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Online shopping space in New York is very crowded. To stand out, e-commerce optimization needs a different approach for SEO. Please call us at 1-800-353-8867 or Visit at:


  • 1. www.mattsdavidson.comTel. 1-800-353-8867Tel. 1-914-220-6576Fax 1-914-372-7860Approach toE-Commerce SEO
  • 2. Online shopping space in New York isvery crowded. To stand out, e-commerceoptimization needs a different approach forSEO.
  • 3. Tips to make youre- commerce sitesmore successful
  • 4. On-pageOptimization
  • 5. Maintain an on-site blog Create fresh content thatGoogle loves. Cultivate dedicated groups ofvisitors to the site.
  • 6. No duplicate productdescriptions Drags down the ranking of your ownproducts
  • 7. Dont Use Same Meta Tags Avoid same title and description. Minimize duplication of keywords.
  • 8. Optimize Product Pages Place keywords. Allow users to rate and comment. Display social media buttons. Robust product descriptions with keywords. Bloggers, reviewers, critics etc. shouldfind value in linking to your product pages.
  • 9. Clean URL Structure Human readable forms of URLs. Use keywords
  • 10. Careful Internal linking As important as external links. Helps in cross-selling.
  • 11. Off-pageOptimization
  • 12. Build Quality Back links Exchange links with other sites Submit websites to searchengines Make RSS available
  • 13. Social Networking Social Media Presence is avaluable marketing tool Socialize on Facebook, Twitter,Pinterest and YouTube
  • 14. Up to date Sitemap Divide sitemap into logical groups. Create separate sitemaps foreach group. Keep sitemap up to date.
  • 15. Avoid Errors
  • 16. Lack of Product Description Give proper description. Search engines should understandwhat you are selling. Use alt textfor product images.
  • 17. Using Technical Names Use popular keywords and terms to describe. Dont use technical product descriptions frommanufacturers.
  • 18. Lack of Product Reviews Allow users to give their ratings and feedback Prospective buyers gain confidence
  • 19. No search facility Allow searches based on name, keyterms, and description. Customer would like to access desiredproduct quickly. If they cant, they will goelsewhere.
  • 20. For the Best E-Commerce SEO in New York777 Westchester Avenue, Suite 101White Plains, N.Y., 10604www.mattsdavidson.comCall Us At:Tel. 1-800-353-8867Tel. 1-914-220-6576Fax 1-914-372-7859