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  1. 1. Archetypes and Advertising
  2. 2. what are archetypes ?
  3. 3. human motivators human truths universal characters
  4. 4. archetypes are found in ... Advertising Stars Wars Greek Methodology The Bible Grimms Fairytale
  5. 5. the roots of archetyping plato jung pearson campbell
  6. 6. archetypes are known to reflect individual realities and struggles but the journey always has a common thread
  7. 7. backpacking through the Andes new job, new career in India example:
  8. 8. archetypes help connect and relate to human behavior
  9. 9. because everyone has the same archetypes within
  10. 10. its all dependent on what is active during at this point in your life
  11. 11. archetypes bring the greatest story to life
  12. 12. sage% explorer% innocent% being (pursuit of fulllment)
  13. 13. YODA Archetype: Sage Core Desire: Goal: Fear: Strategy: Gift: the discovery of truth wisdom and intelligence being duped seek out info & knowledge to use intelligence and analysis to understand the world Core Desire: the discovery of truth Goal: to use intelligence and analysis to understand the world Fear: being duped Strategy: seek out info and knowledge Strategy: seek out info and knowledge Gift: wisdom and intelligence
  14. 14. HAN SOLO archetype: explorer freedom experiencejourney! Core Desire: the freedom to nd out who you are through exploring the world Goal: to experience a better, more authentic, fullling life Fear: getting trapped, conrming inner emptiness Strategy: journey, seek out and experience new things Gift: autonomy, ambition, to be true
  15. 15. JAR JAR archetype: innocent optimist faithparadise! Core Desire: to experience paradise Goal: to be happy Fear: doing something wrong of bad Strategy: do things right Gift: faith and optimism
  16. 16. outlaw warrior magician becoming (to act and impact)
  17. 17. BOBA FET archetype: outlaw radical revolutiondisrupt! Core Desire: revenge or revolution Goal: to destroy what is not working for the outlaw or society Fear: being powerless, trivialized Strategy: disrupt, destroy or shock Gift: outrageous, radical freedom
  18. 18. LUKE SKYWALKER archetype: warrior courage worthcompetence! Core Desire: prove ones worth through courageous and difcult actions Goal: exert mastery in a way that improves the world Fear: weakness, vulnerability, wimping out Strategy: become as strong condent and powerful as you are capable of being Gift: competence and courage
  19. 19. SITH LORD archetype: magician universal winnerdreamer! Core Desire: knowledge of the fundamental laws of how the world universe works Goal: make dreams come true Fear: unanticipated negative consequences Strategy: develop vision and live it Gift: nding win-win outcomes
  20. 20. lover regular guy jester belonging (connect, interact, belong)
  21. 21. PRINCESS LEIA archetype: lover passion commitmentappreciation! Core Desire: attain intimacy and experience sensual pleasures Goal: being in a relationship with the people, the experience, the work with they love Fear: being alone, unwanted, unloved Strategy: to be more and more attractive in an way Gift: passion, appreciation, commitment
  22. 22. CHEWBACCA archetype: regular guy belong common touchrealism! Core Desire: connection with others Goal: to belong, to t in Fear: standing out, exiled, rejected Strategy: develop ordinary solid virtues, the common touch Gift: realism, empathy, lack of pretense
  23. 23. R2-D2 archetype: jester play enjoyment light! Core Desire: to live in the moment with full enjoyment Goal: to have a great time lighten up the world Fear: boredom, being bored Strategy: play, make jokes, be funny Gift: joy
  24. 24. caregiver ruler creator doing (to do, control)
  25. 25. OBI - WON archetype: caregiver protect compassion help! Core Desire: protect people from harm Goal: to help others Fear: selshness, ingratitude Strategy: do things for others Gift: compassion, generorsity
  26. 26. DARTH VADER archetype: ruler control leader responsible! Core Desire: control Goal: create a prosperous successful family, company or community Fear: chaos being overthown Strategy: exert leadership Gift: responsibility and leadership
  27. 27. George Lucas archetype: creator vision skill imagination! Core Desire: create something of enduring value Goal: give form to a vision Fear: having mediocre vision of execution Strategy: develop artistic control and skill Gift: creativity and imagination
  28. 28. no matter the interaction, all of these characters have something to say each other as they are all based off of human behavior lover regular guy jester outlaw warrior magician sage% explorer% innocent% caregiver ruler creator
  29. 29. within advertising we are coming from the consumers POV to make a connection
  30. 30. dene the audience dene the brand create one story
  31. 31. lets us use our agency as an example for stories after all we are lled with universal characters
  32. 32. dissonance youre to much, your tom- foolery is not cute I am trying to help you and you just ignore me, you are being selsh Jester Caregiver Lover
  33. 33. resonance LOL. laughter is a great way to connect with people :) a smile is a great way to show that I care Jester Caregiver Lover
  34. 34. its by understanding humans motivations and truths can brands authentically speak with consumers
  35. 35. and archetypes are a great tool to ground and springboard creative ideas