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  • Apollo 13

    c Pearson Education Limited 2008 Apollo 13 - Answer keys of 2

    Answer keys LEVEL 2 PENGUIN READERSTeacher Support Programme

    Book key

    1 Open answers2 a Open answers b 1 engine, pilot, parachute 2 measles 3 tank, oxygen 4 Earth, gravity 5 astronaut, Moon, lunar module3 Neil Armstrong and a lunar module on the Moon.4 a Neil Armstrong b Alan Shepard c Jim Lovell d Fred Haise e Ken Mattingly f Jack Swigert5 Jim doesnt know the new pilot very well. Also, Jack

    has to work in the simulator and there isnt much time. But without Jack, Apollo 13 isnt going to go to the Moon.

    6 Open answers7 a Saturn 5 b Odyssey c Aquarius89 Open answers10 a Jeffrey Lovell b Jim Lovell c Fred Haise d Jack Swigert e Gene Kranz f a controller11 Open answers12 a 10 minutes b 15 minutes13 a 3 b 3 c 7 d 7 e 3 f 7 g 314 a They are in the lunar module. b There are problems with the command module.

    It is losing power and oxygen. c Apollo has to turn around. It can go around the

    Moon, and then the astronauts will start the lunar modules engines. At the end of the trip, they will have to use the command module again.

    15 Open answers16 a 5 b 1 c 4 d 7 e 2 f 3 g 617 a 28 b 100 c 3 d 1618 Open answers19 a asleep b tired, cold c hot d smart e angry f dirty g beautiful20 a baths > beds b Sun > Earth c engine > oxygen d eat > sleep e with > without f restaurant > simulator21 Open answers

    22 a He can work on the problem in the simulator. / He is the best man in the simulator.

    b In the lunar module. c There are no moon rocks in it. d The nose of the command module is at the back. e He can see the parachutes through his camera. f His father is coming home.2333 Open answers.

    Discussion activities key 15 Open answers6 Suggested answers: he is a very good astronaut. He

    went before to the moon. His son wants moon rocks. 7 Suggested answers:

    KenMattingly FredHaise JimLovell

    was the pilot of the command module

    was the pilot of the lunar module

    took the place of Alan Shepard

    810 Open answers11 Suggested answers:My dad was in the command

    module, he talked on TV, he will eat dry food, he can see the Earth from space.

    12 Open answers13 Suggested answers:They are losing oxygen. They will

    have no water and no power very soon. The machines and engines will not work. They will be in the dark.

    14 Suggested answers

    Aquarius Odyssey

    Has to turn the computer control soonJim has problems working the numbers

    They are losing power fastJack doesnt know which pages to read

    1522 Open answers

    Activity worksheets key1 a Chapter 1 b Chapters 2, 3, 4 c Chapter 5 d Chapters 6, 7, 8, 9 e Chapter 182 a space b astronauts c command module d oxygen e controllers f radio3 a 13 b 11 c 12 d 11 e 144 a 9 b 1 c 4 d 8 e 10 f 6 g 2 h 5 i 3 j 7

  • Apollo 13

    c Pearson Education Limited 2008 Apollo 13 - Answer keys 2 of 2

    Answer keys LEVEL 2 PENGUIN READERSTeacher Support Programme

    5 a The doctor to Jim Lovell after he finds that one of the astronauts may have the measles.

    b Jim to his boss when he learns that Ken Mattingly cannot go on Apollo 13.

    c The mission controller to Jim when they discuss who should fly instead of Ken.

    d Jim about Jack when he realizes that Ken will not fly with them.

    6 a Astronaut Alan Shepard didnt go on Apollo 13 because he had a problem with his ear.

    b Ken Mattingly didnt go on Apollo 13 because he never had the measles. The doctor wanted him to stay on Earth because of the measles problem at Mission Control.

    c Engine five turned off early. It was the first problem after they left Earth, but they didnt know it was important.

    d He was away at school and couldnt go to Mission Control on April 13, 1970 with his mother, brother and sisters.

    7 a friends > his mother and sisters b hands > smile c food > gravity d Odyssey > Aquarius e a womans hair > paper8 a 2 b 4 c 5 d 1 e 3 f 69 a command module b oxygen c fifteen minutes d busy10 a 7 b 3 c 3 d 711 a Its dangerous because the controllers dont know

    about that engine. Will it start? b It will take three or four days and they cant live in

    the lunar module for four days. c Those engines are for short trips. They are not built

    for this. (This is the only possible answer.)12 Not enough power is their biggest problem because

    without power, they cannot return to Earth.

    13 a 1 b 6 c 2 d 3 e 4 f 514 a Ken told the men that the command module was

    cold so the simulator had to be made cold. b The doctors were wrong about Ken because he

    didnt get the measles. c John Arthur wanted Ken inside the simulator. d The astronauts in space started to turn off the

    machines and the engines.15 a 8 b 2 c 1 d 4 e 3 f 5 g 6 h 716 a 3 b 7 c 3 d 3 e 7 f 3

    Progress test key1 a Neil Armstrong > Alan Shepard b Y > X c angry > tired d life > job2 a 1 b 2 c 2 d 23 a 1 b 3 c 5 d 6 e 4 f 24 a 3 b 3 c 7 d 3 e 75 a It was Jim Lovells second time behind the moon. b The Apollo men realized that after more than three

    days in space the would not have enough water. c Kranz decided that they should work on the

    problems on the simulator. d While Ken worked on the simulator, the astronauts

    started to turn off the machines and engine.6 a In space, the astronauts were tired cold and wet. b Jack thought that they would fly past the Earth and

    move around the sun. c There was no gravity so food and papers moved by

    their heads. d Jim was happy because computers always flew

    Aquarius for him and now he would fly it.7 a Mission Control b measles c wet d lunar module e moon rocks


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