Architectural and Engineering Services for Works of a ... in the field of architectural design, ... experience as a Professional Engineer. He ... Architectural and Engineering Services for Works of a Specified ...

Download Architectural and Engineering Services for Works of a ...  in the field of architectural design, ... experience as a Professional Engineer. He ... Architectural and Engineering Services for Works of a Specified ...

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  • RFP Number and Title R2111778P1 - Architectural and Engineering Services for Works of a Specified Nature

    Vendor Name *Required ACAI Associates, Inc. Cartaya and Associates Architects, PA Covenant Engineering, Inc. SYNALOVSKI ROMANIK SAYE, LLC Walters Zackria Associates PLLC

    Vendor Address *Required 2937 W Cypress Creek Road, Suite 200,

    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

    2400 E. Commercial Boulevard, Suite

    201Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

    4149 SW 47th Ave., Suite 3CDavie, FL


    1800 Eller Drive, Suite 500Fort

    Lauderdale, FL 33316

    1500 West Cypress Creek Road, Suite

    105, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

    Evaluation Criteria Vendor Response

    1.Ability of Professional Personnel: (Maximum 43


    1a. Describe the qualifications and relevant

    experience of the Principal and/or Lead Project

    Manager to be assigned to this project. Include


    Points Value: 8

    Adolfo J. Cotilla, Jr., AIAPresident, Florida Registered ArchitectLicense #8011Adolfo Cotilla has over 36 years of diverseexperience in the field of Architecture. He isa Florida Registered Architect and has beenconsulting, designing and delivering projectssince 1979. As Principal-in-Charge, Mr.Cotilla oversees the management of allassignments for which he is responsible andmaintains direct contact with Clientsthroughout the project duration. Hisresponsibilities include overseeing theproject team, reviewing financial projectgoals, meeting with the Project Managers &project teams, reviewing the schedule andmaintaining relationships with the clientcontacts as well as with the Developer'sProject Manager and construction team.

    Don Wilkin, RASenior Architect, Registered Florida Architect(0011619)Donald Wilkin has over 35 years of diverseexperience in the field of architecturaldesign, including educational, commercial,medical, recreational, office and industrialfacilities. Mr. Wilkin has been responsible forvarious management and technical duties forall architectural projects, including planning,working drawing production and design.

    Galen Von Gleich, RAFlorida Registered Architect (97234)Mr. Von Gleich has over 15 years of diverseexperience in the field of architecturaldesign, including governmental, educational,commercial, medical, office and residentialfacilities. Mr. Von Gleich has beenresponsible for various management andtechnical duties for many architecturalprojects, including planning, working drawingproduction and design. He provides qualityservices by focusing on developing projectsthat are functional, code compliant and thatare completed on time and within budget. Heconducts weekly staff meetings to setproduction goals on a task-by-task basis. Healso reviews the design budget on a bi-weekly basis to verify that the progress isconsistent with the schedule and milestones.

    Mario Cartaya (Principal-in-Charge) is thefounder and the principal owner of Cartayaand Associates Architects, P.A. He has builtone of the areas most stable and successfularchitectural firms with work regularlyfeatured in magazines and newspaperarticles. Mario has been the principalarchitect on all of Cartayas projects and hasreceived numerous national and localawards including five (5) Broward CountyProclamations. His commitment toexcellence and his ability to coordinate theneeds of our clients, in cooperation with therequirements of public and privatestakeholders has enabled his team toaccomplish a proven track record of over500 successful projects.

    Juan Justiniano (Project Manager/SeniorArchitect)has been with Cartaya andAssociates Architects since 1999 and hasbeen practicing Architecture and Planning forover 20 years. Juan has extensiveexperience with Broward County and thusbrings significant experience to our team. Hismanagerial experience with planning publicentities and participation in the developmentof master and comprehensive plans alsobring critical expertise to this project.

    Please find resumes in attached supplement:


    Edward Kranz, PE has more than 20 yearsexperience as a Professional Engineer. Heis licensed by separate examinations in thefollowing engineering disciplines: electrical,mechanical, fire protection, and architectural.

    SRS is a multi-disciplinary Architecture andInterior Design Firm providing professionalservices in the State of Florida since 1988.For the past twenty-eight (28) years, SRShas served thirty-two (32) municipalitiesthroughout the State. Since, 2006, SRS hasalso had a branch office in Bradenton,Florida.SRSs expertise in designing costeffective solutions without sacrificing designexcellence is a legacy we share with all ourMunicipal Clients. Our success in deliveringprofessional services during the past 28years, as well as our familiarity with thecountys design standards, provides us witha clear understanding and vision of what it isnecessary to achieve your stated goals. OurSRS Fort Lauderdale Team includes twenty(20) design professionals. Our staff includesfive (5) Registered Architects, two (2)Licensed Interior Designers, four (4) LEEDAccredited Professionals (AP), six (6)Graduate Architects and three (3)Administrative Staff and one (1) ArchitecturalIntern. As a Firm, our Senior Staff has beenworking together for the past twenty-five (25)years. As a Team, together with ourConsultants, we have been responsible forover two hundred and sixty (260) exceptionalMunicipal Projects.

    Please see attached resumes and projectexperience for WZA principal and projectmanagers.

  • 1b. Additional instructions: Describe the qualifications

    and relevant experience of other key staff of the prime

    and subconsultants to be assigned to this project.

    Include resumes.

    Points Value: 17

    Mr. Paul Pannier (ACAI) has over 28 yearsof experience in the field of Architecture andInterior Design focused on overall teamleadership through design and constructionfor a wide range of projects. He hasmanaged programming, planning, design,construction document and administrationservices for private and public clients inFlorida.

    Mr. Jurado (Premiere Design Solutions PDS), is a Professional Engineer registeredin Florida with over 13 years of experience indesign, project and contract management forCivil, Aviation, Transit, and Water & SewerUtilities. Mr. Jurado has a proven trackrecord for providing Quality Control andQuality Assurance for surveying andengineering projects as well as overseeingpermitting in almost every municipality inBroward.

    Mr. Eckardt (PDS) is a ProfessionalEngineer registered in the State of Floridawith over 14 years of experience in CivilEngineering, Land Development and UtilityDesign. Mr. Eckardt is responsible foroverseeing engineering plans production andquality control. Mr. Eckardts experience inthe public sector includes design for new andexisting infrastructure utilities.

