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  • Name: _____________________________________ APOLLO 13

    QUESTIONS (While viewing Apollo 13 DVD) 1. Who was the Flight Commander of the Apollo 13 mission?

    2. What is everyone at Jims house watching at the opening of the movie?

    3. In what year was the actual first moon landing?

    4. What past NASA event makes Jims youngest son scared about him

    going to the moon? 5. What is the first problem with the Apollo 13 mission

    (the news they get during training)? 6. How does training go with Kens

    back up (Jack)?

    7. What did Marilyn Lovell lose right before the launch?

    8. What was the name of the Apollo 13 command module?

    9. What happens to the engines right after launch? 10. Who gets ill once

    they are in space?

    11. What did Flight Director Gene Kranzs wife always give him before

    every launch? 12. What happens to the national TV broadcast of the

    mission? 13. What caused the master alarm to go off?

    14. By shutting down the fuel cells, what will the astronauts not be able to

    do while they are in space? 15. The radio signal is lost when the

    spacecraft is where? 16. Who gets called to NASA headquarters to help

    solve the power issue?

    17.The astronauts were in danger of poisoning by:_____

    18. The astronauts rebel against the NASA doctors by doing what? 19.

    What is the stationary object in the window that the astronauts use to

    hold course during the burn? 20. Why was the weight of the LEM way too

    light on their way back to Earth? 21. What two famous astronauts talk to

    Jims mom to try and calm her nerves? 22. What could have been damaged

    in the explosion that would cause them to burn up in reentry? 23. How long

    did Apollo 13 stay in space? 24. Who makes the call to Odyssey as it

    reenters the atmosphere? 25. NASA refers to the Apollo 13 mission as


    26. What is the most famous line from the movie, Apollo 13?