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<ul><li><p> Request for Qualifications ARCHITECTURAL AND ENGINEERING SERVICES TO DESIGN AND MANAGE THE CONSTRUCTION OF A CONGREGATE HOUSING STRUCTURE FOR FAMILIES TRAVELING TO KELOWNA GENERAL HOSPITAL FOR CARE </p></li><li><p>We are seeking partners with a heart of gold, who want to do something extraordinary, to change this community forever </p></li><li><p>JoeAnnas House ARCHITECTURAL AND ENGINEERING SERVICE RFQ </p><p>1 | P a g e </p><p> BACKGROUND JoeAnnas House will present an opportunity for the people of the Interior to demonstrate their compassion and their caring for one another regardless where they live. </p><p>The KGH Foundation along with our principal partners and community champions are planning a highly public campaign, schedule to launch in the fall of 2017 and continuing throughout the build culminating in an opening in the fall of 2019. This campaign lends itself to broad community contribution and allows our community to come together to demonstrate our caring and our generosity. </p><p>The KGH Foundation will ensure that partners in this project are represented as community pillars, committed to Kelowna and to those who call it home. </p><p>Everyone involved in this project will gain valuable public exposure and recognition of your support. </p><p>We are inviting expressions of interest for firms providing architectural and engineering services to meet the requirements of the project. The partnership will work with the Committee to design and build JoeAnnas House. The complete services may be within one firm or may consist of an architectural firm and an engineering sub-consultants who have a track record of successful collaboration. </p><p>Interested proponents are welcome to meet with the project principals prior to submitting a formal proposal. </p><p>The integrated team will include the projects Construction Manager (to be procured separately) who, in addition to providing CM services, will provide pre-construction cost and constructability guidance, as well as valuable market information, ways and means, and trade insights. </p></li><li><p>JoeAnnas House ARCHITECTURAL AND ENGINEERING SERVICE RFQ </p><p>2 | P a g e </p><p>This will be a highly visible community event. It is an expectation that all parties involved in the planning, design and construction of this critical facility will contribute toward its success through some form of giving. </p><p> PROJECT INFORMATION </p><p>JoeAnna's House will be created to have an atmosphere that will make families and children, feel welcomed, at ease and able to care for their loved ones while away from home. </p><p>The Home will contain as many bedrooms as the allowable footprint will accommodate but not sacrifice the feeling of a welcoming home. The current target maximum occupancy is 20 bedrooms. </p><p>The House will be staffed 24/7 with overnight staff able to sleep in a staff quarters located near the entry/registration. Access would be controlled by a key card system. </p><p>Guests may arrive at any time and may be required to attend a loved one in the Hospital at any time. </p><p>Volunteers will be an integral part of Joe-Annas House. Groups will be invited from the community to provide transportation, family support services, cook meals etc. It is anticipated that a meal program would provide for bulk meals to be frozen for later use. Large capacity freezer and refrigeration capacity will likely be required. Guests will be provided with sealable food containers for the fridge to keep their purchased food separately. </p><p>Experience with similar facilities has shown that communal living rooms are not highly utilised. A great room concept incorporating cooking dining and conversation areas into one space may provide greater function. </p><p>Each bedroom will accommodate 2 queen beds, a washroom and a television. </p><p>Guest laundry facilities will be available in addition to a facility laundry. </p></li><li><p>JoeAnnas House ARCHITECTURAL AND ENGINEERING SERVICE RFQ </p><p>3 | P a g e </p><p>There must be a public washroom facility, preferably on the main Floor. </p><p>Wifi will be available throughout the building. Connection to the staff printer will be available to guests. </p><p>The facility will likely be approximately 10,000 square feet in size, or 930 square meters, but providing a gross floor area that accommodates all of the required bedroom spaces as well as the required ancillary functions described. </p><p>Key Program Components: </p><p>20 BEDROOMS </p><p>CONVERSATION SPACE(S) </p><p>FRONT ENTRY / REGISTRATION </p><p>SHARED KITCHEN FACILITIES (2) </p><p>COMMON DINING SPACE (1) </p><p>MEDIA/ENTERTAINMENT/ GAMES FACILITY </p><p>COMMUNITY MEEETING ROOM </p><p>EXERCISE ROOM </p><p>FAMILY/CONSULTATION ROOM </p><p>MEDITATION/QUIET SPACE </p><p>WI FI ACCESS </p><p>COMPUTER/INTERNET KIOSK </p><p>GUEST LAUNDRY FACILITIES </p><p>STAFF OFFICE &amp; OVERNIGHT SPACE </p><p>FACILITY LAUNDRY AND INFRASTRUCTURE SPACE </p><p>STORAGE </p><p>ELEVATOR </p></li><li><p>JoeAnnas House ARCHITECTURAL AND ENGINEERING SERVICE RFQ </p><p>4 | P a g e </p><p>SITE INFORMATION </p><p>The property on which the