    Mr. Sri Sritharan (S & F Engineers) has beeninvolved in Structural Engineering Design,Construction Administration of buildings andProject Management for over 25 years. Hehas experience in nearly all types of buildingmaterials and structural framing systemsused in construction. He has completed overtwo thousand projects of small additions tolarge facilities costing over $150 million.

    Cartaya has put together a solid team oflocal professional firms who have extensiveexperience in Broward County. The CartayaTeams key players are Broward Countybased, well known as proven designprofessionals and offer a superb blend oflocal knowledge and project experience forthis type of project. Cartaya will serve as theprime consultant and be the single point ofcontact for contract administration andarchitectural design throughout theassignment. Our team includes Louis Bergerfor Structural and MEP Engineering; Keithand Associates for Civil Engineering,Landscape Architecture, Surveying andSUE; Miller Legg for EvironmentalEngineering and Traffic Engineering; TierraSouth for Geotechnical Engineering; Ross &Baruzzini for Telecommunications and DataEngineering; and CMS - ConstructionManagement Services for Cost Estimatingand Value Engineering. This team knowshow to plan, design and execute successfulprojects for Broward County.

    Please find resumes in attached supplement:


    Mohammad Chaiatri has an associatesdegree in engineering and is working towarda Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering. Hehas been a lead designer with CovenantEngineering, Inc. for the past four years.

    Morad Mehdiyoun has a Master's Degree inMechanical Engineering and is workingtoward a Doctorate in Civil Engineering atFAU. He has been a lead designer atCovenant Engineering, Inc. for two years.

    Jessica Salas has a Bachelor's Degree withemphasis on graphic design.

    In 2016, this Team was awarded aContinuing Contract with the County forsimilar Architectural Services (R1423107P1).The SRS Team clearly understands therequired Scope of Work defined in the RFQand has experience with allfacilities mentioned as well as with BrowardCounty and sustainable urban designguidelines.

    Please see attached resume and projectexperience for subconsultants.

  • 1c. Additional instructions: Provide an organization

    chart for members of the proposed project team.

    Include the Lead Project Manager for each team to be

    assigned to the Project Team.

    Points Value: 8

    SEE ATTACHED Organizational Chart Please find Organizational Chart in attachedsupplement:


    Edward Kranz, PE will be lead designprofessional with technical design support byMohammad and Morad with administrativesupport by Jessica Salas.

    Manuel Synalovski, AIA, LEED AP SRSProject PrincipalMerrill Romanik, AIA, LEED AP SRSProject Manager/ Interior DesignChris Bray SRS Project ArchitectMarcela Oviedo, LEED AP SRSProductionPedro LaSalde - SRS ProductionAlejandra Molina-Jackson, AIA, LEED AP SRS Production/ Interior Design

    SubconsultantsGIS Mapping C. Andre Rayman, PSM &Kender Louisius Engenuity Group, IncSurveyors Kevin Beck, PSM & JenniferMalin, PSM Engenuity Group, Inc.Structural Engineer Saad El-Hage, PE Saad El-Hage Consulting Engineers, Inc.MEP Engineers George San Juan, PE,LEED AP; Steven Bender, PE, LEED AP;Alfred Esquivel, PE; Norelkis Roman DeltaG Consulting Engineers, Inc.Landscape Architects Tammy Cook-Weedon, ASLA, RLA, LEED AP; MichaelConner, RLA, ASLA; Gianno Feoli; MarcosMendoza Calvin Giordano & Associates,Inc.

    Chart Attached.


    ENGINEERING: Structural and CivilWALTERS ZACKRIA ASSOCIATES, PLLCMark Scala, P.E.Rubel Siddique, P.E.

    Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & FireProtection (CBE):DELTA G. CONSULTINGGeorge San Juan., PEStephen Bender, P.E.Craig BozemanJorge BahamondeRicardo Torres

    Civil (CBE):ABACO ENGINEERING, INC.Azita Behmardi, P.E.Clece Aurelus, P.E.Shoban Smart

    SPECIAL CONSULTANTS:Geotechnical: NUTTING ENGINEERS OFFLORIDA, INC.Richard C. Wohlfarth, P.E.Scott Ersland


    Surveying and Mapping: AWN DESIGN &CONSULTING GROUP, INC.Steve Watts

  • 1d. Additional instructions: Provide evidence of

    knowledge and experience with the Florida Building

    Code and all other local municipal and jurisdictional

    agencies. For example: South Florida Water

    Management District, Broward County EPGMD, City

    of Fort Lauderdale and other relevant permitting


    Points Value: 10

    All of our projects involve extensiveknowledge of the Florida Building Code andLocal Municipal and Jurisdictional Agencyexperience. For over 32 years ACAI hasbeen dealing with all agency branches forthe South Florida Water ManagementDistrict, Broward County, the City of FortLauderdale, the Florida Department ofTransportation and numerous municipalitiesthroughout Broward.

    Cartaya and Associates Architects, P.A. has38 years of experience working with theFlorida Building Code having completedhundreds of public/municipal projects inBroward County for dozens of cities. Projectsinclude city halls, performing arts centers,municipal libraries, higher education and K-12 facilities, parking structures, parks,transportation hubs, warehouses, firestations, water treatment facilities, hotels,commercial buildings, and privateresidences. This experience has given us athorough knowledge of applicable codes andregulations, such as:

    Florida Building Code NFPA Life Safety Code National Electric Code (NEC) Americans with Disabilities Act Regulations(ADA) State Requirements for EducationalFacilities South Florida Water Management District Broward County Environmental Resource Broward County Surface WaterManagement Energy Efficiency Code for BuildingConstruction Florida Fire Prevention Code Florida State Accessibility Code Florida Department of Health Regulations

    Covenant Engineering, Inc. has beensuccessful in preparing plans for buildingalteration and construction for more than 20years (prior entities include d/b/a CovenantEngineering). We have worked with mostbuilding departments and manyenvironmental agencies in Miami-Dade,Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. Wehave prepared plans for projects in otherparts of Florida and other states as well.

