Architectural and Engineering Services for Works of a ... in the field of architectural design, ... experience as a Professional Engineer. He ... Architectural and Engineering Services for Works of a Specified

Download Architectural and Engineering Services for Works of a ...  in the field of architectural design, ... experience as a Professional Engineer. He ... Architectural and Engineering Services for Works of a Specified

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<ul><li><p>RFP Number and Title R2111778P1 - Architectural and Engineering Services for Works of a Specified Nature</p><p>Vendor Name *Required ACAI Associates, Inc. Cartaya and Associates Architects, PA Covenant Engineering, Inc. SYNALOVSKI ROMANIK SAYE, LLC Walters Zackria Associates PLLC</p><p>Vendor Address *Required 2937 W Cypress Creek Road, Suite 200,</p><p>Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309</p><p>2400 E. Commercial Boulevard, Suite</p><p>201Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308</p><p>4149 SW 47th Ave., Suite 3CDavie, FL</p><p>33314</p><p>1800 Eller Drive, Suite 500Fort</p><p>Lauderdale, FL 33316</p><p>1500 West Cypress Creek Road, Suite</p><p>105, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309</p><p>Evaluation Criteria Vendor Response</p><p>1.Ability of Professional Personnel: (Maximum 43</p><p>Points)</p><p>1a. Describe the qualifications and relevant</p><p>experience of the Principal and/or Lead Project</p><p>Manager to be assigned to this project. Include</p><p>resumes.</p><p>Points Value: 8</p><p>Adolfo J. Cotilla, Jr., AIAPresident, Florida Registered ArchitectLicense #8011Adolfo Cotilla has over 36 years of diverseexperience in the field of Architecture. He isa Florida Registered Architect and has beenconsulting, designing and delivering projectssince 1979. As Principal-in-Charge, Mr.Cotilla oversees the management of allassignments for which he is responsible andmaintains direct contact with Clientsthroughout the project duration. Hisresponsibilities include overseeing theproject team, reviewing financial projectgoals, meeting with the Project Managers &amp;project teams, reviewing the schedule andmaintaining relationships with the clientcontacts as well as with the Developer'sProject Manager and construction team.</p><p>Don Wilkin, RASenior Architect, Registered Florida Architect(0011619)Donald Wilkin has over 35 years of diverseexperience in the field of architecturaldesign, including educational, commercial,medical, recreational, office and industrialfacilities. Mr. Wilkin has been responsible forvarious management and technical duties forall architectural projects, including planning,working drawing production and design.</p><p>Galen Von Gleich, RAFlorida Registered Architect (97234)Mr. Von Gleich has over 15 years of diverseexperience in the field of architecturaldesign, including governmental, educational,commercial, medical, office and residentialfacilities. Mr. Von Gleich has beenresponsible for various management andtechnical duties for many architecturalprojects, including planning, working drawingproduction and design. He provides qualityservices by focusing on developing projectsthat are functional, code compliant and thatare completed on time and within budget. Heconducts weekly staff meetings to setproduction goals on a task-by-task basis. Healso reviews the design budget on a bi-weekly basis to verify that the progress isconsistent with the schedule and milestones.</p><p>Mario Cartaya (Principal-in-Charge) is thefounder and the principal owner of Cartayaand Associates Architects, P.A. He has builtone of the areas most stable and successfularchitectural firms with work regularlyfeatured in magazines and newspaperarticles. Mario has been the principalarchitect on all of Cartayas projects and hasreceived numerous national and localawards including five (5) Broward CountyProclamations. His commitment toexcellence and his ability to coordinate theneeds of our clients, in cooperation with therequirements of public and privatestakeholders has enabled his team toaccomplish a proven track record of over500 successful projects.