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Native, hybrid and cross-platform apps development for mobile devices.


1. Apps development formobile devicesRobert DreslerITpivo 25/9/2014@rdresler 2. Native Hybrid Cross-Platform 3. Native Hybrid Cross-PlatformApps specifically made for a mobile platformand run directly and only on that platform 4. NativeXCode (Mac, free) - Objective-C / Swift 5. NativeEclipse (Win, Mac, Linux, free) - Java 6. NativeAndroid Studio (Win, Mac, Linux, free) - Java 7. NativeIntelliJ IDEA (Win, Mac, Linux, 179) - Java 8. NativeVisual Studio (Win, $499 Professional) C# 9. Native Hybrid Cross-PlatformMobile apps deployed in an app store,but are actually web apps. 10. HybridHTML, CSS, JavaScript 11. HybridVisual Studio 2013 Update 2 12. Hybrid 13. Hybrid 14. Hybrid 15. Hybrid 16. Native HybridCross-PlatformNative mobile apps developedusing a framework which enablesthe sharing of code betweenmobile platforms. 17. Cross-PlatformC# 5.0Code reusePlatform specific UIiOS, Android, Windows Phone 18. Cross-Platform 19. Cross-Platform 20. Cross-PlatformXamarinXamarin Forms 21. Cross-PlatformXamarin.Forms 22. Cross-PlatformXamarin Studio 23. Cross-Platform 24. Cross-Platform 25. Cross-PlatformJavaScriptShared UIChoose platform when buildAlloy framework 26. Cross-Platform 27. LanguageNative Hybrid Cross-PlatformiOS: Objective-Cor SwiftAndroid: JavaWindows Phone: C#JavaScriptMany libraries andframeworksHard to structureTitanium: JavaScriptXamarin: C# powerfulTabris: Java 28. UINative Hybrid Cross-PlatformiOS: XMLDesigner in XCodeAndroid: XMLDesigner in IDEWindows Phone:XAMLDesigner Visual StudioBlendHTML, CSSMany toolsFrameworks tosupport MVVM, MVCTitanium: XMLDesigner in IDEXamarin: Platform specificor Xamarin Forms 29. DebuggingNative Hybrid Cross-PlatformFull-blown debuggerin IDEHard than the otherConsole messagesor F12 toolsFull-blown debuggerin IDE 30. PerformanceNative Hybrid Cross-PlatformHighest possibleperformanceDepends on browserRender speedsomewhat slowerExtra abstractionlayer could takesome extra time 31. FootprintNative Hybrid Cross-PlatformSmallest possiblefootprintWrapper adds sizeto the packageRelatively bigLess importantfor larger apps 32. ToolsNative Hybrid Cross-PlatformiOS: XCode on MacAndroid: Many choicesWindows Phone: VSYour favorite IDEAppbuilder hasits own IDE andVS pluginFixed IDE perProductXamarin hasVS plugin 33. Code sharingNative Hybrid Cross-PlatformNo code sharing 100% code sharingCan detect platformin JavaScriptTitanium andXamarin:100% code sharingor UI per platform 34. CostsNative Hybrid Cross-PlatformFree Cordova andPhoneGap are freeAppBuilder:$228-$1188/year/userTitanium is freeextended versionAvailableXamarin:$300-$1899/year/user/platform 35. Developers feesiOS Developer Program: $99 /yeariOS Developer Enterprise Program: $299 /yearGoogle Play Developer Console account: $25 one timeIndividual account: $19 /yearCompany account: $99 /year 36. Next steps Creating Mobile Apps: Native, Hybrid, or Cross Platform Framework?By Roland Guijt