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This is an assignment for my Creative Photography 2 class about genres of photography.


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Architectural PhotographyKevin Mendel1What is Architectural Photography?Architectural photography is the photographing of buildings and similar structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and accurate representations of their subjects

2First Architectural PhotographThe first architectural photograph was taken circa 1826 in France by Nicphore NipceThis photograph is named View from the Window at Le GrasIt was taken using Camera Obscura and is believed to have taken eight hours to captureA researcher who studied Nipce's notes and recreated his process found that the exposure must have continued for multiple days

3Architecture's Most Notable PhotographerJulius ShulmanBorn in 1910 in Brooklyn, New YorkDied in 2009 in Los Angeles, CaliforniaMost well known for Case Study House #22, Los Angeles,1960He used people in his shots at a time when other architectural photographers were notIntroduced new modern buildings and Southern California lifestyle to the world

4Influential FactorsIn the mid 20th century architects began to more architectural photographers to photograph their work to promote it. This led to photography as being viewed as more than just an art form.This photograph is by Ezra Stoller

5Tilt-Shift LensTilt-Shift lenses help to correct a common type of distortion in architectural photography known as parallaxParallax makes your buildings appear to be falling overYou can fix parallax in photoshop if you do not own a tilt-shift lens

#Why Don't You Own One Kevin?