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presentation given at joint TM Forum and Pistoia Alliance meeting in Oct 2012


  • 1. Apps for Rare & Neglected Diseases Sean EkinsCollaborative Drug Discovery, Inc

2. Problems can be opportunities Smaller research communities Less investment than Cancer, CV etc Published data inaccessible to parents But.. Apps existing for symptoms disease mgmt Tight knit communities Willing to collaborate Try different approaches Approaches generalizable, cheap, disruptive.. 3. ODDT as an App ExperimentApp for rare andneglected diseasesInspiration:P4C2011Scio2012Instigation:SharePA Dragons Den 2012 Data andmolecules Publications, posters, talksCrowdfunding visibility biotechMol Informatics, 31: 585-597, 2012Drug Discovery Today, In press. 4. TB Mobile: Appifying data Problem addressed. Increase in whole cell screening no idea of targetSame data - different delivery >700 molecules screened versus Mtb and their targets Similarity search Infer targetsNot a diagnostic, not a cure for thedisease - a research toolFunded by NIAID 2R42AI088893-02 5. Logical next steps ODDT customizable by 7000 diseases Imagine each rare disease community as app with access toprivate and public data (DDT) Make more data available as apps or publish in apps. Reuse data mash up find new ways to use- apps facilitate e.g. GSK just announced 200 TB cpds to be public NCATS 58 molecules from Pharmas- no structures Show examples of drug discovery by mobile device Show how hypothesis from one disease can apply elsewhere Demonstrate repurposing by app 6. What is needed Break down paywalls to papers Neglected disease apps could increase visibility ofolder content to parent advocates and researchers Breaks down walls to data Only recent data in PubChem etc..rediscovery of olddrugs published previously for TB..(e.g. PNAS Gold etal.) Find sponsors who promote openness (BurroughsWellcome, small disease charities..)


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