</p><p>Juan Justiniano (Project Manager/SeniorArchitect)has been with Cartaya andAssociates Architects since 1999 and hasbeen practicing Architecture and Planning forover 20 years. Juan has extensiveexperience with Broward County and thusbrings significant experience to our team. Hismanagerial experience with planning publicentities and participation in the developmentof master and comprehensive plans alsobring critical expertise to this project.</p><p>Please find resumes in attached supplement:</p><p>EvaluationCriteriaResponseForm.SupplementalInformation.R2111778P1.AEServicesWorkofSpecifiedNature.1.AbilityofProfessionalPersonnel.1a.Resumes.pdf</p><p>Edward Kranz, PE has more than 20 yearsexperience as a Professional Engineer. Heis licensed by separate examinations in thefollowing engineering disciplines: electrical,mechanical, fire protection, and architectural.</p><p>SRS is a multi-disciplinary Architecture andInterior Design Firm providing professionalservices in the State of Florida since 1988.For the past twenty-eight (28) years, SRShas served thirty-two (32) municipalitiesthroughout the State. Since, 2006, SRS hasalso had a branch office in Bradenton,Florida.SRSs expertise in designing costeffective solutions without sacrificing designexcellence is a legacy we share with all ourMunicipal Clients. Our success in deliveringprofessional services during the past 28years, as well as our familiarity with thecountys design standards, provides us witha clear understanding and vision of what it isnecessary to achieve your stated goals. OurSRS Fort Lauderdale Team includes twenty(20) design professionals. Our staff includesfive (5) Registered Architects, two (2)Licensed Interior Designers, four (4) LEEDAccredited Professionals (AP), six (6)Graduate Architects and three (3)Administrative Staff and one (1) ArchitecturalIntern. As a Firm, our Senior Staff has beenworking together for the past twenty-five (25)years. As a Team, together with ourConsultants, we have been responsible forover two hundred and sixty (260) exceptionalMunicipal Projects.</p><p>Please see attached resumes and projectexperience for WZA principal and projectmanagers.</p></li><li><p>1b. Additional instructions: Describe the qualifications</p><p>and relevant experience of other key staff of the prime</p><p>and subconsultants to be assigned to this project.</p><p>Include resumes.</p><p>Points Value: 17</p><p>Mr. Paul Pannier (ACAI) has over 28 yearsof experience in the field of Architecture andInterior Design focused on overall teamleadership through design and constructionfor a wide range of projects. He hasmanaged programming, planning, design,construction document and administrationservices for private and public clients inFlorida.</p><p>Mr. Jurado (Premiere Design Solutions PDS), is a Professional Engineer registeredin Florida with over 13 years of experience indesign, project and contract management forCivil, Aviation, Transit, and Water &amp; SewerUtilities. Mr. Jurado has a proven trackrecord for providing Quality Control andQuality Assurance for surveying andengineering projects as well as overseeingpermitting in almost every municipality inBroward.</p><p>Mr. Eckardt (PDS) is a ProfessionalEngineer registered in the State of Floridawith over 14 years of experience in CivilEngineering, Land Development and UtilityDesign. Mr. Eckardt is responsible foroverseeing engineering plans production andquality control. Mr. Eckardts experience inthe public sector includes design for new andexisting infrastructure utilities.</p><p>Mr. Sri Sritharan (S &amp; F Engineers) has beeninvolved in Structural Engineering Design,Construction Administration of buildings andProject Management for over 25 years. Hehas experience in nearly all types of buildingmaterials and structural framing systemsused in construction. He has completed overtwo thousand projects of small additions tolarge facilities costing over $150 million.