    SRS has been providing architecturalservices to the Broward County Communitysince 1988. Since then, we havedesigned solutions utilizing the applicableBroward Edition of the South Florida BuildingCode and the FloridaBuilding Code. Our comprehensiveprofessional services for remodeling,renovation and new construction projectshave focused primarily on improvements,expansions and replacements to existingfacilities. Therefore ourknowledge and experience with local codesand with their regulators has beenextraordinary. Further, this experienceand knowledge was developed mostly withphased replacement projects that includedtemporary facilities.All of our phased replacement projects safelymaintained daily operations.As part of our services for projects inBroward County, we have shepherdedproject entitlements inclusive of landuse amendments, platting, rezoning, siteplan approvals and permitting with thevarious local Drainage Districtsthroughout the County. We have alsopermitted work with the South Florida WaterManagement District and theArmy Corp of Engineers. We also haveexcellent knowledge and experience workingwith FDOT and the multitudeof Broward County regulatory agencies thatregulate development.After Hurricane Wilma and previously afterHurricane Andrew, our firm worked withFEMA regulators on variousremediation, repair and reconstructionprojects in South Florida. Specifically,between 2000-2009, our ManagingPrincipal, Manuel Synalovski, AIA, LEED APserved as the architect representative on theBroward County Board ofRules and Appeals and consequently wasextremely involved with all the Building Codemodifications inclusive ofthe transition from the South Florida BuildingCode to the Florida Building Code.

    WZA staff is very familiar with the currentbuilding codes. In fact, the firm PrincipalArchitect, Abbas Zackria, serves as anArchitect Voting Member, and as a formerChairman, on theBroward County Board of Rules andAppeals, an agency responsible for certifyingall building officials and inspectors, andhearing code appeals in Broward County.

  • 2. Past Performance: (Maximum 36 Points)

    2a. Generally describe prime Vendors general

    experience in the last seven years on projects of a

    similar nature and scope undertaken by the prime.

    Points Value: 10

    ACAI was founded in 1985, offering a widerange of services including planning,architecture, engineering, landscapearchitecture and construction management.ACAI has provided services on virtually alltypes of projects. Our design work runs thegamut from master plans for universities andindustrial complexes to design throughConstruction Administration (CA) services formedical, educational, residential, industrialand commercial facilities. Our engineeringwork has focused on roofing consulting,including investigation, reports andrecommendations, design of re-roofing andnew roofing, specs, cost estimates and CA.

    ACAI believes that good architecture is thephysical manifestation of good ideas. Westrive to create facilities that reflect a uniquesynthesis of their mission, functional purposeand, appropriately, express the spirit andpersonality of their ownership. Ourcommitment as skilled advisors to our clientremains as it has been in the past answering needs with creative ideas,innovative solutions and well-executed,professional services.

    ACAI offers a full range of services:Planning, Programming and DesignAlternative Studies, Design Criteria, DesignDevelopment and Schematic Design, Pre-construction, Alternative Project Delivery,Construction Management, LandscapeDesign and Program Management Services.

    Sustainable DesignA member of the US Green Building Council,ACAI is firmly committed to green design.We believe that designing with theenvironment in mind enhances our designopportunities and adds value to the project.

    Master Planning: Urban, Campus, Site andCPTED Planning

    Cartaya and Associates has extensiveexperience with providing design criteriaprofessional services, peer review,Threshold/Special Inspector services,permit-related plan review, contractadministration, bid/award analysis, conditiondocumentation and measured drawings ofexisting facilities, computer-aided andmanually Generated graphics support.

    We have been the architects for hundreds ofprojects in South Florida such as the FortLauderdale/Hollywood International AirportsTerminal 2 Ticket Lobby and In-LineBaggage; Fort Lauderdale/HollywoodInternational Airports Terminal 4 ConcourseH International Arrivals Renovations;Broward Colleges Fine Arts Building andBailey Hall Interior Renovations; the City ofMiramars City Hall, Cultural Arts Facility,City Hall and the recently complete PoliceHeadquarters. We are presently thearchitects for the Broward CountyCivil/Family Courthouse and just completedthe Pembroke Pines City Center.

    We also have and continue to hold manycontinuing services contracts. Our clientsinclude the City of Miramar, the City ofPompano Beach, the Broward CountyHousing Authority, FortLauderdale/Hollywood International Airport,Broward County, Florida Atlantic University,Broward College, the Seminole Tribe ofFlorida, Apotex and many others.

    Covenant Engineering, Inc. is a small firmthat provides professional engineering andarchitectural services to many clients withtheir unique projects. For each of the pastseven years we have worked on more than100 projects. We are versatile andresponsive. Together with partners which willbe selected on an as-needed basis, we willprovide similar services to Broward County.

    SRS is a multi-disciplinary Architecture andInterior Design Firm providing professionalservices in the State of Florida since 1988.For the past twenty-eight (28) years, SRShas served thirty-two (32) municipalitiesthroughout the State. As a Team, togetherwith our Consultants, we have beenresponsible for over two hundred and sixty(260) exceptional Municipal Projects.

    Please see attached list of similar projects.

  • 2b. Additional instructions: Specifically describe the

    teams capabilities and experience by citing a

    minimum of five (5) projects with project specific

    references providing services of a similar nature and

    scope. Example services may include: providing

    design criteria professional services, peer review,

    Threshold/Special Inspector services, permit-related

    plan review, contract administration, bid/award

    analysis, condition documentation and measured

    drawings of existing facilities, computer-aided and

    manually generated graphics support, and geographic

    information systems (GIS) support.

    Points Value: 18

    Ravenswood Bus Maintenance Facility(Broward County, FL)ACAI provided Programming, Design andConstruction Administration at the 214,789 sffacility. The LEED Gold Certificationaccommodates up to 130 buses and 20articulated buses and a multi-level parkinggarage. Integrated 4D modeling was part theproject deliverables. The phasing took intoaccount sequencing the new buildings andstructures.

    Southwest Bus Maintenance Facility(Broward County, FL)ACAI provided Programming, Architecture,Landscape Architecture, Engineering andConstruction Management services for thefacility. The 20 acre campus services 350school buses and provides parking forvisitors, staff and the fleet of buses.

    West Central Bus Maintenance Facility(Broward County, FL)ACAI provided Programming, Architecture,Landscape Architecture, Engineering andConstruction Management services for thefacility. The facility includes a state-of-the-art, fully enclosed 18 bay vehiclemaintenance facility, combination bus wash/fueling center and a 2-story administrationbuilding for all driver logistics.

    Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood InternationalAirport Terminal 4 (Broward County, FL)ACAI was selected to provide ArchitecturalDesign services for the Terminal 4expansion. The project consisted of BIMservices for modeling, coordination, layoutsand as-builts. The modeling consisted of thesystems, devices, supports and conduits.Layouts involved 2D CAD files and updatingBIM per field deviations.

    SFRTA Operations Headquarters (BrowardCounty, FL)ACAI provided Architectural services inpreparing the Design-Build bid package forthe 87,000 SF South Florida RegionalTransportation Authority Operations Centerand 500 space parking garage in PompanoBeach. ACAIs involvement in this projectwas extensive and included oversight of theDesign Builders work products for ourconceptual documents from design intoturnkey occupancy.

    Please find descriptions of our team'scapabilities and experience in the attachedsupplement:


    Covenant Engineering, Inc. 1) is providingmechanical and electrical plant assessmentservices for Miami-Dade County PublicSchools as a subcontractor; 2) is providingplan review and inspection services for theFPL Okeechobee Clean Energy CenterAdministrative Building at Yeehaw Junction,Florida; 3) has provided engineering andarchitectural design, including fieldmeasurement of existing facilities, manuallyand computer generated renderings,contract administration, and bid evaluationfor Jungle Queen, Inc.; 4) has provided fieldmeasurement of existing facilities andcomputer-aided renderings of proposedchanges for Morton's of Chicago restaurants,and 5) has provided GIS support for siteimprovements at North Broward MedicalCenter.

    Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex - DesignCriteria Professional - Completion for 2018

    2801 Aventura Medical Tower - ContractAdministration - Completion for the end of2017

    Charles F. Dodge Civic Center, PembrokePines - Design Criteria Professional -Completed April 2017

    Ultimate Software Group 10 - Homecourt -Condition Documentation and measureddrawings of existing facilities - Completed2016

    Dycom@ RCA - Condition Documentationand measured drawings of existing facilities -Completed November 2015

    Design Criteria Professional:Miramar Police Headquarters

    Condition documentation and measureddrawings of existing facilities:Fort Lauderdale: Historic Bryant HomesFort Lauderdale: Fort Lauderdale AquaticCenter / Swimming Hall of Fame -City of Fort Lauderdale - Tom Green, PM(954) 828-4008Email: TGreen@fortlauderdale.govCity of Sunrise: Fire Station 92 GeneratorReplacementCity of Sunrise: Nobhill Soccer Club -City of Sunrise - Alan Gavazzi - CIP Director(954) 572-2487 Email:AGavazzi@sunrisefl.govBroward County: Baez HouseBroward County: Carpenter HouseBroward County: Various Parks FacilitiesBroward County - Jim Federici - Manager(954) 577-4650Email:

  • 2c. Additional instructions: Provide evidence of

    satisfactory completion, both on time and within

    budget for the projects submitted above as

    demonstration of Vendors team experience. Identify

    project budget and dates that work began and was

    completed. Provide a minimum of three (3) projects

    with references for similar work performed to

    demonstrate evidence of qualifications and previous

    experience. Refer to Vendor Reference Verification

    Form and submit as instructed. Only provide

    References for non-Broward County Board of County

    Commissioner contracts. For Broward County

    contracts, the County will review performance

    SEE ATTACHED Vendor ReferenceVerification Forms (3)

    Please find evidence of the Cartaya Team'ssatisfactory completion of similar projects inthe attached supplement:


    Vendor Reference Forms have beensubmitted as instructed,

    Covenant Engineering, Inc. completed theJungle Queen, Inc; Morton's of Chicago; andNorth Broward Medical Center projects listedin 2b in a timely manner to the satisfaction ofthe clients.

    Satisfactory Letters from our Clients werepresented in the Response to the RFQ.Attached

    Pompano Community Park - Phase 3Owner Budget $2.5 Million; Bid Amount:$2,265,169; Final Amount: $2,265,169Time: Original Days: 188 days; Completed210 days

    Coconut Creek Public Works BuildingOwners Budget: $7.5 Million; Bid Amount:$6,911,000; Final Amount: $6,911,000Time: Original Days: 365 days; Completed375 days

    North Lauderdale Re-roofOwners Budget: $100,000; Bid Amount:$102,300; Final Amount: $102,300Time: Original Days: 45 days; Completed45 days

  • 3. LEED Experience and Knowledge:

    Describe Leadership in Energy and Environmental

    Design (LEED) experience and knowledge. List

    current and past projects including certification level

    project status and credentials of your accredited

    professionals on the Project Team.

    Points Value: 3

    As members of the US Green BuildingCouncil, ACAI is firmly committed to greendesign. At ACAI, we believe the mosteffective green projects are created whenthere is synergy between all members of theproject team. The ACAI Green Teamserves as the catalyst for this synergy. Ourpassion for green building drives us to meeta project teams needs through a holistic,integrated design process. While our directclient may be the owner, architect, contractoror facility manager, we invariably serve everyteam member to ensure the best possibleresults.

    Integrity, innovation, communication andsweating the details are at the heart ofACAIs operation key characteristics, all, indeveloping and maintaining our clients trustand ensuring success in a project. Doingwhat is environmentally friendly is at the coreof the green building concept, and ACAIsprinciples of service and attention to allelements of a project mesh extremely wellwith such projects. Fresher air, enhancedgreen space, energy savings and naturallighting are just a few components of how aprojects environment impacts a buildingsfuture users. ACAIs experience and eye fordesign detail makes the green difference.

    ACAI LEED Services- Green Material Sourcing- Green Building Charrettes and ProjectStrategy Sessions- Integrated Design Project Management- LEED Certification/Registration- LEED Consulting- LEED Project Administration

    The Cartaya Team is dedicated toLEED/Green Design; making it a priority inall projects we design. We believe GreenDesign can be achieved cost-effectively byusing such methods as: multi-zone and highefficiency A/C, low water use/self-flushingToilets & urinals, LED lighting, properbuilding orientation and use of naturallighting, cross ventilation, native constructionmaterials, low VOC finishes, high insulationvalue design, shaded and low E glazing andreflective surfaces, energy efficient windowsand doors, as well as many other cost-effective techniques.

    In the past five years all of our projects havebeen LEED Certified or LEED standarddesigned. We believe in sustainablearchitecture and endeavor to designenvironmentally responsible projects. It is theright thing to do. Team member credentialsmay be found on included resumes.

