Apostolic Lutheran Church National Sunday School The Lutheran Church National Sunday School. 2009, ... Apostolic Lutheran Church National Sunday School ... Unscramble the tiles. Reveal a message.

Download Apostolic Lutheran Church National Sunday School The   Lutheran Church National Sunday School. 2009, ... Apostolic Lutheran Church National Sunday School ... Unscramble the tiles. Reveal a message.

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<ul><li><p> 1Apostolic Lutheran Church National Sunday School. 2009, Student Pages </p><p>Student Page</p><p>Puzzle Corner</p><p>Fifth Grade - Eighth Grade</p><p>Apostolic Lutheran Church National Sunday School </p><p>The Acts of the Apostles</p><p>Series: Acts of the Apostles</p><p>Instructions for Use...</p><p>The Acts of the Apostles Sunday School lessons correspond to the Acts of the Apostles Sunday School Teaching Pages. A teacher may choose to use some of the student pages or all of them. The student pages provide variety for students which will enable students of different learning abilities and learning styles to participate more readily. </p><p>Some questions from the teacher version are not included in the student pages. (Questions found on students pages are in bold and have their corresponding number, in the teacher version.) Each lesson consists of at least two teaching pages for the Sunday school teacher and one student page for the student. This series has optional map pages for the lessons on Pauls trips. </p><p>The student pages are not necessary, but would be a great addition if the teacher wanted the students to have something tangible from which to work. </p><p>As part of the student pages you will also fi nd a memory verse supplement. The supplement includes all the memory verses in a quick easy reference format.</p><p>This section will contain a Bible search assignment. </p><p>Each lesson also contains a puzzle corner in the upper right hand corner.</p><p>The memory verse will be listed here for students to help with memorization. </p><p>For exploring the Bible...</p><p>For memory...</p><p>Student Lesson Pages </p><p>Pisidian Antioch </p><p>Jerusalem </p><p>Antioch Seleucia </p><p>Salamis Paphos </p><p>Perga </p><p>Iconium Lystra Derbe </p><p>Attalia </p><p>GALATIA </p><p>CILICIA LYCIA </p><p>LYCAONIA </p><p>MEDITTERANEAN SEA </p><p>ASIA </p></li><li><p> 2Apostolic Lutheran Church National Sunday School. 2009, Student Pages </p><p>Student Page</p><p>Puzzle Corner</p><p>Using a concordance fi nd a verse in the NT (other than the ones you read doing your lesson) that tells something about the Holy Spirit. Write it here:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>For answering...</p><p> Lesson Luke 1:1-4 Acts1:1-8; 2:1-41</p><p>Read Luke 1:1-4 and Acts 1:1. What do these verses tell you about the author of these two books? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>1</p><p>1. In Acts 1:4-8 Jesus told the apostles to wait in Jerusalem for something the Father had promised. What was it? __________________________________</p><p>2. How did the people react to Jesus instruction? _______________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>3. What does Jesus tell them they would do? __________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>4. According to Acts 2:2-3 what happened on the day of Pentecost? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>5. Why were the people so amazed? _________________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>6. What earlier instruction of Jesus did this fulfi l? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>7. Who then stood up to speak to the people? _____________What did he say? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>8. Who is able to be saved? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>9. How do the events of Jesus life on earth relate to the prophecy of Joel? (Acts 2:22-36)_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>10. What did Peter tell the people to do? _______________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>11. How many were added to the believers that day? _____________________ </p><p>12. How did they get along with each other? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>Beginnings of the Church . </p><p>For memory...</p><p>N S W H O Y E E V</p><p>O P E R C S A R L</p><p>I I L S O E S I N</p><p>S R T H E H M F N</p><p>I I A M E P A O F</p><p>V T G T H O E E L</p><p>O R D N W R R I L</p><p>L B E S S P D A V</p><p>E S R E D N O W D</p><p>Cross out these words in the puzzle above: Spirit, dreams, vision, wonders, fi re, prophesy, signs. Read the hidden message. </p><p>_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ </p><p>_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _</p><p>_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. </p><p>For exploring the Bible...</p><p>Who is saved?Acts of the Apostles</p><p>...Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call. Acts 2:38-39</p></li><li><p> 3Apostolic Lutheran Church National Sunday School. 2009, Student Pages </p><p>Student Page</p><p>Puzzle Corner</p><p>For answering...</p><p> Lesson</p><p> Using a concordance fi nd a verse in the Old Testament that says the lame man will leap as a hart. (A hart is a type of a deer). Write the verse below:______________________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>_______________________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>_____________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>Acts 3 - 4:23</p><p>1. How long had the man in this story been lame? ________________________</p><p>2. What did the lame man ask Peter and John for?________________________ What did he receive instead? ________________________________________In whose name was this miracle done? ________________________________</p><p>3. What did the man do then? _______________________________________</p><p>4. When the people were amazed at the healing, what did Peter and John say? _____________________________________________________________</p><p>5. In Acts 3:16 what did Peter say made the lame man strong (completely healed and able to walk)? