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  • AppetizersA1 Thai Fish Cake 6.90

    Deep Fried minced fish cake mixed with chopped French beans

    A2 Crispy Spring Roll (V) 4.50Deep fried vegetable in thin pastry

    A3 Chargrilled Bamboo Skewer Satay Lagenda t 6.90 Marinated sweet lemongrass chicken, beef or lamb served with cucumber, onion, rice cake and peanut sauce

    A4 Crispy Malaysian Pancake Roti Canai t 8.90Two pieces of grilled roti canai served with chicken curry potato

    A5 BBQ Beef Spare Ribs 10.90Braised beef spare ribs fried with chilli flakes and sweet soy glaze

    A6 Prawn Crackers with Sweet Chilli Sauce 3.50A7 Holiday Villa Platter 15.90

    Satay, Wonton, Crab Claw, Spring Rolls

    A8 Deep fried Chicken Wonton 8.50Fried wonton skin stuffed with minced chicken served with sweet chilli sauce

    A9 Lagenda Dim Sum Platter 15.903pcs Chicken & Chives Dumpling, 2pcs Prawn Har Gau, 2pcs Chicken Siu Mai, 2pcs Prawn Siu Mai, 2pcs chicken Bun

    A10 Salt & Pepper Squid 7.90A11 Salt & Pepper Soft Shell Crab 8.90A12 Salt & Pepper King Prawn 8.90 A14 Aromatic Crispy Duck 1/4 9.90 1/2 18.00 Whole 34.00

    A15 Deep Fried Crispy Shredded Lamb Wraps t 9.90 Crispy fried marinated boneless lamb served with lettuce and sweet chilli garlic sauce

    A16 Peanut Roasted Dressing Vegetables Gado - Gado (V) 6.90Assorted vegetables: cucumber, bean sprout, morning glory, carrot, bean curd, deep fried fermented soya bean, boiled egg and sweet peanut sauce

    A17 Prawn Toast with Sesame Seed 6.90Prawn minced with toasted garlic and sesame seed spread on bread and crispy fried

    A18 Prawn & Chicken Dumpling 8.50Minced chicken and prawn, chopped black fungus, carrot and coriander leaf, served with sweet and sour dressing

    Salad CornerA21 Chicken Teriyaki Salad 7.90

    Baked chicken breast glazed with teriyaki sauce

    A22 Grilled Beef Hanoi Aromatic Salad t 8.90Grilled aromatic seasoned beef served with assorted salad

    A23 Seafood and Glass Noodle Salad tt 7.90Mixed seafood with glass noodle, red chilli, onion, coriander leaf, sweet fish garlic sauce

    A24 Spicy Mango Salad tt 6.90Julienne mango served with sweet and spicy sauce topped with roasted peanut

    A25 Mixed Green Salad 4.50Assorted green mixed

    SoupA26 Roasted Shredded Chicken Aromatic

    Broth Soto Ayam 6.50 Aromatic chicken broth served with peanut, bean sprout, rice cake, spring onion and deep fried glass noodles

    A27 Tom Yam King Prawn tt 8.90Spicy tom yam paste broth with king prawn, sweet lemongrass, galangal, kaffir leaves & vegetables

    A28 Sweet Corn Chicken & Crab Stick Soup 5.50Creamy sweet corn, chicken and crab stick with white egg sauce

    A29 Vegetable Clear Broth 4.50Clear broth with assorted vegetable bean curd

    A30 Cream of Mushroom Soup 5.50Creamy fresh button mushroom & shitake mushroom, sprinkled with fresh basil

    Chicken / Duck DishesM1 Northern Chicken Thai Green Curry t 10.90

    Braised chicken with green curry paste, coconut milk & vegetables with side dish of rice, corn fritter & salad

    M2 Sweet & Sour Chicken 10.90Deep fried chicken with capsicum, onion, tomato & sweet sour sauce

    M3 Deep Fried Bali Style Crispy Duck 15.90Crispy fried braised duck with aromatic spices served with steamed rice, salad & sweet lemongrass and chilli

    M4 Lemon Sauce Chicken 10.90Deep fried crispy chicken with capsicum, onion & sweet lemon sauce

    M5 Buttered Chicken t 11.90Deep fried chicken with cream, garlic, chopped chilli, curry leaves & butter

    M6 Chicken Curry Melayu t 11.90Stew boneless chicken with curry paste, potato & coconut cream

    M7 Hainanese Style Chicken Rice 12.90With roasted or steamed chicken

    M8 Fried Chicken Kampung Style 9.00 Deep Fried chicken with turmeric powder & seasoning

    M9 Chicken Hot & Sweet Ayam Masak Merah tt 11.90Deep fried chicken with sweet & spicy sauce, tomato, onion & chilli

    Beef DishesM10 The Legendary Malaysian

    Beef Rendang tt 11.90Braised beef cooked with homemade ingredients, with cream of coconut, turmeric and chilli paste served with rice, corn fritter & salad

    M11 Beef with Ginger & Spring Onion 12.90Stir Fried wok sliced beef with ginger, spring onion & oyster sauce

    M12 Black Pepper Beef 12.90Stir fried beef with crushed black pepper, sweet sauce, capsicum and onion

    M14 Beef with Broccoli & Cauliflower 13.90Stir fried wok sliced beef with broccoli, cauliflower & garlic soya sauce]

    Seafood DishesS1 Ikan Bakar Baked Fish ttt 19.90

    Baked sea bass marinated with chilli paste served with spicy tamarind sauce

    S2 Fish Curry PENANG Ikan Kandar tt 12.90S3 Braised Fish with Sweet Fresh Chilli Paste