    Among some of our recent projects thateither have a large environmentalcomponent, or are scheduled to achieveLEED certification, are:

    Miramar Police Headquarters (LEED Gold) Pembroke Pines Civic Center(Sustainable) Broward College Fine Arts Building (LEEDSilver) Broward County Civil/Family Courthouse(LEED Silver scheduled) Coconut Creek Utilities and EngineeringBuilding (Sustainable) Islamorada Administrative Center & PublicSafety HQ (Sustainable) Plantation Energy Efficiency Team Center(Sustainable at Platinum level, City did notwish to get it certified Miramar MegaCenter (LEED Certified scheduled) Port Everglades T2/T4 Parking Garage(Parksmart LEED scheduled)

    Edward Kranz, PE is a LEED AP. CovenantEngineering, Inc. provided mechanical andelectrical engineering design for the FosterPark Community Center in Hallandale,Florida. We have also provided mechanicaland electrical engineering design for theLocal Shops at 441 and Hollywood Blvd asper the City of Hollywood "green" designcriteria.

    Stewardship of the environment is part ofSRSs design philosophy. We believe thatbuildings should fit comfortably on their sites,be respectful of their context, and minimizetheir burden on the earths resources. Bymaking thoughtful design decisions asarchitects and engineers, we have anopportunity and a responsibility to make apositive contribution to the protection of ourplanet. We believe in an integrated, holisticapproach to design. Under the guidance ofour LEED Accredited Professionals, we usethe LEED Green Building Rating System asa one of many tools in the development ofenvironmentally responsible projects.

    Benefits of Environmentally ResponsibleBuildingsEnvironmentally responsible buildings havebenefits far beyond social responsibility.Sustainable design is good for business.Improved operational efficiency, increasedproductivity, improved financial performance,enhanced occupant comfort, and improvedquality of life are just a few key benefits.

    LEED Project ExperienceLEED Certified:Toyota/Lexus Training Facility Interior Fit-out- LEED CI (Gold)Lauderhill Municipal Complex - LEED NC(Silver)Children Service Council Lauderhill, FL -LEED NC (Silver)Paul DeMaio Dania Beach Branch Library -LEED NC (Gold)LEED Registered (seeking certification):Fire Station 107 | Miramar, FL - LEED NC(Silver)Pembroke Pines Public Services Campus,Pembroke Pines, FL - LEED NC (Silver)Aventura Chabad, Aventura, FL - LEED NC(Gold)Green AwardsPyramid Award 2010 (Lauderhill MunicipalComplex)Associated Builders and ContractorsGreen Award 2010 (Lauderhill MunicipalComplex)Associated Builders and ContractorsUSGBC Gala Verde 2011 (Toyota/ LexusTraining Facility)FHBA Aurora Award 2011 (Green DreamHouse)Florida Prism Best In Show 2012FPL - Energy Efficiency Gold Award WinnerGreen Home of the Year Gold Award WinnerInnovation in Green Building Gold AwardWinnerFlorida Green Building Coalition (seekingcertification):Marathon Public Library & Adult EducationCenter, Marathon, FL

    WZA has completed numerous LEEDcertified buildings -W&O warehouse - Jacksonville - LEEDSilverCoconut Creek Public Works - LEED SilverBCAD Maintenance Building - LEED SilverTradewinds Park Administration Bldg - LEEDCertifiedMiramar Police Headquarters - LEED GOLD

    LEED accredited professional staff

    Abbas Zackria, LEED APAlan Fertel, LEED AP

  • 4. BIM Capabilities and Experience:

    Describe your firms experience in utilization of

    Building Information Modeling (BIM) software

    including: design/construction documentation,

    visualization, scheduling, clash detection, interference

    management and COBie software. Identify your

    offices predominating software platform and

    supporting software.

    Points Value: 3

    ACAIS Building Information ModelingExperienceOur BIM experience at ACAI is extensiveand includes work as designers, modelers,model managers and BIM Coordinators.ACAI uses BIM during design to explore andhelp coordinate a project's key physical andfunctional characteristics digitally before it'sbuilt, greatly reducing conflicts andstreamlining the design and constructionprocess. With teams including architects,engineers, general contractors and virtualdesign modelers in-house we create moresophisticated, professional models and worktogether to identify clashes, conflicts anddesign problems virtually in pre-design andconstruction before they become problemsand costs in the field.

    At ACAI, we are constantly examining thestructure of the "Information" within the BIMmodel to ensure its organization, usefulnessand eventual migration to FacilitiesManagement. The ACAI Team focuses onthe Life Cycle of the BIM model in order tobring maximum client value. Critical to thisprocess is an experienced staff. Ourexperienced staff members are all trained inthe latest software and hold bachelor'sdegrees or licenses in the design andconstruction industry.

    Cartaya & Associates Architects P.A. usesonly the latest in equipment and digitaltechnology.

    Our firm creates our 2-D & 3-D drawings andplans in Autocad 2015 or BIM. They are thelatest and highest rated software of its kind.Autocad is the preferred drafting platformamongst Professional Architects andEngineers globally. This standardization willensure maximum collaboration andefficiency between all the members of ourteam. Our office works on a highly organizedinternally developed set of draftingstandards, modeled after the National CADStandards. This will ensure our drawings andplans will be highly accurate and easy toreview. We pride ourselves in ourarchitectural accuracy and efficiency. We arealso proud of the quality and training of ourassociates as well.

    We have our own in-house BuildingInformation Modeling (BIM) departmentwhich is standardized on the Revit 2015platform. Our associates are certified inREVIT, the industry standard for BIM. Theuse of BIM is essential for conflict resolution,especially when it comes to clash detection.It allows for greater coordination betweenArchitect, Sub-Consultants, GeneralContractors and Sub-Contractors.

    Our entire office with state of the art dualmonitor 64 Bit Quad-Core CAD Workstationsinstalled with the Intel Chipset ProcessorCore I7 in order to keep up with the newestsoftware capabilities as well as their dynamicworkflow.

    We produce our drawings and renderings inhouse using our Kip 3000 Wide FormatPrinter/Scanner, our HP DesignJet z3100photo quality wide format color printer, ourKonica Minolta C451 Large Format ColorPrinter/Scanner and our HP5100Black/White Laser Printer.

