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  • Apple TV: Best

    From the blog

    Middle Class Tech

    Media Streamer?

  • Streaming Media Devices

    Market has gotten more crowded in 2014 Apple TV

    Roku lineup

    Amazon Fire TV


    Googles new Nexus Player

    Apple TV Biggest criticism: Not much content (Macworld)

    Now offers 58 channels

  • 58 Channels

    Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Bloomberg TV for financial news Vevo for music videos Crackle for Sony content (including Seinfeld) Yahoos Flickr for crowdsourced photos

    Lifehack: You can even use Flickr photos for Apple TV screen saver images Use metadata tags to search for image topics Can even upload your own images to Flickr and then

    have them appear in the Apple TV screen saver

  • Mainstream TV Channels

    Channels that require no cable/sat TV subscription, including:



    Smithsonian Channel

    Fox Now

    Britains Sky News

    Canned episodes, not a live stream

  • Old School TV Channels

    These channels require an old school cable/sat TV subscription (that includes the channel)

    Disneys three channels

    PBS and PBS Kids

    FX Now (featuring all episodes of The Simpsons)

    A&E (strong on reality TV)

    History channel

  • Premium Cable Channels

    Apple TV features access to many subscription-based premium TV services

    HBO GO

    Showtime Anytime


    These will serve only to taunt you on Apple TV if you dont have cable/sat TV service + dedicated subscription to these

  • Amazon Fire TV

    Same price as Apple TV: $99 All major streaming boxes are $99

    Roku 3 = $99

    Prime Instant Video subscribers will get the most from Amazon Fire TV $99/year Amazon Prime required for Prime Instant

    Video access

    Supplement or substitute for Netflix

    Prime Instant Video offers smaller selection

    Like Netflix, there is original content

  • Amazon Fire TV

    Offers some features not on Apple TV More intelligent remote control

    Continually pushes you into Amazons entertainment ecosystem Available only with $99/year Amazon Prime

    Amazon Fire TV can be used without Amazon Prime, but. Amazon Fire TV is really designed for users

    who subscribe to Amazon Prime

  • Roku Lineup

    Includes four models Priced from $49 to $99

    More models than any competitor

    The top shelf Roku 3 competes with Apple TV

    All Roku devices offer 1,200+ channels Largest channel selection of any

    streaming media box company

    Agnostic: Doesnt push you into a particular ecosystem (different from Apple and Amazon)

  • Roku Lineup

    Roku best for those who: Not dedicated to a particular ecosystem

    Love Rokus cross-channel search feature

    Those who use Apples iTunes or Amazons Prime Instant Video are best served by streaming boxes from those respective companies

    Roku if you want largest selection of channels Many, however, are junk channels

    Much foreign language content

    Not everyone likes this much crap content

  • Apple AirPlay

    Wi-fi enabled media casting tech

    Built into all Apple devices and computers

    Send music and video from your iOS devices and Mac computers to your TV and surround sound speakers

    Some AV receivers have AirPlay built in

    Like some models from Denon, Yamaha, and Pioneer Elite

  • Apple AirPlay

    Apple TV is the best, least expensive way to AirPlay-enable your TV or home theater If you dont already have it built into your AV receiver

    AirPlay leverages your investment in Apples hardware Supported by all iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches,

    and Mac computers

    For those with iOS and OS X devices, not using AirPlay is missing great casting functionality Your mobile devices can act as remote controls Said CNET in August 2014: AirPlay is just awesome

  • The Remote Control

    Apples sleek cold aluminum remote is smallest, slickest, most attractive on the market

    Problems: Only IR (Infrared; a beam of light) Because no radio frequency (wi-fi or Bluetooth),

    must point remote at the Apple TV box This is a pain in some living rooms

    Both Amazon Fire TV and Roku 3 offer radio frequency remotes No line of sight requirement Fire TV also offers voice navigation from the remote

  • Your Digital Ecosystem

    Best streaming media box depends on your digital ecosystem Those with many Apple iDevices in their home

    are best served by Apple TV

    Those who use iTunes for music, TV episodes, and movies best served by Apple TV

    Fire TV best if: Youre into Prime Instant Video

    You have Amazon hardware (Fire tablet)

    Roku 3 if youre ecosystem agnostic

  • Apple TV Best for Who?

    Those who use iTunes for music, movies, and TV episodes To purchase or rent

    People who love Beats Music for on-demand music streaming

    Those who use iTunes Radio for Pandora-like music discovery

    If you cant do without your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or other Apple hardware

  • Where Do You Fall?

    If you simply suck down a ton of Netflix and Hulu Plus: All major media streaming boxes will serve

    you well

    If youre into a particular hardware/service ecosystem, go that route Amazon Prime Instant Video devotees

    should go with Fire TV iTunes fans should adopt Apple TV Those in the middle should consider any

    of these boxesor go with Roku 3

  • Apple TV the Best?

    Apple TV best for those who have multiple Apple devices floating around their home AirPlay alone makes it worth while

    Intuitive navigation Slick interface Apples minimalistic design DNA

    If youre a fan of Apples design and approach to all things digital, youll love Apple TV

    Apple quality Missing from some competing devices

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