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  • Foundation Certification Study Group Session 6 Proposal Writingng Study Group Session 6 Proposal Writingng
  • Subject Areas Persuasion Style and Tone Proposal Management Question/Response Proposals Active and Passive Voice Executive Summary Headings and Action Captions Graphics and Photographs
  • Executive Summary Are we getting what we want? Do these recommendations make sense? Is there a compelling reason to do this? What do we gain by choosing these people? What differentiates them? How much will it cost? What kind of ROI can we expect? Executive Summary is the single most important part of the proposal, thats likely to be read by everybody involved in making a decision.
  • Question/Response Proposals Review all questions and identify critical ones. Allocate more time to investigate and space to answer critical ones. Use boilerplate on less-critical questions. Outline each response and review before drafting. Identify where graphics can be used to replace text. Elaborate only to the extent needed. Insert section summaries to provide perspective and gain a competitive advantage. Answer the questions in the order as asked in the RFP.
  • Persuasion Needs : The customers key business needs, problems, issues, pains or opportunities: the drivers behind the deal Outcomes : The positive impact that will come from meeting those needs: the motivation to move forward Solutions : A recommendation for a product or service that will solve the problem and deliver the outcomes Evidence : Proof you can do the job on time and on budget : your differentiators
  • Style and Tone Match the tone of each document to your objective Organize the document as per the RFP instructions and then follow the Four-Box organizational style 1. Summary 2. Introduction 3. Body 4. Review Adapt sentence length and structure Avoid using abbreviations and jargons Adopt a customer-focused writing style Choose correct words Eliminate clichs, false subjects, gobbledygook and redundant words
  • Active/Passive Voice Use Active voice unless you have a good reason to choose passive Use a passive voice only when you do not know the actor or do not want to mention Use a passive voice when the receiver is more important than the actor Use passive construction to clearly link two sentences Use personal pronouns and active voices to convey responsibility and clarity Convert passive sentences to active by rethinking, rewording or reordering the sentence
  • Headings and Action Captions Use exact headings as dictated in the RFP Use telegraphic headings to label major sections Use informative headings in all other cases Limit the numbered headings to three levels Use verb headings to convey action, use noun headings to signal your purpose Make the bulleted list of contents and sections identical in proposal sections Use interpretative action captions with every graphic or figure Draft each caption with three parts : the figure no, the title, and the caption Use informative titles Connect a customer benefit to the feature depicted in the graphic Quantify the benefit if possible Place action caption below the graphic Refer all graphic by figure no in the preceding text Use a different typeface or style for the figure title
  • Graphics and Photographs u Select or create graphics that speak u Conceive graphics before you write the text u Select graphics that best support your message u Introduce graphics in the text before they appear in the proposal u Orient graphics vertically u Minimize text in the graphics. Concentrate text in an action caption u Number the graphics in the order of their appearance in major section u Include an interpretative action caption with every graphic u Visualize what your prospect wants to see and then select images u Select photographs that support your overall strategy u Use the resolution appropriate to the finished size and media u Balance the use of photographs with increased production time and cost
  • Stay connected with us on Linkedin Study Group for details of the next webinar on Proposal Pricing. Thank You. Abhijit Majumdar CP.APMP Associate Vice President Zensar Technologies Ltd. Pune. India.


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