    Among some of our recent projects that weutilized BIM, are:

    Broward County Family/Civil Courthouse Judicial Parking Garage at the BrowardCounty Family/Civil Courthouse FLL Terminal 2 In Line Baggage FLL Terminal 2 Lobby Renovation Pompano Beach Community Parks North Regional WWTP Electrical Building

    Covenant Engineering, Inc. owns licensesfor the most current Autodesk BuildingDesign Suite which includes Autocad andRevit. We are beginning to use Revit in ourprojects.

    Historically SRSs CAD capabilities havebeen a traditional 2D vector based platform,focused on production levelhigh quality construction documents. OurAutoCAD 2012 design and documentationsoftware allows the use of3D design tools, however our Firmexperience has predominantly been with 2Ddocumentation. Our AutoCADcapabilities are enhanced by the use ofPhotoshop, InDesign and SketchUp asrendering tools.In 2012, the entire SRS office was trained inREVIT and now have the knowledge andexperience to developspecific projects utilizing intelligent 3D virtualrepresentation in BIM (Building InformationModeling). Led byPrincipals, SRS can produce intelligentdocuments that provide practical and costeffective advantages:higher design quality, faster documentationprocess, minimal mistake potential, earlycollision detection,higher team efficiency, higher teamcollaboration, higher visualization quality andhigher presentations materials.The Firm has utilized Levels 0-3 BIMmaturity for several municipal and privateclient projects to date and hasthe capability to provide 6D Assest LifecycleManagement. Since this is fairly newtechnology and not largelyimplemented throughout the industry, BIM isused at the request of the client and afterfirst assessing their needs.

    WZA is fully capable of preparingconstruction documents using AutodeskRevit 2017 / 2018 BIM platform. Weroutinely prepare project models andrenderings for client and presentations.

  • 5. Workload of the Firm:

    For the prime Vendor only, list all completed and

    active projects that Vendor has managed within the

    past five years. In addition, list all projected projects

    that Vendor will be working on in the near future.

    Projected projects will be defined as a project(s) that

    Vendor is awarded a contract but the Notice to

    Proceed has not been issued. Identify any projects

    that Vendor worked on concurrently. Describe

    Vendors approach in managing these projects. Were

    there or will there be any challenges for any of the

    listed projects? If so, describe how Vendor dealt or

    will deal with the projects challenges.

    Points Value: 5

    ACAI has many years of experiencemanaging multiple projects concurrently, andhas successfully managed ContinuingServices as well as Single ServiceContracts. These have included projects forvarious agencies, including Broward Health,Broward County Schools, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and NovaSoutheastern University.

    Our approach to each project is to examinethe Clients goals, budget and projectedschedule at Project Start-up in order toascertain how to best fulfill theserequirements. Once the project is underway,ACAIs Project Coordinator will reviewprogress on a weekly basis and ensures thateach project is receiving the quality service itdeserves. In order to ensure that all currentproject assignments are delivered on time,ACAI prepares a detailed schedule so thatall team members and Clients are fullyapprised of progress and decisionrequirements. All design decisions,regulatory agency reviews, approvals anddocument preparation milestones arescheduled so that design and constructionactivities can proceed uninterrupted in alogical sequence. The schedule for eachproject is regularly updated to stay currentwith project objectives. ACAI believes thatproactive management is critical to eachproject's successful completion.

    Each of our Project Managers participates ina weekly Managers meeting at which timeeach projects status and requirements arediscussed. In addition, ACAI has an in-housepermit expeditor and a project scheduler whoare actively involved in the projects and whoare very familiar with all codes, regulationsand requirements.

    We expect no challenges for the duration ofthe contract nor do we expect any conflictswith the team members participatory roles atthis time.

    SEE ATTACHED list of Projects.

    Cartaya has provided a list of completed,active and projected projects below. Many ofour projects overlap and are worked onconcurrently. The Cartaya Team has theexperience, ability and necessary resourcesto successfully manage several projects atone time. Every project includes a ProjectArchitect, Project Designer, ProjectManager, CADD Operators and ConstructionAdministrator as needed; all of whom reportto the Principal-in-Charge.Our team isreadily available to perform the tasksnecessary for this project. Several of theactive projects listed are nearing completionand will be finished within the next six (6)months. This will allow staff to roll right intoyour projects.

    Please find list of completed, active andprojected projects in the attachedsupplement


    For each of the past seven years CovenantEngineering, Inc. has worked on more than100 projects. We are versatile andresponsive. Together with partners which willbe selected on an as-needed basis, we willprovide similar services to Broward County.Upon your request a detailed list of past andprojected projects can be provided.

    Workload of Firm was provided in Responseto RFQ. Attached

    Most of the major project we are working onare near final completion or have recentlybeen completed. We have smallermiscellaneous services contracts whichprovide constant source or work from variousmunicipalities. We have the staff ready,available, and capable to provide thenecessary services for this project.


    City of Deerfield Beach. Beach Pavilion new 8,000 sf Pavilion Bldg. Restrooms,Banquet FacilityStatus: On-Hold

    - City of Deerfield Beach. Senior ServicesCenter new 25000 sf Bldg. / Programming/ Schematic Design, Cost Estimate,Rendering. Pending Completion 8/2017

    - City of Delray Beach. Parks and RecreationMasterplan - Pending Completion 7/2017

    - City of Fort Lauderdale MiscellaneousServices 2014 contract. City Hall 7th FloorRenovationsPending: Permitting - Completion 8-2017

    - City of Pompano Beach Kester ParkRenovationsPending: Permitting, ConstructionAdministration - Completion 2018

    - City of Sunrise Miscellaneous Services2015 contractCivic Center 25,000 sf Addition. Gymnasium,Fitness Room, Admin. OfficesPending: Bidding and ConstructionAdministration Completion 2018.

    - City of Sunrise Miscellaneous Services2015 contract. Flamingo Park 5,000 sf NewCommunity Center. Covered Basket Ballcourts, splash padPending: Construction Administration Completion 2018.

    - Broward County Parks and Recreation -2010 contract - Several projects inpermitting, bidding, and construction

    6. Location:

    Refer to Vendors Business Location Attestation

    Form and submit as instructed. A Vendor with a

    principal place of business location (also known as

    the nerve center) within Broward County for the last

    six months, prior to the solicitation submittal, will

    receive five points; a Vendor not meeting all of the

    local business requirements will receive zero points.

