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QUALITY ASSURANCEQuality and Service being the

primary motive of the company, we are guided by a set of stringent quality

control policies. As per our quality policy, we examine every single product

chemically and physically to ensure highest level of quality and


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www.arcexpor t .co . in

Fresh Red Onion

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Fresh Brinjal

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Fresh PumpkinThe company has emerged as a prominent Exporter and Supplier of Fresh Pumpkin. The Fresh Pumpkins, offered by the company, weigh between 6-18 pounds and they contain high quantities of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. The Fresh Pumpkin is offered in food-grade packaging across the international markets at the best prices.

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Each of the juicy Fresh Tomatoes weigh around 100 grams, with the diameter being 5-6 cm in most cases. The company is a major Exporter and Supplier of Fresh Tomato and the juicy and healthy is an integral ingredient for many cuisines. Being a rich source of Vitamin C and water, the Fresh Tomatoes are eaten raw as well.

Fresh Tomato

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Fresh Green Chilli

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The company has emerged as a highly trusted Exporter and Supplier of Fresh Coconut. Weighing around 1.5 kg, the Fresh Coconuts are full-grown fruits having a sweet taste as well as high nutritional value. These Fresh Coconuts are obtained from naturally grown coconut plants and they are available at the best prices in bulk quantities.

Fresh Coconut

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The company offers a high quality range of the Tamarind Pods measuring 12-15 cm in height and containing tartaric acid. Being a well-known Exporter and Supplier of Tamarind Pods, the company offers the pods in food-grade packaging. The Tamarind Pods are sweet and sour in taste and contain rich quantities of sugar and calcium as well as Vitamin B.

Tamarind Pods

Our Products

www.arcexpor t .co . in

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