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  • Aquaculture: something fishy is going on!

    David Murray

  • Triploid Atlantic salmon

  • Introduction

    • Farmed fish are an incredibly popular part of the global food market

    • Aquaculture supplies 16% of all consumed animal protein

    • Population expected to rise to 9 billion by 2050 Tacon and Metian, 2015. Aqu.

  • Introduction

    • Aquaculture has a number of bottlenecks preventing its expansion

    • Accidental escapes of farmed fish into the wild is a major problem for the industry

    • Triploid fish may solve many problems for aquaculture

  • Impacts of farmed fish escapes

    “Wild Atlantic salmon populations are conspecific with farmed salmon, and therefore

    susceptible to genetic effects from interbreeding”

  • Impacts of farmed fish escapes



    • Both fish are 18 months old

    AquaBounty Technologies®

  • Triploidy: What is that?

    • Organisms containing three sets of chromosomes

    Haploid Diploid Triploid

  • Triploid fish: What are they?

    • Triploidy has been successful induced in multiple farmed species

    • Impairs reproductive maturation and/or causes infertility

    Rainbow trout Blue tilapia

  • Triploid fish: How are they made? • Pressure or temperature shock and chemicals

    can be used to induce triploidy

    Meiosis I Meiosis I division


    PB1 PB2 Meiosis II division


  • Triploid fish: What are they?

    • However, polyploidy can be spontaneous and occurs in naturally producing fertile populations

    Piferrer et al., 2009. Aqu.

  • Methods

    Diploid Triploid

  • Preliminary work on salmon sterility

    • Sperm concentrations: diploid vs triploid

  • Preliminary work on salmon sterility

    ? Triploid


  • Conclusions (so far)

    • No reproductively active triploid salmon.

    • However even some diploid salmon were not mature yet.

    • Triploids will need to be checked again next year.

  • Diploid vs Triploid: nutritional sustainability?

    “Sustainable feed ingredients has resulted in a decrease in

    the nutritional value of farmed salmon”

    Sprague et al., 2016. Sci. Reports

  • Introduction

    • Alternative feed ingredients lack essential nutrients

    • Previous work has shown that physiology may enhance dietary nutrition

  • Energetics of Reproduction

  • Preliminary work

    Juvenile Adult

    Tocher et al., 2015. Sci. Rep.

    Onset of gonadal development

  • Triploidy and Sustainability

  • Planned Work

    • Comparison of muscle tissue biochemistry between triploid and diploid Atlantic salmon

    • Does triploid inhibition of gonadal tissue

    provide more nutrients to somatic tissues ?

  • Conclusions

    • Aquaculture provides good nutrition at cheap prices

    • Triploidy salmon can benefit conservation of wild fish populations.

    • Triploidy may also improve the sustainability of aquaculture.

  • Thank you

    Kainz Research Group University of Vienna Gage Research Group

    University of East Anglia

    Ims NINA Forskningsstasjon

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