    The following applies for a Vendor responding as a

    Joint Venture (JV): if a member of the JV has 51% or

    more of the equity and meets all of the local business

    requirements, the JV will receive three points; if a

    member of the JV has 30 to 50% of the equity and

    ACAI has been located in Broward Countyfor over 32 years since our inception.

    Our office is located at:2937 W Cypress Creek RoadFort Lauderdale, FL 33309

    See Vendor's Business Location AttestationForm

    The Vendor's Business Location Attestationform has been submitted as instructed.

    Covenant Engineering, Inc. has beenoperating in Broward County since 2005--from 2005 to 2014 in Pembroke Park andsince 2014 in Davie.

    Location of Firm was provided in Responseto RFQ. Attached

    1500 W. Cypress Creek Rd, Suite 105,Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

  • 7. Willingness to Meet Time and Budget


    This solicitation is for the award of a continuing

    contract. The specific projects requiring professional

    services under the agreement have not yet been

    identified. However, in general, explain your firms

    approach in meeting project specific time and

    budget requirements and indicate whether Vendor is

    committed to meet these requirements when

    identified under this agreement.

    Points Value: 2

    Being able to develop projects on time andwithin budget is treated with the utmostimportance at ACAI. Our team are membersof the same community in which we areworking, so the successful outcome of aproject is that much more important.

    With regard to budget, ACAI will check theprobable cost of the project before eachphase submittal to check that the projectcosts are staying in line. If we see an issue,we correspond with the County appropriatelyto investigate alternative solutions.

    With regard to schedule, our collaborativeinter-office culture at ACAI allows us to benimble, and have the ability to pull additionalstaff into a project to meet critical deadlineswhen needed.

    Location and Distance from the Project SiteAt ACAI, all of our Project Managers andTeam Members are residents of BrowardCounty. Our office is centrally located in FortLauderdale, allowing for equal access toLauderhill and all parts of the County. Westrive to assign teams to projects based ontheir relative location to that project. Thisallows team members to go directly to theproject site when needed, thus reducingtransportation time and allowing moreflexibility. Also, those team members aremore familiar with the neighborhood andhave a vested interest to have a successfulproject. We intend to use the same approachfor all of our work with Broward County.

    Buy America ExperienceACAI and extensive experience with the BuyAmerica program with both Broward Countyand the Department of Transportation. Weare firmly committed to maximizing theeconomic benefits of the historicinfrastructure investments through BuyAmerica provisions that keep Americancompanies healthy and families working. Wesupport the Buy America provisions ensurethat transportation infrastructure projects arebuilt with American-made products andsupport an entire supply chain of Americancompanies and their employees.

    The Cartaya Team is committed to meetingeach projects completion date requirementsand to keeping project total costs below theproject budget. Maintaining projectschedules and budgets is a primary focus ofour team. As a result of our extensiveexperience, our team has developed projectmanagement processes and procedures thathave been successfully utilized to plan,organize, execute and oversee all of ourprojects and include value engineering/value management. Our team continuouslydiscusses expectations, requirements, goals,budgets and schedules with the client. Weprepare a consensus document as ablueprint for progress development andcooperation. We also establish lines ofcommand, cost control guidelines (includingscope creep), quality management andschedule recovery procedures. This providesa Project Goal Statement, Project Scheduleand Project Budget Document. Beginning aproject this way ensures a smoothprogression from phase to phase. Keepingvalue engineering in mind can help producea better end result while also saving money.

    Our team will evaluate the cost of the projectincluding adjusted inflation, permitting andunidentified scope contingencies. This costreview may indicate that we are in budget orthat some methods of cost recovery may berequired. The Owner and Architect will agreeon the remedial course of action andproceed into the Construction Documentsincorporating revisions as required by thecost review. We will establish a Project CostTracking baseline including an itemizedschedule of values, critical path schedule(identifying float time) using a Primavera (orequal) format.

    Our team will also establish a rapid responseprogram communication system to ensurethat all issues are dealt with quickly, as theyoccur, and not postponed until the end of theproject. Additionally, it is important to have aCritical Path schedule which delineates thecritical path items and milestones whileidentifying float time. Schedule recoverywithin the critical path requires thecommitment of the entire design team to beaccomplished.

    Covenant Engineering, Inc. works with manyclients who have limited budgets and manytime constraints that ensure the viability oftheir projects. We will evaluate eachopportunity presented by Broward County todetermine how we can maintain the viabilityof those projects.

    SYNALOVSKI ROMANIK SAYE, LLC (SRS)is committed to meet project specific timeand budget requirements under thisagreement (RFP #R1423107P1 Architectural Consultant Services,Continuing Term).Aggressive control of schedules and budgetshas been one of the key factors in our Firmsgrowth and success. Especially in the caseof municipal projects with a budget below$500,000, the project budget simply cannotbe exceeded. Similarly, the project schedulemust be coordinated with the Countysschedule, to ensure that we allow for all thedynamics that affect the County. Wemaintain strict controls and enforce theteams awareness of the need to stay withinbudget and schedule throughout the entiredesign and construction process. We willalso provide assistance to Broward Countyin validating a budget that is reasonable andattainable.Further, our current workload allows us todedicate our best resources to you, and wewill not commit to any further projects thatmay interfere with the success of yourprojects. Given the resources of SRS andthat of our Consultants, we do not see asituation where staffing will be a problem.We suggest that the requirements for staffutilization & availability be an ongoingsubmission requirement of this Contract tomake sure that all of your expectations aremet. At the start of the project we typicallyconduct a value determination meeting, atwhich the County Team,and our Designers jointly set forth therequirements and expectations for eachelement of the project. The goal is toestablish a common understanding of projectquality, budget and schedule at the verybeginning, before we begin design. Then, asthe project proceeds, the following principlesguide the Team to be sure that the Countysgoals are met when the project opens andfor many years to come. Together with thebudget, aggressive management of theproject schedule is essentialnot only sothat current and future users may beaccommodated, but also so that incrementalcosts associated with delays can beminimized. Initial meetings will present thenormal

    WZA is committed to meeting the County'sproject specific time and budgetrequirements.

    WZA develops a schedule and a budgetduring the early project phases - usuallyduring the programming / schematic designphase. The schedule and budget arereviewed and updated as the projectprogresses. WZA notifies the client if theproject is estimated to exceed the budget oris the schedule is extended due tounforeseen conditions and assists the clientin adjusting the project scope, budget or timeto effectively manage the project.

