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Tobacco Education, Prevention, and Cessation Grant Program Request for Applications Applicant Webinar May 29, 2012

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  • 1. TobaccoEducation, Prevention, and Cessation Grant ProgramRequest for ApplicationsApplicant WebinarMay 29, 2012

2. Housekeeping Livestream Chat/Questions Breaks throughout for questions Recorded and archived and available followingtodays presentation Presenters 3. During the webinar be sure to have bothRFA guidance documents: 4. Agenda 9am-Noon: Community Initiatives Community Tobacco Initiative Innovative Community Tobacco Initiative Community Led Targeted Outreach Campaigns 1pm-4pm: Cessation Initiatives QuitLine e-referral System Oral Health Partnership Pharmacy Partnership Hospital Cessation Text Message Cessation Young Adults Youth Cessation 5. Agenda cont. Funding Period Application TA Purpose Application Review Funding Availability Process Eligibility Post-Award Requirements Funding Request Limits Categories and Questions Strategic Goals Work Plan Funding Priority Areas BudgetDetails and Purpose Resources How to Apply Other funding initiatives Application Timeline Q&A 6. Funding PeriodYear One: Oct. 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013Year Two: July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014Year Three: July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015 7. RFA Purpose Tobacco use is single most preventable cause ofdeath and disease nationally and in Colorado Amendment 35 voter approved tax increase oncigarettes and other tobacco products allocatesfunds to tobacco education, prevention, andcessation programming The intent of this RFA is to provide grant fundingto agencies and organizations across the state toimplement evidence-based and innovativeactivities to achieve program goals 8. Funding Availability ~$19.2 million for the period of Oct 1 throughJune 30 Number and amount of grant awards will vary Renewal funding for FY 14 and FY 15 iscontingent upon grantee performance andappropriation by the Colorado GeneralAssembly 9. Eligibility Not-for-profit organizations Public or governmental agencies May submit more than one application ifunder different funding initiatives For-profit not under this RFA, but can applyunder Health Communications RFPs 10. Funding Request Limits Cessation Initiatives QuitLine e-referral system as much as $525,000 Oral Health Partnership as much as $150,000 Pharmacy Partnership as much as $150,000 Hospital Cessation as much as $200,000 Text Message Cessation (Young Adults) as muchas $250,000 Youth Cessation as much as $300,000 11. Break for Questions and AnswersAll Questions and Answers will beposted on June 8Please submit your questions using the chat function 12. Strategic GoalsThe 2020 goals outlined in this plan guide this Request for Applications are: The cessation success gap affecting low SES youth and adult smokers decreases by 50 percent A majority of people and health care systems in Colorado recognize and treat tobacco dependence as a chronic condition A majority of Coloradans live, learn, work and play in communities that have effective policies and regulations that reduce youth and adult use and access to tobacco Tobacco prevalence and initiation among young adults, especially straight-to-work young adults, decreases by 50 percent Initiation among youth, especially high burden and low SES populations, decreases by 50 percent Exposure to secondhand smoke, with an emphasis on low SES populations, decreases by 50 percent Colorado is among 10 states with the highest price for tobacco productsStrategic Plan 13. Funding Priority Areas - Details and PurposeCessation Initiatives QuitLine e-referral System Develop, implement, promote, and evaluate a QuitLine e-referral system Help providers adopt and meaningfully use certified Electronic Health Record technology Oral Health Partnership Develop, pilot, and evaluate a program Increase QuitLine referrals from oral health providers Engage and partner with oral health providers and clinics to implement strategies to make cessation- related health systems changes 14. Funding Priority Areas - Details and PurposeCessation Initiatives Pharmacy Partnership Develop, pilot, and evaluate a program Increase QuitLine referrals from pharmacists and staff Engage and partner with pharmacy providers and clinics to implement strategies to make cessation- related health systems changes Hospital Cessation Develop, pilot, and evaluate a program Based on Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation 15. Funding Priority Areas - Details and PurposeCessation Initiatives Text Message Cessation (Young Adults) Develop, promote, implement, and evaluate a stand-alone text message based cessation program Aimed at young adults with an emphasis on non-students Interactive features, deliver evidence-based information Youth Cessation Develop, promote, implement, and evaluate a youth cessation program Ages 14-18 Positive youth development framework Statewide reach, evidence-based information 16. Break for Questions and AnswersAll Questions and Answers will beposted on June 8Please submit your questions using the chat function 17. How to Apply Letter of Intent Community Tobacco Initiative andInnovative Community Tobacco Initiative only New! Colorado Grants Management System(COGMS) Register by June 15 Instructions and TA will be provided Submit applications electronically by June29, 5pm 18. Application TimelineRelease of Request for ApplicationsFriday May 18, 2012Deadline for submission of questions regarding application guidelines via email: Friday June 1, 2012Applicants conference/webinar Tuesday May 29, 2012Deadline for submission of Letters of Intent for Community Initiatives:Friday June 1, 2012Responses to all questions received via email and at applicants conference will be posted by: Friday June 8, 2012 of Letters of Intents received illustrating geographic coverage and coordination Friday, June 8, 2012needs will be posted by:Responses will be posted here: for Registration in Colorado Grants Management System (required for application Friday, June 15, 2012submission):Deadline for Application submission: Friday, June 29, 2012 5:00 p.m.Review of applications June 30 est. July 20, 2012Funding recommendations determined by the Tobacco Education, Prevention and CessationTBD July, 2012Grant Program Review CommitteePresentation of funding recommendations to the Colorado Board of HealthWednesday Aug. 15, 2012Funding recommendations will be posted here: Thursday, Aug. 16, 2012 award process Aug. 17 Sept. 30, 2012Anticipated award start date Oct. 1, 2012 19. Application TA Questions via email through June 1 FAQ document posted by June 8 COGMS Assistance available [email protected] or303-692-2524 20. Application Review Process All applications will be scored on a 100 pointscale Minimum of 70 is required to be consideredfor funding Funding recommendations by Tobacco ReviewCommittee will be made on July 19 and 20 Recommendations to the State Board ofHealth will be made on August 15 21. Post-Award Requirements Certification of non-acceptance of tobaccoindustry funds and resources Data collection Insurance requirements Lawful presence Lobbying restrictions Reimbursement Reporting 22. Break for Questions and AnswersAll Questions and Answers will beposted on June 8Please submit your questions using the chat function 23. Categories and Questions Each initiative has questions listed COGMS will state the character limit for eachquestion and instructions are provided onhow to count characters in the system Some questions are required by the ColoradoBOH 24. Work Plan A template is not provided, COGMS will walk youthrough the steps needed to develop a work plan SMART Objectives Each objective should address goal(s) outlined inthe strategic plan Identify intended outcome Describe the intended target population Designate a timeline Detail the intended measurement tools List up to 10 activities 25. Budget Must be consistent with proposed work plan Provide a budget and justification for initial 9month funding period only Provide separate budgets for each application Personnel All staff who will work on the project Supplies and Operating Discouraged and disallowed costs 26. Budget cont. Travel In state only Two, two-day trainings in Denver Contractual All restrictions apply No pre-paid services Other Indirect Financial Assessment Questionnaire 27. Resources Some resources provided in the RFA Other resources may be available 28. Other funding initiativesInformation on the following will be posted on the Tobacco Collaborative Google Group and final decisions to be made by the Tobacco Review Committee in July Health Communications ColoradoQuits: To be posted on the CO BIDS System Develop outreach campaign templates: To be posted on the CO BIDS system Technical Assistance and Support Will be posted on COGMS by September QuitLine Sole Source agreement with National Jewish Health Evaluation Interagency agreement with the Amendment 35 Program Evaluation Group 29. Question and Answer timePlease submit your questions via the chat function All questions and answers will be posted on June 8