</p><p>Cartaya has put together a solid team oflocal professional firms who have extensiveexperience in Broward County. The CartayaTeams key players are Broward Countybased, well known as proven designprofessionals and offer a superb blend oflocal knowledge and project experience forthis type of project. Cartaya will serve as theprime consultant and be the single point ofcontact for contract administration andarchitectural design throughout theassignment. Our team includes Louis Bergerfor Structural and MEP Engineering; Keithand Associates for Civil Engineering,Landscape Architecture, Surveying andSUE; Miller Legg for EvironmentalEngineering and Traffic Engineering; TierraSouth for Geotechnical Engineering; Ross &amp;Baruzzini for Telecommunications and DataEngineering; and CMS - ConstructionManagement Services for Cost Estimatingand Value Engineering. This team knowshow to plan, design and execute successfulprojects for Broward County.</p><p>Please find resumes in attached supplement:</p><p>EvaluationCriteriaResponseForm.SupplementalInformation.R2111778P1.AEServicesWorkofSpecifiedNature.1.AbilityofProfessionalPersonnel.1b.AdditonalInstructions.Resumes.pdf</p><p>Mohammad Chaiatri has an associatesdegree in engineering and is working towarda Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering. Hehas been a lead designer with CovenantEngineering, Inc. for the past four years.</p><p>Morad Mehdiyoun has a Master's Degree inMechanical Engineering and is workingtoward a Doctorate in Civil Engineering atFAU. He has been a lead designer atCovenant Engineering, Inc. for two years.</p><p>Jessica Salas has a Bachelor's Degree withemphasis on graphic design.</p><p>In 2016, this Team was awarded aContinuing Contract with the County forsimilar Architectural Services (R1423107P1).The SRS Team clearly understands therequired Scope of Work defined in the RFQand has experience with allfacilities mentioned as well as with BrowardCounty and sustainable urban designguidelines.</p><p>Please see attached resume and projectexperience for subconsultants.</p></li><li><p>1c. Additional instructions: Provide an organization</p><p>chart for members of the proposed project team.</p><p>Include the Lead Project Manager for each team to be</p><p>assigned to the Project Team.</p><p>Points Value: 8</p><p>SEE ATTACHED Organizational Chart Please find Organizational Chart in attachedsupplement:</p><p>EvaluationCriteriaResponseForm.SupplementalInformation.R2111778P1.AEServicesWorkofSpecifiedNature.1.AbilityofProfessionalPersonnel.1c.AdditonalInstructions.OrganizationalChart.pdf</p><p>Edward Kranz, PE will be lead designprofessional with technical design support byMohammad and Morad with administrativesupport by Jessica Salas.</p><p>Manuel Synalovski, AIA, LEED AP SRSProject PrincipalMerrill Romanik, AIA, LEED AP SRSProject Manager/ Interior DesignChris Bray SRS Project ArchitectMarcela Oviedo, LEED AP SRSProductionPedro LaSalde - SRS ProductionAlejandra Molina-Jackson, AIA, LEED AP SRS Production/ Interior Design</p><p>SubconsultantsGIS Mapping C. Andre Rayman, PSM &amp;Kender Louisius Engenuity Group, IncSurveyors Kevin Beck, PSM &amp; JenniferMalin, PSM Engenuity Group, Inc.Structural Engineer Saad El-Hage, PE Saad El-Hage Consulting Engineers, Inc.MEP Engineers George San Juan, PE,LEED AP; Steven Bender, PE, LEED AP;Alfred Esquivel, PE; Norelkis Roman DeltaG Consulting Engineers, Inc.Landscape Architects Tammy Cook-Weedon, ASLA, RLA, LEED AP; MichaelConner, RLA, ASLA; Gianno Feoli; MarcosMendoza Calvin Giordano &amp; Associates,Inc.</p><p>Chart Attached.</p><p>PRIME PROJECT ARCHITECT:Walters Zackria Associates, PLLC.PRINCIPAL IN CHARGE: Abbas H. Zackria,CSI CDT LEED AP.</p><p>ENGINEERING: Structural and CivilWALTERS ZACKRIA ASSOCIATES, PLLCMark Scala, P.E.Rubel Siddique, P.E.