  • 8. Volume of Previous Work:

    Refer to Volume of Previous Work Attestation Form

    and the Volume of Previous Work Attestation Joint

    Venture Form and submit as instructed.

    Points Value: 3

    The calculation for Volume of Previous Work is all

    amounts paid to the prime Vendor by Broward County

    Board of County Commissioners at the time of the

    solicitation opening date within a five-year timeframe.

    The calculation of Volume of Previous Work for a

    prime Vendor previously awarded a contract as a

    member of a Joint Venture firm is based on the actual

    equity ownership of the Joint Venture firm. Three

    points will be allocated to Vendors paid $0 -

    See Previous Work Attestation Form The Volume of Previous of Work AttestationForm and the Volume of Previous WorkAttestation Joint Venture Form have beensubmitted as instructed.

    Covenant Engineering, Inc. has not everperformed any work for Broward County asprime vendor.

    County Judicial Suites - 1/15/08 - $61,000African -American Research Library - 3/7/10- $25,500Hispanic Cultural Center - 3/10/10 - $ 84,000Steven Booher Building Imp. - 7/15/10 -$16,600Air Monitoring Station - 8/8/12 - $ 22,600

    Form Attached

    See Attached form

    Total Points 100

  • Vendor Questionnaire Vendor Response

    ACAI Associates, Inc. Cartaya and Associates Architects, P.A. Covenant Engineering, Inc. Synalovski Romanik Saye, LLC Walters Zackria Associates, PLLC

    1. Legal business name: ACAI Associates, Inc. Cartaya and Associates Architects, P.A. Covenant Engineering, Inc. Synalovski Romanik Saye, LLC Walters Zackria Associates, PLLC

    2. Federal Employer I.D. no. (FEIN): 65-0020223 59-2329682 51-0536290 270441433 20-2365592

    3. Dun and Bradstreet No.: Not provided 878423979 Not provided962303488 16-322-7465

    4. Doing Business As/Fictitious name (if applicable) N/A N/A N/A N/A Walters Zackria Architects

    5. Website address (if applicable):

    2937 West Cypress Creek Road 2400 E. Commercial Boulevard 4149 SW 47th Avenue 1800 Eller Drive 1500 West Cypress Creek Road

    Suite 200 Suite 201 Suite 3C Suite 500 Suite 105

    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 Davie, FL 33314 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

    2937 West Cypress Creek Road 2400 E. Commercial Boulevard 4149 SW 47th Avenue 1800 Eller Drive 1500 West Cypress Creek Road

    Suite 200 Suite 201 Suite 3C Suite 500 Suite 105

    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 Davie, FL 33314 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

    8. Telephone no.: 954-484-4000 954-771-2724 954-894-9112 954-961-6806 954-522-4123

    Fax No.: 954-484-5588 N/A 954-894-9291 954-961-6807 954-522-4128

    9. Type of business: Corporation Corporation Corporation Corporation Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)

    State of Incorporation: Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida

    10. List Florida Department of State, Division of

    Corporations document number:H39075 G63130 P05000000187 L09000062006


    Adolfo J. Cotilla, Jr. - President Mario M. Cartaya - CEO/President Ed Kranz - PresidentManuel Synalovski, AIA, LEED AP - Managing Principal Abbas Zackria - President

    Juan Justiniano - Vice President Merrill Romanik, AIA, LEED AP - Principal A. Mark Scala - Engineering Director

    Jose Saye, NCARB - Principal

    Name: Adolfo J. Cotilla, Jr. Name: Mario M. Cartaya Name: Ed Kranz Name: Manuel Synalovski Name: Abbas Zackria

    Title: President Title: President Title: President Title: Managing Principal Title: President

    Tel: 954-484-4000 Tel: 954-771-2724 x1 Tel: 954-894-9112 Tel: 954-961-6806 Tel: 954-522-4123

    Fax: 954-484-5588 Fax: N/A Fax: 954-894-9291 Fax: 954-961-6807 Fax: 954-522-4128

    Email: Email: Email: Email: Email:

    Name: Jennifer Shields Name: Deborah Martin Name: Merrill Romanik

    Title: Director of Operations Title: Marketing Manager Title: Principal

    Tel: 954-484-4000 Tel: 954-771-2724 x2 Tel: 954-961-6806

    Fax: 954-484-5588 Fax: N/A Fax: 954-961-6807

    Email: Email: Email:

    13. Has your firm ever failed to complete any

    services and/or delivery of products during the last

    three (3) years? If yes, specify details in an attached

    written response.

    No No No No No

    14. Is your firm or any of its principals or officers

    currently principals or officers of another

    organization? If yes, specify details in an attached

    written response.

    No No No No Yes

    15. Have any voluntary or involuntary bankruptcy

    petitions been filed by or against your firm, its parent

    or subsidiaries or predecessor organizations during

    the last three years? If yes, specify details in an

    attached written response.

    No No No No No

    16. Has your firm, its principals, officers or

    predecessor organization(s) been debarred or

    suspended by any government entity within the last

    three years? If yes, specify details in an attached

    written response.

    No No No No No

    11. List name and title of each principal, owner,

    officer, and major shareholder:

    12. Authorized Contact(s) for your firm:

    7. Office location responsible for this project:

    6. Principal place of business address:

  • Vendor Questionnaire Vendor Response

    ACAI Associates, Inc. Cartaya and Associates Architects, P.A. Covenant Engineering, Inc. Synalovski Romanik Saye, LLC Walters Zackria Associates, PLLC

    17. Has your firms surety ever intervened to assist in

    the completion of a contract or have Performance

    and/or Payment Bond claims been made to your firm

    or its predecessors sureties during the last three

    years? If yes, specify details in an attached written

    response, including contact information for owner

    and surety.

    No No No No No

    18. Has your firm ever failed to complete any work

    awarded to you, services and/or delivery of products

    during the last three (3) years? If yes, specify details

    in an attached written response.

    No No No No No

    19. Has your firm ever been terminated from a

    contract within the last three years? If yes, specify

    details in an attached written response.

    No No No No No

    20. Living Wage solicitations only: In determining

    what, if any, fiscal impacts(s) are a result of the

    Ordinance for this solicitation, provide the following

    for informational purposes only. Response is not

    considered in determining the award of this contract.

    Living Wage had an effect on the pricing.

    N/A N/A No N/A N/A


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