april 2013 waverley cab-information for discussion with waverley borough council

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  • April 2013 Waverley CAB-information for discussion with Waverley Borough Council

  • IntroductionThe draft accounts and budget on the following page have not been reviewed by the Trustees and hence must be considered as provisional at this stage.The comparison of the financial performance of Waverley CAB with other CABs in Surrey is largely based on publically available information and some estimates. This is the first time that this analysis has been performed.

  • Waverley CAB Draft accounts for 2012/13 and Draft Budget for 2013/14

    DraftDraft AccountsBudget2012/132013/14

    Total council grants253145250950Total new funds016000Total paid back to councils4648446850Salary costs170738200100Premises costs4415248600Other office and admin costs3845137000Depreciation105605600Deficit before fund raising-57240-71200Total donations and other income5122748200Overall deficit-6013-23000

  • Comparison of the CAB in Waverley with other Boroughs-the dataBased on 2011/12 accounts and estimatesAlthough Waverley based on 2012/13 draft accountsAverage of 7 largest Boroughs.Net = After deducting rent LA includes Town Councils

    Per Population Per ClientWaverleyAverageWaverleyAverageLA core grant2.091.5338.836.2Net LA core grant1.351.2125.028.7Total Grants2.092.6938.863.8Net Total Grants1.352.3825.056.2

    WaverleyAverageGrants/Total hours4.559.26Volunteers/paid staff23.49.2FR/Total Grants0.230.02

  • Comparison of the CAB in Waverley with other Boroughs-ConclusionsTotal Grants received by WCAB are significantly lower than other Boroughs, although LA core Grant is higher than the averageWCAB is very reliant on LA core fundingWCAB rent costs are much higher than other BoroughsWCAB cost to serve is less than half the average as a result of the high ratio of volunteersWCAB raises significantly more money from the community

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