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  • Anticorrosive Primer / Sealant

    Electrostatic Dissipation Coatings

    Electromagnetic Interference Shielding

    Static Resistant Fibers/Textiles

    Conductive Ink/Toner

    Conductive Adhesives


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    Products & Services

    Applications of Conductive

    Polymer Nano-Dispersion


    We Provide

    Coating Formulation Licensing Coating Formulation Consultations Conductive Polymer NanoDispersion Specialty Product Development Joint Product Development / Partnerships

    The current most effective anticorrosion pig- ment is the highly toxic and carcinogenic Hexavalent Chromate and the regulations are tightening. The less toxic metallic zinc has been tried, however zinc can not protect aluminum, galvanized steels, and is less effec- tive in severe corrosive environment. Zinc reserve is facing depletion. Chromates are maintained solely because their performance have not yet been achieved. Industry is in need of an effective chromate replacement, and the researchers have long been looking for the answer... Since the reporting of polyaniline anticorro- sion effect in 1981, hundreds of papers and patents have been published or issued on polyaniline anti-corrosion coatings as an envi- ronmentally friendly alternative, but there is still no such product on the market today...

    Green Chemistry & Engineering Business

    Plan Competition, 1st Place Winner



    American Chemical Society

    No Chromate

    No Zinc

    No Lead

    13,000+ hrs of

    Salt Fog Exposure

    Protects Many


    A Wide Range of


    AnCatt Coating holds promise to revolutionize the AnCatt Coating holds promise to revolutionize the

    AntiAnti--Corrosion Coating Markets.Corrosion Coating Markets.

    -- ChemicalInformerChemicalInformer

    Discovery and Development of Conducting Polymers Won

    2000 Nobel Chemistry Award with Many Brilliant Applica-

    tions Such as Using as Corrosion Inhibitors

    © 2015AnCatt Inc.

    2015 Green Chemistry LAUNCH Award

  • AnCatt Inc. developed 1st successful heavy-

    metal free heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating.

    With the record-making 13,000+ hrs of inde-

    pendent salt fog test, it is also the first super-

    duty anti-corrosion coating, features:

    Please visit : for more details

    Salt Fog (SF) and Cyclic Weathering (CW)

    Test Results - Provided by KTA-Tator

    AnCatt also developed Conductive Polymer

    Nanoparticle Dispersion (CPND). CNPD is

    easy to be processed (soluble and extrudable),

    and the dispersed conductive polymer particles

    are in a consistent olive shape of proximately

    100 nm long and 50 nm wide. CPND could

    enables commercialization of some long been

    anticipated conductive polymer applications

    besides anti-corrosion primers, such as electro-

    static dissipation coatings, electromagnetic in-

    terference shielding, static resistant fibers, con-

    ductive inks, conductive toners, conductive

    adhesives, conductive textiles, etc.

    5000 hrs SF

    Steel P3

    6500 hrs CW

    Aluminum P4

    8372 hrs SF

    Steel P5

    8372hrs SF

    Steel P6

    Conductive Polymer Nanodispersion

    TDS Part A Part B

    C o

    lo r

    S o

    lid C

    o n

    te n


    T h

    ic k

    n e ss

    (µ m


    C o

    v e ra

    g e

    (g /m


    S u

    r fa

    ce D

    ry -

    in g

    (h r s)

    D r y

    in g

    T im


    (h r s)

    S h

    e lf L

    ife (m

    o n

    th )

    M ix

    in g R

    a tio



    Primer Light




    ~20 180 0.5 4 6-9 1/0.40







    ~50 250 2 16 6-9 1/0.16



    Many ~83


    ~50 240 3 16 6-9 1/0.15

    Test Hours Metal Blis-







    P1 SF 13,740 Steel 10 10- 2-7

    P2 SF 10,740 Aluminum 10 10- 0

    SF 5,000 Steel 10 10 = 200 psi

    can be considered good). Tape adhesion (ASTM

    D 3359) received perfect scores of 5A for all

    replicates after 8,372 hrs of salt fog exposure

    Protect Many Metals besides Iron/Steel, for

    example, Galvanized Steel, Stainless, Zinc, Alu-

    minum, Copper , Silver, Titanium, etc.

    Scratch and Pinhole Tolerant: Self-Healing

    No Surface Pre-Treatment Required

    A 2-Layer System & Polyurethane Topcoat

    Easy to Apply with Brush, Roller, or Spray

    Cost Effective & Easy to Manufacturing

    Market: Direct corrosion cost 3-5% of a country’s GDP or trillion of dollars worldwide.

    Next Generation Anti-Corrosion Coatings

    Heavy-Metal Free & Heavy-Duty