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  • Matteo GulloPORTFOLIO

  • Luomo dellavvenire dovr nascere fornito di un cervello e di un sistema nervoso del tutto diversi da quelli di cui disponiamo noi, esseri ancora tradi-

    zionali, copernicani, classici.

    The man of the future will be born equipped with a brain and a nervous system quite different from those we have we, human yet traditional, Co-

    pernican, classics.

    Eugenio Montale


    OHRID WATERSPORT CENTREA contrast between landscape and landmark. The Ohrid watersports centre acts as a bridge out of the city.Ohrid, Macedonia2015

    EVER GROWING WATER CAMPUSThe idea is to create a university campus that can change and grow day

    by day, keeping time with the rhythms of our fast-paced society. New York City, USA

    2014CONSONNO CULTURAL CENTREAn abandoned amusement park set in the mountains close to Lecco. The atmosphere inspired a new way of conceiving cultural platforms.Consonno, Italy2013

    THE ECO PATHMedau su Cramu is an abbandoned area betwen Cagliari e Quartu

    SantElena in south Sardinia. This area is allready working as a connection.Medau Su Cramu, Italy

    2015MASEGRA ACTIVE PRESERVATIONThe aim of the project was to create new activities to preserve the castle, adapting its structure to receive a greater number of visitors. Sondrio, Italy2015

    I have included in this portfolio just a small selection of projects that I feel best embody my personal idea of architecture.

    SHOWROOMSA project undertaken for Restart. I was solely responsible for the design

    and restoration of the showroom in Milan and the new site in London.Milano, Italy / London, United Kingdom


    LOOP CONNECTIONThe structure is developed using Grassoppher and the shadow is guaran-tee by responsive elements tested using Arduino and Firefly Expo Dubai 20202016

    INHABITED BUTTRESS The project link together the private path of the hostel with the public

    corridor to connect the new town to the old oneCagliari, Italy


  • 5WORK Restart - Milan/Florence/London

    EDUCATION Master in Architecture - Politecnico di MilanoMaster of Architecture (in English lenguage) at the School of Architecture and Society, Politecnico di Milano.

    Ohrid Water Sport CentreCompetition for a sports centre in Macedonia: we analysed the contrast betwe-en landscape project and landmark.

    MIAW WorkshopProject with Professor Yichen Lu (Studio Link-Arc) on a sport area in Milan

    Bachelor of Architecture - Politecnico di MilanoBachelor degree thesis Prefabricated society: Modern society and new con-struction techniques with Prof. M. Nastri. This thesis addressed the influences that society has on architecture and vice versa.Responsive Morphologies WorkshopWorkshop on responsive morphologies in architecture and design with the use of Grasshopper and Arduino/Genuino with Prof. Attilio Nebuloni and Prof. Maxi-miliano Romero at Phy-co lab, Politecnico di Milano.Ri-Formare Milano A further project for RI-FORMARE Milano on the site of an old cinema (Piazzale Lodi, Milano) and the site of the planned last stop of M4, the Milan subway line.

    Maturit Scientifica - LSS Piero GobettiSecondary School Diploma with scientific orientation from Liceo Scientifico Piero Gobetti, Bagno a Ripoli, Florence. where I have been president of the student government. Over the five years I won a number of awards and enjoyed parti-cipating in school sports teams and the the theatrical company.


    EXTRA Volunteer and member of the council in Associazione Volontari Gruppo Elba

    Rugby player in Firenze 1936 during secondary school. Actor for Compagnia Venti Lucenti. Performed in Florence, Syracuse and Yerevan.

    +39 3403171844

    viale E. Caldara 33, Milano (IT)via de Pepi 44, Firenze (IT)

    jan 14dec 14

    oct 2014now

    sep 2011sep 2014

    sep 2006jul 2011

    Matteo Gulloborn in Firenze (Italy) - January 13th, 1993

    I worked with Restart for three months full-time until the end of March 2014. and I continued to collaborate until December 2014. During this period I developed and delivered the showroom projects in Milan and London, and the Eurocucina exhibition stand at the Salone del Mobile di Milano, 2014.

