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Archaic GreeceBy Sergio, Ignacio, lvaro, Pablo F. and Margarita.chicos!! imagenes!! y ademas se nota que esta copiadoLandscapeBy IgnacioLandscape:MountainousA lot of valleysA lot of trees (olives, elms)

Dates776 BC499 BC750 BC - 550 BC Colonisations

AgricultureIt was very importantIt was used for animalsCereals (wheat, barley)

FarmersSupport their animalsIt was used for agricultureAnimals (sheep, horses)

CultureBy Sergiosinceramente esto queda peor que malyo no lo pondria, a mi en mis diseos no me cabeGODS AND RELIGION

- Greek people were Polytheistic.- Mount Olympus

Pythagoras:(569 BC - 475 BC)Plato:(427 BC - 347 BC)Aristotle:(384 BC -322 BC)

Theatre and language

ARCHITECTURE:ColumnsMaterialsArchaic periodIt was based in: Harmony ProportionArt

DORIC IONICArt 2Sculpture:- They represent ideal beauty and movement-DecorationsArchaic period:- Naked young men- Young woman wearing dresses

Economy By MargaritaEconomy in GreeceWe are going to see 4 different categories:Livestock farmingAgricultureCrafts/metallurgyTrade/money

Livestock farming

Livestock farmingCurious data:Four or five acres of land.They produced a lot of food and goods from the animals.MilkMeatMeatMilkWool - Milkbuey: oxacre: equivale a 4,046 metros cuadrados o 40,46 reas.AgricultureAgriculture

Agriculture was difficult, because of: Mediterranean climate

The peculiarity of the landscapeOilWineBreadBeerCrafts and metallurgyCeramic: Religious/artistic purposesDomestic purposes Commercial purposes Metallurgy:Silver (Laurion, Sifnos) and gold (Sifnos, Tasos) Peaks and hammers (equipment)Slaves (miners)

Trade and moneyTradeMoneyMaritime trade Wine, ceramics and olive oil.Retail gradeFish, olive oil, vegetables, perfume and jewelry. Athenian coin (in Athens)

Taxes: public works and indirect taxes

Coins: 1. Gold and silver 2. Pure silver

By Pablo FuronesPOLITICAL AND SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONPolis = city states

Political organizationIn Archaic Greece there was an oligarchy(an absolute monarchy)where a person (the king)had all the power.

Social groupsKingNoblesSoldiers and priestsPeasants and tradersSlaves

Political and social conflicts-The kings disappeared, they were replaced by magistrates. Democracy was formed citizens could choose their politics.

OthersBy lvaroGreek houses- They were divided intwo parts: The rooms of the owners of the house (upper floor).The rooms of the slaves(down floor).

DietThe basic ingredients of the Greek diet were:Semolina - figs - bread - fish - fruit cheese - eggs - vegetables - olives

The main drinks were:Wine and water

ClothesMen commonly wore a linen tunic and women wore a peplos. Slaves wore a different tunic of different colours and also, they wore sandals.


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