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The task of extracting keyphrases from free text documents is becoming increasingly important as the uses for such technology expands, as the amount of electronic textual content grows fast, Keyphrases play an important role in digital libraries, web contents, and content management systems, especially in cataloging and information retrieval purposes. We propose an approach for basic text minning tool for Arabic KeyPhrase Extraction. The approach is relying on AI techniques represented in applying heuristic knowledge [linguistic rules] combined with statistical machine learning. Paper: Documentation:


  • 1. 350M120K66M2000% 2500%

2. Precision 0.25 (for 15 keyphrase)0.171 (for 20 keyphrase) Recall 0.443 (for 15 keyphrase)0.447 (for 20 keyphrase) 3. Precision 0.250.214(for 15 keyphrase) (for 15 keyphrase) 0.1710.178 (for 20 keyphrase)(for 20 keyphrase) Recall0.4430.399(for 15 keyphrase) (for 15 keyphrase) 0.4470.414 (for 20 keyphrase)(for 20 keyphrase)


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