facility will be built is leased from the Interior Health Authority on the Kelowna General Hospital campus and is approximately 23,000SF (2,137m2) in area. (Refer to Lot A on attached survey). </p><p>The current zoning is HD1 which will have to be changed to a zoning that will allow the maximum usage of the site for the facility. Proponents will work with the KGH Foundation Committee to develop a strategy and to apply for and receive the best zoning applicable. HD2 would likely allow a maximum site coverage of 55% providing congregate housing with a density of about 12,650SF based on preliminary calculations. P1 would likely allow a maximum site coverage of 75% (17,250SF). The Foundation is open to suggestions for 1, 2 or 3 level concepts for the project. </p><p>It is important to note that discussions regarding possible future expansion will be held during the course of design. </p><p>The site is adjacent to Okanagan Lake and a strategy to take advantage of the fact that it is close to the lake with a potential lake view would be viewed positively. </p><p>It is essential that the house have a residential appearance to blend into the nature of the neighbourhood and a smaller home-like feel inside. </p><p>Please see Proposed Lot information below. </p></li><li><p>JoeAnnas House ARCHITECTURAL AND ENGINEERING SERVICE RFQ </p><p>5 | P a g e </p><p>Proposed Lot </p><p> The proposed lot is located on the corner of Royal and Abbott Streets. </p></li><li><p>JoeAnnas House ARCHITECTURAL AND ENGINEERING SERVICE RFQ </p><p>6 | P a g e </p><p>Preliminary Timeline Information </p><p>Summer 2017: Begin planning phase </p><p>October 2017: Retain Architect and engineering team </p><p>Fall 2017: Launch fundraising campaign </p><p>Summer 2018: Begin construction </p><p>Fall 2019: Open JoeAnnas House Construction Budget </p><p>The tentative budget established for the project in total is approximately $3.7 million. Sustainability Objectives </p><p>The Project will aim to optimize sustainability performance within the specified program and budget. Request for Qualifications: Overview The purpose of this RFQ is to select three (3) qualified and experienced proponent architectural and engineering teams. These short-listed proponents will be asked to prepare a detailed proposal for architectural and engineering services supporting the integrated team in the design, tendering under a construction managed approach, construction and completion of the project. The successful firm will execute an AIBC Standard Form of Contract 6C for services with agreed Supplementary Conditions. Please also note that the Construction Management selection process will be carried out and concluded after the identification of the successful architectural firm, allowing for input into the selection of a construction manager. Credentials are requested from architectural firms with demonstrated expertise in: </p><p> leadership of and/or participation in project delivery teams; residential care facility planning and technical design; successful collaboration with public and private sector clients; cooperative delivery of value-for-money in comparable projects; close collaboration with constructors throughout the design and construction process; creative design performance within the constraints of program, budget and schedule; preparation of accurate, practical and well-coordinated construction documents; responsive and effective field services, communications and project administration, and sound knowledge of local context, resources, and market conditions. </p></li><li><p>JoeAnnas House ARCHITECTURAL AND ENGINEERING SERVICE RFQ </p><p>7 | P a g e </p><p>Approach The KGH Foundation has selected an integrated design approach in order to optimize this Projects outcomes. The following key concepts will form the core of our performance expectations for the team, and will therefore guide us in our final selection of appropriate team members, including architects: </p><p> Committed collaboration: In an integrated project, the owner, designer, consultants, constructor, trade contractors and suppliers must understand the value of collaboration and be committed to working as a team in the best interests of the Project. </p><p> Team Alignment and Incentives: We will seek participants who understand how an </p><p>integrated approach benefits them, and those who know how to add value early in the design process. </p><p> Innovation and Decision: The free exchange of ideas amongst all participants leads to </p><p>innovation. </p><p> Early involvement of key participants: The key participants will be involved from the earliest practical moment, allowing for more balanced and informed ideas and decisions. </p><p> Intensified planning: The integrated approach recognises that increased up-front effort </p><p>in planning results in increased efficiency and savings during execution. Therefore the aim of the integrated team is not to reduce design effort, but rather to improve the design results in order to streamline and shorten the construction effort. </p><p> Open communication: In order to support an integrated teams performance, </p><p>participants need to adopt open, direct and