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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Tech-a-Mania Enriching Education</p> <p>InternshipTechno-Management 2ProcessChapter 1Task 1 Task 2Task 3Task 4Task 5Task 6Chapter 2Task 7Task 8Task 9Task 10Chapter 3ExecutionSubmit 3</p> <p>EvaluationLinkedIn / FB / Webpage (PLACEMENTS)What Success ? , Soul purpose of coming to earth and 5, 10 , 20 yrHidden taskPublicity/ sells / Business Resume and Virtual Resumes (Paper work )Professional PPT and Email DraftingTech-TalkGDExtemporePersonal Interview and Career CounselingThe recruiting industry is a $120 billion industryAttribute #1: Communication SkillsAttribute #2: An Ability and Willingness to LearnAttribute #4: Customer ServiceAttribute #5: InitiativeAttribute #6: AdaptabilityAttribute #7: Promotability80% of job openings are never advertisedAttribute #3: Team SkillsTask 1LinkedInNearly all (93%) of recruiters are using LinkedIn to discover talentoptimize your profile by adding specialty keywords into your headline eCommerce and Social Media Expertjoin industry groups to connect with recruiters that are looking for industry-specific candidates.</p> <p>FacebookOne in every four recruiters has successfully found a candidate on FacebookCompanies are using Facebook to discover talent and arent hiring directly from the siteyou should like a company so you can follow updates and comment.Webpage56% of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidates personal website than any other personal branding toolhowever, only 7% of job seekers actually have a personal website.A website can be a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and skills related to your careerA personal website should be considered a part of the job-search package and serve as a positive sales pitch for youAvoid providing information that might be controversial such as religious or political views.</p> <p>Task 2What is Success?Why you are here?5, 10, 15 years planTask 3</p> <p>Task 4PublicitySellsBusiness plan</p> <p>Task 5ResumesVirtual ResumeTask 6Professional PPTEmail Drafting </p> <p>Task 7 / 8/ 9 Tech-TalkGDExtempore</p> <p>Task 10Personal Interview</p> <p>Career Counseling</p> <p>For InternshipGet Membership</p> <p>Pay Rs 100Career GuidanceApply for InternshipGet Internship</p> <p>Get Free e-materialSubmit TaskGet CertificateAttend all Workshops@50% off123654789Get Online Verified Certificate </p>


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