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>6. Why did the people kill Jesus? ________________________________________________________________________________________ (Acts 3: 16-17)</p><p>7. What did Peter tell the people they needed to do? (Acts 3:19)? __________________________________________________________________________</p><p>8. Jesus calls everyone to repentance. Does repentance rely on you or on God? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>9. What was Jesus sent by God to do? _________________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>10. What was the reaction of the priests, the captain of the temple and the Sadducees to what Peter was saying? Why? (Acts 4:2) ___________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>11. What did they do? ______________________________________________</p><p>12. How many believers were added? _________________________________</p><p>13. What was the reaction of the leaders to Peters testimony? What instructions did they give to Peter and John? Why? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 14. What was Peters response?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>Is there someone who needs your help? Are there any relationships that you could help or pray for? </p><p>Th</p><p>inki</p><p>ng </p><p>of O</p><p>ther</p><p>s</p><p>2 F A I M A N </p><p> I S </p><p> T H</p><p> N A A D E </p><p> H M H A T </p><p> M E </p><p> H I S I N </p><p> S T R O N G</p><p> T H </p><p>For exploring the Bible...</p><p>Healed</p><p>Unscramble the tiles. Reveal a message.</p><p>Clue: What healed the man? KJV Acts 3:16 </p><p>The Ministering Church Acts of the Apostles</p><p>Not that we are suffi cient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our suffi ciency is of God; Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life. 2 Corinthians 3:5-6</p><p>For memory...</p></li><li><p> 4Apostolic Lutheran Church National Sunday School. 2009, Student Pages </p><p>Student Page</p><p>Puzzle Corner</p><p>1. What did the believers do when they heard about what had happened to Peter and John?_______________________________________ (Acts 4:24-31)2. From the fi rst part of their prayer, what did they believe about the Lord? ___________________________________________________________(4:24)</p><p>3. Compare Acts 4:25-28 with Psalm 2:1-2. What do you notice? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>4. What was the answer to the question raised by David in the Psalm?________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>5. In spite of the fact that they had been threatened by the authorities and told not to speak of Jesus (Acts 4:18) what did the Christians pray for? __________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>6. Did they get what they asked for? __________________________________</p><p>7. How did the group of believers get along? What did they give testimony to? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________8. What did Joses (Barnabus) do? Why is this important? ________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>9. What did Ananias and Sapphira do? _______________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>10. What did Peter tell Ananias? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>11. What happened to Ananias? What happened to Sapphira?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>12. What what the problem with what Ananias and Sapphira did? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________13. Does the body of believers take care of people today like they did during the beginning of the Christian church? Why or Why not?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p> Lesson</p><p>Look up Romans 12 where Paul speaks about the body. List the actions that Paul instructs the body of believers in Rome to do for each other.</p><p>___________________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>_____________________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>__________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>Acts 4:23-5:1-11</p><p>How do you contribute to your church, to the body of believers? </p><p>A p</p><p>art </p><p>of t</p><p>he </p><p>bo</p><p>dy</p><p>3 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.</p><p>T E E R T S T H S</p><p>N A E L C N U D I</p><p>E Y W E R E E A C</p><p>L L H E A B L E K</p><p>C R I P P L E D D</p><p>What Hapnd?</p><p>sick crippled unclean street beds </p><p>Cross out the words. See a hidden message.The Prayer of the Church</p><p>For answering...</p><p>Acts of the Apostles</p><p>This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner. Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. Acts 4:11-12</p><p>For memory...</p><p>For exploring the Bible...</p></li><li><p>Scripture:</p><p> 5Apostolic Lutheran Church National Sunday School. 2009, Student Pages </p><p>Student Page</p><p>Puzzle Corner Lesson</p><p>Find a verse in the New Testament that speaks about a fi ery trial. Record that verse and the one after it below______________________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>____________________________________________</p><p>Acts 5:12-42</p><p>Do you know of a situation where God is not seen in the best light? How can you show love and bring peace to the people involved in that situation? </p><p>4</p><p>1. What were the apostles doing? And what was the reaction of the people around them? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________(Acts 5:12) 2. What was the result of the apostles boldness and the preaching of Gods grace? (Acts 5:14-15) ______________________________________________ </p><p>3. What does this show in relation to what Jesus had told them they would do in Acts 1:8? _______________________________________________________</p><p>4. How long did the apostles stay in prison? Why? _______________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>5. What did the angel tell them to do?__________________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>6. What did the authorities do when they found out that the apostles were teaching in the temple? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>7. Why were the leaders so concerned with the apostles? __________________________________________________________________________________</p><p>8. Who did Peter and the other apostles say they ought to obey rather than man? ________ What did they tell the council? _________________________________________________...</p></li></ul>


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