</p><p>Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing &amp; FireProtection (CBE):DELTA G. CONSULTINGGeorge San Juan., PEStephen Bender, P.E.Craig BozemanJorge BahamondeRicardo Torres</p><p>Civil (CBE):ABACO ENGINEERING, INC.Azita Behmardi, P.E.Clece Aurelus, P.E.Shoban Smart</p><p>SPECIAL CONSULTANTS:Geotechnical: NUTTING ENGINEERS OFFLORIDA, INC.Richard C. Wohlfarth, P.E.Scott Ersland</p><p>Landscape: DAVID BODKER LANDSCAPEARCHITECTURE/PLANNING, INC.David Bodker</p><p>Surveying and Mapping: AWN DESIGN &amp;CONSULTING GROUP, INC.Steve Watts</p></li><li><p>1d. Additional instructions: Provide evidence of</p><p>knowledge and experience with the Florida Building</p><p>Code and all other local municipal and jurisdictional</p><p>agencies. For example: South Florida Water</p><p>Management District, Broward County EPGMD, City</p><p>of Fort Lauderdale and other relevant permitting</p><p>agencies.</p><p>Points Value: 10</p><p>All of our projects involve extensiveknowledge of the Florida Building Code andLocal Municipal and Jurisdictional Agencyexperience. For over 32 years ACAI hasbeen dealing with all agency branches forthe South Florida Water ManagementDistrict, Broward County, the City of FortLauderdale, the Florida Department ofTransportation and numerous municipalitiesthroughout Broward.</p><p>Cartaya and Associates Architects, P.A. has38 years of experience working with theFlorida Building Code having completedhundreds of public/municipal projects inBroward County for dozens of cities. Projectsinclude city halls, performing arts centers,municipal libraries, higher education and K-12 facilities, parking structures, parks,transportation hubs, warehouses, firestations, water treatment facilities, hotels,commercial buildings, and privateresidences. This experience has given us athorough knowledge of applicable codes andregulations, such as:</p><p> Florida Building Code NFPA Life Safety Code National Electric Code (NEC) Americans with Disabilities Act Regulations(ADA) State Requirements for EducationalFacilities South Florida Water Management District Broward County Environmental Resource Broward County Surface WaterManagement Energy Efficiency Code for BuildingConstruction Florida Fire Prevention Code Florida State Accessibility Code Florida Department of Health Regulations</p><p>Covenant Engineering, Inc. has beensuccessful in preparing plans for buildingalteration and construction for more than 20years (prior entities include d/b/a CovenantEngineering). We have worked with mostbuilding departments and manyenvironmental agencies in Miami-Dade,Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. Wehave prepared plans for projects in otherparts of Florida and other states as well.</p><p>SRS has been providing architecturalservices to the Broward County Communitysince 1988. Since then, we havedesigned solutions utilizing the applicableBroward Edition of the South Florida BuildingCode and the FloridaBuilding Code. Our comprehensiveprofessional services for remodeling,renovation and new construction projectshave focused primarily on improvements,expansions and replacements to existingfacilities. Therefore ourknowledge and experience with local codesand with their regulators has beenextraordinary. Further, this experienceand knowledge was developed mostly withphased replacement projects that includedtemporary facilities.All of our phased replacement projects safelymaintained daily operations.As part of our services for projects inBroward County, we have shepherdedproject entitlements inclusive of landuse amendments, platting, rezoning, siteplan approvals and permitting with thevarious local Drainage Districtsthroughout the County. We have alsopermitted work with the South Florida WaterManagement District and theArmy Corp of Engineers. We also haveexcellent knowledge and experience workingwith FDOT and the multitudeof Broward County regulatory agencies thatregulate development.After Hurricane Wilma and previously afterHurricane Andrew, our firm worked withFEMA regulators on variousremediation, repair and reconstructionprojects in South Florida. Specifically,between 2000-2009, our ManagingPrincipal, Manuel Synalovski, AIA, LEED APserved as the architect representative on theBr...</p></li></ul>