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<ul><li><p>ARCHITECTURE 24 FINAL PORTFOLIOCCSF MORALMA RODRIGUEZ SPRING 2010</p></li><li><p>THE ISSUE**ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ The main focus of our project was Chinatown in San Francisco. The first thing we had to do is find an issue or conflict and do research on the issue. </p><p>The issue that I chose to focus on was on the gangs of Chinatown. After we gathered all of our research we created documents which needed to intergrate words, images, numbers and diagrams. </p><p>ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ </p></li><li><p>**ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ CHOOSING A SIITEWe first explore the different kind of places that there are. Then we chose to different kinds of places research and explore about them. My final site was located at a corner across Portsmouth Square, 652 Kearny St. </p><p>ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ </p></li><li><p>**ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ CONNECTING SITE WITH ISSUE CONNECTING SITE WITH ISSUE AND PROGRAMSITE ANALYSISAfter picking a site, we did a site analysis, we first started connecting with to the issue and then connected everything together. We had to connect site with issue and with program. </p><p>ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ </p></li><li><p> Gesture Models **ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ Our first gesture models were suppose to explore different kind of materials and the different textures of the material. We were trying to respond to site or to program through these models. </p><p>ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ </p></li><li><p>**ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ RESPONDING TO THE SITEAfter our first gesture models we moved into connecting to the actual site. We built a site model that was not to scale but it had to be proportionate. Actually having the gesture model on a site allowed us to respond more strongly to the site. </p><p>ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ </p></li><li><p>**ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ MORE SIITE MODELSFor a while we stayed mostly focus on ways we could respond to site. So we just kept making more models. We also learned to make really quick models that were made in a couple of minutes that helped us organize our ideas. </p><p>ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ </p></li><li><p>**ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ INTERGRATING OUR SITE RESPONDS WITH A PROGRAM RESPONSE And SCALE SITE MODELSAfter connecting to the site we needed to connect to program and start creating spaces In which some of our activities would take place. The way I decided to incorporate program was by spacing out the layers to start creating spaces . We also created an accurate site to scale. </p><p>ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ </p></li><li><p>**ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ SKETCHES HELPING THE DEVELOPMENT OF ANCHORING CORNERS</p><p>ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ </p></li><li><p>**ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ ANCHORING THE CORNER AND RESPONDING TO TWO CORNERSMy previous models were all open towards Portsmouth square because I was trying to connect my model with the site and the program. There were going to be activities taking place in Portsmouth square. And these developed to be the theme of my models about anchoring the corner but also recognizing that my model also belong to a street block. </p><p>ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ </p></li><li><p>**ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ LINEWEIGHTS DISTINGUISHING TWO DIFFERENT CORNERSOn previous models I was using planes and lines to create the different a difference between the two corners I was trying to respond to. And in this model I decided to use line weight to distinguish the two corners I was trying to respond to. This allowed me to create a hierarchy and show what was the main thing I was trying to respond to. </p><p>ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ </p></li><li><p>**ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ THE DEVELOPMENT TO THE GRAFFITI EXPRESSION ARMSOn previous models I had the idea of reaching and having this huge arms that would reach and surround Portsmouth Square. And since my main response is towards Portsmouth Square I decided to raise the height of the back wall of my structure to represent those arms from the previous models. They later on pop out towards the streets. They became sort of huge billboards. These arms would be a place were people do graffiti. The structure holding the billboard will serve as an art gallery. </p><p>ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ </p></li><li><p>FINAL MODEL**ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ In the last model the spaces were more clear to recognize. Instead of just adding spaces horizontally now it was clear that I would be building spaces vertically, that gave more space to the activities. You could also see how the graffiti arms extend and the little passage people would have to go through when they are walking underneath the expression arms. </p><p>ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ </p></li><li><p>**ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ It was also more clear now that the huge graffiti arms were like billboards because the structure at the back lookmore like what holds up a billboard. And now it was also more clear to see wherethe art gallery would take place. </p><p>ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ </p></li><li><p>**ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ SCALE SITE DRAWINGS FOR FINAL PRESENTATION</p><p>ARCH 24 MORALMA RODRIGUEZ </p><p>*</p></li></ul>