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  2. 2. Who are we? We are the first impact sourcing company in South America We provide top notch digital solutions for businesses and institutions * Arbusta = Female of Bush
  3. 3. Goals We empower youth and women in underprivileged communities, training them and enabling income generation and self-confidence through the production of digital services.
  4. 4. ServiceModel A R B U S T A S S O C I A L I M P A C T M O D E L Non professional workers Clients Service Outsourcing Provider Community Digital Center 1 Community Digital Center 2
  5. 5. ServiceModel + Integration PROVISION We train at risk youth and women in diverse digital skills (testing, social media, data management, etc.) The only requirements are literacy and willingness to seize the opportunity . We launch Digital Community Centers in partnership with local grassroots organizations. We set an innovative production structure combining technological platforms, processes and people, ensuring effectiveness in the provision of services Provision of digital and technological services to the corporate world. Our clients receive our high quality and competitive services, while our people achieve personal and professional growth through the service production process INTEGRATION TRAINING
  6. 6. Reduction of production costs Reduction of investment risks Focus on Core Business Competitiveness Time to Market Flexibility Scalability Quality Outsourcing Benets Generation of work opportunities for low income and at risk women an youth Multisector & Diversity integration Positive social impact for our clients Social ImpactTechnological Services Benets
  8. 8. Value Proposition Our specialization in the discipline of Software Quality Testing allows us to offer professional quality assurance of any web or mobile application, on any stage: interface design, prototyping, agile methodologies interaction, functionality, performance and user experience. Software Manual Testing
  9. 9. TESTING Software Quality Testing Manual testing of web and mobile applications Smoke testing, functional testing, regression Usability testing User laboratory experience Identity. Utility. Efficiency. Navigation. Assistance. Feedback Accessibility for physically challenged users capabilities ServicePortfolio
  10. 10. Functional Web Testing Integration with Apps Development company Monthly service functional testing multi-environment Definition of test cases Browsers to test incident management Registration platform Bug Tracker Integration of scrums with the client team Functional Web Testing Tailor-made Projects Defining test cases and tools Functional Testing Service (touch screening system) Provision of equipment (tablets) Usability and Accessibility Diagnosis (holistic tests) Incident management and registration User Experience Protocol definition Lab tests with real users Usability Testing ClientCases Software Testing
  11. 11. DIGITIZATION & CONVERSION Transcription and digitization Transcription of audio / video (podcasts, interviews, storytelling, conferences, focus groups, videos) Video Subtitling and captioning Document Scanning (forms, manuscripts , prints, PDFs, images) Conversion to multiple formats ( doc , xls , xml, html, eBooks, ePub ) ServicePortfolio
  12. 12. Program of the Ministry of Education "30 Years of Democracy " Transcription of 314 podcasts of political campaigns Manual transcription of audio files to text Literary Correction and application of style manuals Generating formatted deliverables Other Cases: Transcription of interviews at universities Podcast Transcript Subtitling Official GCBA Youtube Channel Transcription and subtitling Subtitles Combination Generating .srt files Uploading of subtitles to channel and publication Other cases: IAE Registration Forms, Scanning CVs, Aapresid Polls Video SubtitlingClientCases Transcription and Digitalization
  13. 13. DATA AND CONTENT MANAGEMENT Social Media Management Data Entry & Management Data enriching & cleansing (online and photos) Image & Video Tagging: (SEO Optimization) Assembly and classification of BD Review quality of content, verification (Moderation ) Image editing, tread watermarks Data mining, extraction ServicePortfolio
  14. 14. Photo Tagging Data & Content Management Tagging of photos that have been previously published in SoyFinisher site Celerity in the response to tag the photos once the careers end Tagged 450,000 + photos Content Moderation Assessment of the images posted on the site 3,000,000 + photos moderated Weekly reports of moderated images (prohibited, sensitive)
  15. 15. Digital Communication Strategy Design Weekly Content Publication in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Online coverage and Dissemination of every Human Camp Event 3er year of Coverage of Aapresid annual event Social Media Management Online Events Coverage Data & Content Management
  17. 17. Arbusta according to its workers Socialization "I'm more sociable "It is important to be a good co-worker I connect more with people "I love team work New workattitude I see work from a different perspective. I like it and I miss it if I don t do it "I feel very motivated "I found a new vocation Acquisition of knowledge and skills "I'm more sociable "It is important to be a good co-worker I connect more with people "I love team work Personal capabilities "I'm more sociable "It is important to be a good co-worker I connect more with people "I love team work
  18. 18. Our Clients
  19. 19. More information Our executive summary Our site Article in Nextbillion @arbustaIT


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