honest communication. Information Required Firms are asked to emphasize team and individual experience and expertise in carrying out the work envisaged, presented in an organized manner that adheres to the Evaluation Weighting outlined below. The statements of credentials must be concise and easily located within the document. The following information is required for the evaluation of credentials. It is requested that the submission be no longer than 20 pages in length. </p><p>a) Company Information: General company information (including location, size, overall areas of expertise, key </p><p>personnel, etc.). </p></li><li><p>JoeAnnas House ARCHITECTURAL AND ENGINEERING SERVICE RFQ </p><p>8 | P a g e </p><p> Information about the company's experience relevant to similar projects as JoeAnnas House and/or residential care projects of similar size, noting the level of firm involvement. </p><p> Provide name, address, email address and telephone number of client contacts for the projects listed. </p><p> If more than one company (i.e.: Engineering services) is involved in this submission, name the company that would be the prime consultant, and those that would be sub-consultant(s). Indicate the areas of expertise to be provided by each company. </p><p> b) Personnel Information: </p><p> Provide brief resumes for the key personnel who would be assigned to this Project, and highlight their experience relative to this Project. Submission Timetable Submissions will be received up to 12:00 noon local time on October 5, 2017. One printed copy of the complete submission, as well as a digital [pdf] copy will be required. Evaluation Weighing Submissions will be evaluated against the following criteria: </p><p> Experience of Firm(s) in similar projects, including residential care facility planning, technical design and construction administration. (30) </p><p> Key personnel qualifications and experience in similar projects. (30) Experience with sustainable design in similar projects. (10) Geographic location of the firm(s). (10) Experience with integrated projects as outlined in this RFQ. (20) </p><p> Care should be taken to ensure that sufficient specific information is provided so that an informed evaluation can be carried out in each of the areas where points are to be assigned. The reviewers will appreciate concise, focused responses. The Evaluation Team may, at its discretion, invite some or all of the Respondents to appear before the Evaluation Team to provide clarifications of their Submissions. In such event, the Evaluation Team will be entitled to consider the answers received in evaluating Submissions. Proponents Meeting </p><p>A meeting will be held on September 26, 2017, 8:00 10:00 AM at the Clinical Academic Campus Auditorium, Kelowna General Hospital to provide further insight into the project and to answer any additional questions. Please rsvp your intent to attend to Dawn Everest 250.862.4300 x4888 | </p><p></p></li><li><p>JoeAnnas House ARCHITECTURAL AND ENGINEERING SERVICE RFQ </p><p>9 | P a g e </p><p>Submission </p><p>Please deliver submissions labelled as follows: Request for Qualifications KGH Foundation JoeAnnas House Project, Architectural Services 2268 Pandosy Street, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 1T2 Attn: Dawn Everest Primary Contact </p><p>Requests for clarification may be made in only in writing by email to Mr. Doug Rankmore until noon on September 29, 2017. Responses to written inquiries will be available to all proponents unless they are considered to be commercially confidential. The primary contact for this RFQ is: Mr. Doug Rankmore, CEO KGH Foundation 2268 Pandosy Street Kelowna, BC, V1Y 1T2 T 250.862.4438 F 250.862.4377 </p><p>mailto:doug.rankmore@interiorhealth.ca</p></li><li><p>JoeAnnas House ARCHITECTURAL AND ENGINEERING SERVICE RFQ - Appendices </p><p>1 | A p p . P a g e </p><p>Home is where you find comfort, cared for and surrounded by those you love. Each year, thousands of families across BC are uprooted, forced to travel far from their homes for medical needs. JoeAnnas House will be that home away from home at KGH, keeping families together when they need each other most. </p><p>JoeAnnas House at KGH will be named in honour of the late Joe Sr. and Anna Huber, sharing their legacy of support to families in need. The vision behind JoeAnnas House is to create a welcoming and affordable home for patients and families traveling across BCs Interior region from Williams Lake to Cranbrook for care at Kelowna General Hospital. </p><p>Currently, the KGH Foundation and </p><p>its community partners are only able to respond to a small number of special requests from KGHs social workers, the staff in the Neonatal ICU at KGH and other referral sources. To address this need, we need to create a more sustainable solution. </p><p>JoeAnnas House will be a warm and friendly home away from home where families are welcomed, at ease and able to care for their loved ones during difficult times. </p><p>So many times I have comforted tearful new mothers, standing in the middle of the NICU, with no place to </p><p>go and no...</p></li></ul>


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