Roof Plan</p><p>Construction System</p></li></ul>