    ICT skills: Autocad 2D, Rhinoceros, Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign), Grasshopper (base), Arduino/Genuino, V-Ray, KeyShot, Final Cut Pro.Maquettes: practice in laser cutter use. Talent in the use of cartboard, wood, foam and gypsum. Languages: Italian (native), English (fluent)




    The concept for this project came from its location: encircled in the west by water and in the east by mountains, on the sho-res of Ohrid Lake. Although far from urban and still largely do-minated by agriculture, it is the only viable site of expansion for the city of Ohrid. The city started as a fortress to the north of the lake, and expanded outwards over the centuries along the shoreline into the valley. The project is situated at the edge of this expansion, the point whe-re urban services and rural sy-stems overlap, and where the overwhelming sense is one of transition: between water and mountain, but also between city and nature. There was no other way to reflect this remarkable sensation than to design the project as a bridge between the different realms, connecting the elements. The challenge was to create a landscape that incorporated the watersports centre, but that was also un-deniably connected to the city.

    The project has three layers of privacy: the first is private, for facility and storage users with private access to the building; secondly, for visitors; and thirdly for the general public who will use the site as an urban passa-ge to be developed not only on ground level but also along the top of the building.

    team matesSunay Altintepe

    Elena CasiniGhiath Al Jebawi

    Andrija Martinovic

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  • On the left: collages explain some features of the project. OWC gives the sensation of a little venice working as a bridge. It connect the services areas to the lake directly by water. The last collage explain the impor-tance of the direct connection between the project and the lake through the water I.n the middle: plan of the underground floor. Above: view of the cove-red square from West.


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  • The materials for the project are illustrated below: OWC is built of the elements around it, uniting the water of the lake with the earth and rock of the mountains. The structure is conceived as a visual manifestation of this fusion, and designed to conceal itself among the slopes of the mountains. The image of the ground floor plan on the left, where the different paths are clearly illustrated, shows that the maximum impact of the site is focused on this central point. The heart of the project, this covered square connects the Olympic swimming pool building with the

    structure containing the cafete-ria and offices. It does more than this, however: it is a passageway between two zones, bridging the expansive waterscape and the rugged mountainside, it marks a point of transition between two sensations.


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  • INHABITED BUTTRESS Cagliari, Italy



    The project is located in Caglia-ri (Sardinia), in a outmost intere-sting spot of the city where the historical reminiscences with the Castle encouters the new deve-lopments of the contemporary city. The setting is characteri-sed by many challenges espe-cially in terms of morphology and existing urban fabric. In general there are three distin-guishable layers: The first layer is represented by buildings of more recent date orginating from an urban development project of the 90s, which are mainly facing streets and the new part of Cagliari. Further up the slope, there is the second one, radically different, with neoclassical facades fronting a historical residential building mainly featuring stonework and masonry. In between the two there is the third, the most in-teresting layer, which plays an intermediary role between the two realms: An almost regularily shaped ribbon of base walls.It is composed out of manifold

    elements that create a pa-tchwork of different styles and materials in which arch con-structions anchor the Palazzo Viceregio with the beer rock. In this vast caos of elements the inhabited buttress implements a new system of order, using one of the last remained voids left behind after the bombardments of the Allies.

    team matesAlberto CountValeria Virdis

  • hole in the skyline


  • hole

    existing conditionion

    elevation elevation


    maintain thehole

    in the city elevation

    fixthe slope


    shapethe new element





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    It was an important decision to keep the piazza as last back-drop of the city and create a system which is able to link the two mentioned layer together featuring a hostel and other public functions like a cinema, co-working spaces and a re-staurant inside. The project plays with two juxtoposing principles: the first is the one of the rein-forced concrete buttresses that rest upon the historical city and forge a bridge to the arches on the left side. The other priciple is embodied by a lightweight construction made of sheet metal that create by its cling to the pure material the envelope for the spaces and the public activities. The interacting inter-mediary element, which has a primarily public character, plays a crucial ro