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Welcome!. APPLES Mentors. Outcomes & Agenda. Legislative requirements impacting the Beginning Teacher Programs Varied programs and program requirements Roles and responsibilities of support team members Effective school-based new teacher program Documents and timelines Good of the Order. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • APPLES Mentors

  • Outcomes & Agenda

    Legislative requirements impacting the Beginning Teacher ProgramsVaried programs and program requirementsRoles and responsibilities of support team membersEffective school-based new teacher programDocuments and timelinesGood of the Order

  • History of BTPsin Florida and Lee County1982-1997:P.O.P. (Professional Orientation Program)

    1997-2001:APPLES Accomplished Professional Practices for Lee Educational System

    2002-2011: Alternative Certification (DCP) and APPLES

  • Goals of APPLESRetain the most promising teachersFoster self- assessment and reflectionImprove instructional practiceModel professionalismOffer professional growth opportunitiesFamiliarize new teachers with district and state initiatives

  • Purpose of Programs

    APPLESACPLee County ProgramDesigned to support new teachersComponents:6 Educator Accomplished PracticesTrainingPeer Teacher SupportFormative Observationsand Summative EvaluationsFLDOE ProgramDesigned to certify teachers with degrees other than educationComponents:6 Educator Accomplished PracticesOnlineRequired Assessment TasksPeer Teacher and Teacher Assessor

  • Target TeacherTeacher holding a Temporary CertificateFirst Year Teacher (Recent Graduate of the College of Education)Teacher new to Lee County

  • Program Targeted Audience

    Professional Certified TeachersTemporary Certified TeachersDemonstrated Professional Educator CompetenciesNeed to demonstrate Professional Educator CompetenciesPassed examsNeed to pass state exams (Professional, Subject Area, General Knowledge)Completed college courseworkNeed to complete College Coursework

  • APPLES for Teachers with Professional Certification (1-2 year)

    APPLES for Teachers with Temporary Certification2009-20122010-20132011-2014

    2011-2012 BTP

  • Program ComponentsRequired TrainingDistrict and/or StateFormative ObservationsSummative EvaluationsTeacher SupportAdministrative Support

  • APPLES for Teachers with Professional CertificationThis program is for teachers whoHold a State of Florida Professional Educators CertificateAre new to Lee County in 2011-2012One year program with possible extension for following year

  • APPLES for Teachers with Temporary CertificationThis program is for teachers whoHold a State of Florida Temporary Educators CertificateMust be completed by the end of the validity year of the Temporary Certificate!

    2009-2012 2010-2013 2011-2014

  • APPLES for Teachers with Temporary CertificationCertification Routes District Certification Program Non-District Alternative Certification Program Other Alternative Certification Program Traditional Certification Program

  • District Certification ProgramProgram OverviewState approvedPurposeEligibilityComponentsTasks & Requirements

  • District Certification ProgramDCP Support APPLES AdministratorPeer TeacherDCP TrainerDistrict DCP administrator- Beth Bolger

  • District Certification ProgramDCP Task20 Products3 Observations

    DCP ExpectationActions taken

    DCP CompletionPortfolioDocumentsAdministrative approval

  • Support Team Roles & Responsibility APPLES District Coordinator School Level APPLES Administrator Peer Teacher Beginning Teacher

  • APPLES AdministratorIdentify new teachers Recognize the types of certificates Determine eligible Peer TeachersAssignment of Peer Teacher Participate in Team support meetings Conduct 2 Summative observationsVerification of program requirementsComplete and submit Program Completion documents

  • APPLES Teacher

    Complete all required courses Complete an Alternate Certification Program (if applicable)Check with Personnel Specialist Attend Support Team meetingsComplete the Professional Development Plan Receive overall rating of Effective and Highly Effective on the Final Performance Evaluation

  • APPLES Peer TeacherOrient the new teacher with school based functionsConduct 3 Formative Observations Meet frequently with teacher to mentor, discuss challenges and celebrate successesParticipate in Support Team meetings

  • School-Based Beginning Teacher Support To ensure success for your new teachers, your school should provide training and support in the following areas:Survival Skills School Tour, Key Personnel etc.School Handbook Policies, Procedures, VisionSpecial Programs - CurriculumTechnology Pinnacle, Progress Reports etc.Observations Summative/FormativeTeacher Assessments - IPDP

  • Formative ObservationsAre non-judgmentalAre individual-orientedFoster professional growthHave criteria defining desired professional performanceAre diagnostic and identify areas for improvementUtilize feedback for support and corrective changesUse reflection to determine whether purposes have been metAre driven by the Individual Professional Development Plan

  • Goldhammers ModelThe five stages of the clinical supervisor model:The pre-observation conference (set the contract)The observation & Analysis (capture and review the data)The strategy session (make the data intelligible with logical relationships)The post-conference (operational plan for supervision)The post-conference analysis (mentor reflection- our conscience)

  • Pre-observation Conference ProceduresIdentify session objectives and relevant situationalinformationIdentify and review areas of focus to be given specialattention: behaviors to maintain / increase, behaviors to reduce / eliminate, strategies / activities to explore and trySelect observational methodAgree on observation time and logistics

  • The STEP ProcessSTEP is designed to remind the CE of the steps needed to analyze and synthesize the data gathered from an observation.

    Select the dataThink about likely DP reactionsEnumerate acceptable solutionsPlan the conference

  • Data Analysis and Strategy ProceduresConstruct a data display Does not have to be anything drasticCould be something as simple as a tally chart, graph, or table of notesIdentify related patterns of behaviorMake comparisons with previous observationsDetermine if criteria for success were satisfied Make summary statementsPlan conference strategies

  • Post Observation Conference ProceduresReview the pre-observation conference agreementsDiscuss data and identifiable patterns with the DPGuide the DP to identify behaviors to maintain / increase and reduce / eliminateDiscuss strategies or activities to explore and trySpecify and document everyones responsibilities Schedule next observation or conference

  • Interpersonal CommunicationConvey empathy, sincerity and positive regard for the DP (three core conditions for quality IC)Actively listen, respond and facilitate communication (Burkes Model)Utilize questioning strategiesClarificationPerception checkingEmpathyConcrete examples

  • Ongoing SupportMeet frequently with beginning teacherRespect confidentialityAnticipate needsAssist with IPDP development and implementationEveryday school-based needsTechnical supportSchool and District resources

  • Individual Professional Development Plan

  • Developing SMART GoalsWrite a SMART GoalS Student-FocusedM MeasurableA AttainableR Results-OrientedT Time-bound

  • Creating a Goal Statement(s)________% or ______# of ______students will __________ as measured on _______ by _________._______ by _________.

  • Creating Goal StatementsRelates to my students learningMeasurableEvaluation Method

    95% of my 9th grade students will score a 3.5 or higher as measured on the School Mock Writing Assessment in March.

  • School-Based Induction

    Research indicates a School-Based Induction Program is important and has a positive impact on all aspects of a school.

  • SupportThe Districts APPLES program provides broad support to teachers new to teaching the school-based program will meet the needs of ALL teachers new to the school.

  • Beginning Teacher Program Website

  • New Teacher Programs

  • Website

  • Good of the Order

  • If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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