    & Turmeric Assam Pedas Ikan tt 12.00Braised fish with tamarind, chilli paste, turmeric, ladies fingers, aubergine and lime leaves

    S4 Sweet & Sour Fish 11.90 Deep fried fish with capsicum, onion, tomato & sweet sour sauce

    S5 Sweet & Sour Prawn 12.90 Deep fried prawn with capsicum, onion, tomato & sweet sour sauce

    S6 Seafood with Mild Creamy Coconut Milk Curry Kari Melayu t 11.90Creamy curry coconut seafood braised with okra, aubergine, bamboo shoot, and black fungus

    S7 Lobster Noodles with Fresh Ginger 42.00Deep fried lobster with wanton noodles, spring onions and fresh ginger

    S8 Steamed Sea Bass Bukit Bintang 25.00Steamed sea bass with garlic, ginger, spring onions and soy sauce

    S9 BBQ Lobster 39.00BBQ lobster with garlic butter, fresh chilli, lemongrass, curry leaves and coconut cream

    S10 Fried King Prawn t 16.50Fried jumbo king prawn with butter, egg yolk, fresh chopped garlic, chilli, lemongrass & lime leaves

    S11 Lemon Sauce Fish 11.90Deep fried crispy fish with capsicum, onion & sweet lemon sauce

    S12 Lemon Sauce Prawn 12.90Deep fried crispy prawn with capsicum, onion & sweet lemon sauce

    S14 Buttered King Prawn t 16.90Deep fried king prawn with egg yolk, butter, garlic, chilli & curry leaves

    S15 Prawn Shrimps Chilli Paste Sambal Prawn ttt 14.90Stir fried prawn with shrimps chilli paste, tomato and onion

    Noodles & RiceN1 Coconut Rice Nasi Lemak Kg Bharu tt 12.90

    Steamed rice with cream of coconut, lemongrass & ginger served with side dish of fried chicken, roasted peanut, cucumber, Anchovies, boiled egg & prawn sambal paste

    N2 Spicy Fried Rice Nasi Goreng Malaysia tt 13.90Stir fried rice with mixed vegetables, egg, seafood, chicken & sweet spicy chilli paste]

    N3 Fried Rice Nasi Goreng Kampung ttt 12.90Stir fried rice with morning glory, anchovies, seafood, chicken & shrimp chilli paste

    N4 Clay Pot Noodles with Chicken 12.90Braised noodles in clay pot with chicken & vegetables

    N5 Egg fried Rice 6.50Stir Fried wok rice with sesame oil, garlic, spring onions & egg

    N6 Clay Pot Noodles, Braised Bean Curd & Vegetables (V) 11.90Braised noodles, bean curd and vegetables in a clay pot with clear chicken broth

    N7 Hot Plate Chicken Noodles 14.90Hot Plate braised chicken with shitake mushroom sweet soy sauce, egg and yellow noodles

    N8 Seafood Fried Rice 12.90Stir fried rice with seafood, mixed vegetables, spring onions & egg

    N9 Stir Fried Singapore Noodles t 13.90Stir fried vermicelli noodles with sweet curry paste, tomato ketchup, julienne capsicum, carrot, bean sprout, chives, seafood & chicken

    N10 Mee Goreng Yellow Noodle Mamak Style t 12.90Stir fried yellow noodles with sweet chilli paste, tomato, bean curd, bean sprouts, onions, vegetables, seafood & chicken

    N11 Stir Fried Meehoon t 12.90Stir fried vermicelli noodles with bean sprouts, bean curd, chives, seafood, chicken, soya sauce & chilli paste

    N12 Stir Fried Penang Char Kuay Teow t 12.90Char stir fried flat noodles with bean sprouts, bean curd, chives, seafood, chicken, soy sauce & chilli paste

    N14 Prawn MEE 12.90Yellow noodle with Prawn broth cooked with morning glory, prawn, chicken & garnished with hardboiled egg

    N15 Sweet Spicy & Sour Kuala Kangsar Assam Laksa Noodles tt 12.90Steamed noodles with sweet spicy & sour fish mackerel broth, and garnishing salad of cucumber, pineapple, hardboiled egg, mint leaves & lime

    N16 Lagenda Curry Laksa Noodles tt 12.90Soup with vermicelli rice noodles with homemade specialty spiced coconut broth, bean curd, hardboiled egg, bean sprouts, seafood, chicken

    N18 Egg Noodle Mee Bandung Johor t 12.90Braised yellow noodles with sweet and sour sauce, sliced beef, seafood, chicken, vegetables & poached egg seafood, chicken, vegetable & sesame oil

    Deep fried crispy duck served with pancake, sweet soybean sauce, cucumber, lettuce, spring onion

  • Western MenuG1 Grilled Sirloin Steak 17.90

    Grilled Sirloin steak served with assorted vegetables, Lyonnaise Potato, Cherry Tomato & black pepper cream sauce

    G2 Grilled Lamb Chop 16.90Grilled trio of lamb chops served with assorted vegetables, Lyonnaise Potato, Cherry Tomato & mint sauce

    G3 Grilled Salmon 16.90Grilled salmon served with vegetables, French fries & creamy lemon sauce with fresh basil

    G4 Baked Baby Chicken 13.90Baked boneless baby chicken marinated with Peri Peri sauce served with side dish of assorted vegetables, French fries

    G5 Chargrilled Beef Burger 14.90Chargrilled beef burgers served with salad, French fries, mayonnaise & mustard dressing

    G6 Traditional English Fish & Chips 12.90Deep fried battered cod fish served with assorted salad, French fries & tartar dressing

    G7 Grilled T. Bone Steak 21.90Grilled T. Bone steak served with assorted vegetables, Lyonnaise Potato, Cher