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Archaic Period. Architecture, Sculpture, and Vase-Painting. The Chronology. Archaic Period 700 - 480 BCE Orientalizing Phase 700 - 600 BCE 499 BCE Burning of Sardis 490 BCE MARATHON 480 BCE Battle of Salamis (Themistokles) 479 BCE Plataia. Architecture. Doric - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Archaic PeriodArchitecture, Sculpture, and Vase-Painting

  • The ChronologyArchaic Period 700 - 480 BCEOrientalizing Phase 700 - 600 BCE499 BCE Burning of Sardis490 BCE MARATHON480 BCE Battle of Salamis (Themistokles)479 BCE Plataia

  • ArchitectureDoricTemple of Apollo, Corinth (560 BCE)Temple of Hera, Olympia (590 BCE) Temple of Aphaia, Aegina (500 BCE) Temple of Artemis, Corcyra (580 BCE) IoniaTemple of Apollo, Didyma (550 BCE)Temple of Hera, Samos (530 BCE) South Italy/SicilyTemple G, Selinus (560 BCE)Temple of Zeus, Akragas (480 BCE)Hera I (Basilica) Poseidonia (550 BCE) Hera II, Poseidonia (500 BCE)

  • Corinth

  • Temple of Apollo, CorinthPeripteralHexastyleDistyle in antisAntaCella, naosPronaosOpisthodomosPteronColonnadeStylobate

  • Remains of T. of ApolloLimestoneStuccoPaintedCuttings into BedrockMonolithicEntasis

  • OlympiaOlympic Games from 776 BCEArchaic Buildings: Treasuries, Pelopeion, Fountains, Temple of Hera

  • Temple of Hera, Olympia590 BCEEarly columns in wood, replaced over timeButresses in cella

  • Temple of Aphaia, AeginaIsland grew to prosperity in Orientalizing periodAphaia - local nymphTies to AthensTemple is the height of Doric architecture - 500 BCE

  • Temple plan - Aphaia6 X 12 ColumnsRampInterior ColonnadeAll Doric Refinementsentasiscorner contractioncurvature

  • Temple of Aphaia, Aegina

  • Ionic StyleDipteral colonnadeMore elaborate interiorIonic columnsvolute capitalbasemore carved detailflat flutes

  • Temple of Hera, SamosRhoikos and Theodoros575 - 560 BCE50 X 100 m Dipteral planDouble interior colonnade

  • Poseidonia: Basilica550 BCEExperimentation with DoricNonastyle?

  • Basilica Columns

  • Hera II, Poseidonia

  • Treasury Buildings at SanctuariesStores votives to the divinitiesEach city-state at major Pan-hellenic sanctuariesOlympia: Whole row on way to stadiumDelphi: Treasury of the Siphnians, Treasury of the AtheniansSmall Ionic or Doric Buildings

  • Delphi

  • Treasury of the AtheniansPost-Marathon490/480 BCEDeeds of Theseus and HeraklesDoric, Distyle in antis

  • MetopesErymanthian BoarKeryneian Hind

  • Siphnian TreasuryFixed date - 510 BCEJewel box of Ionic StyleCaryatidsFine Island Marble

  • Siphnian FriezesNorth: GigantomachySouth: Rape of LeucippidaeWest: Judgement of ParisEast: Battle of Ajax and Memnon (Gods in Assembly)


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