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Presentation on Connected Cars and APIs at the API Days San Francisco 2014


<ul><li><p>Driving Real Value </p><p>with APIs &amp; Connected Cars </p><p>Sid Bhatia </p><p>IBM </p><p> @SidBhatiaCalif </p></li><li><p> 2013 IBM Corporation </p></li><li><p>By 2020, 90% of cars are expected to feature built-in connectivity up from just 10% today </p><p>With an estimated 210 million connected cars hitting the road over the next few years </p></li><li><p>4 </p><p>The fundamental challenges of Internet of Things </p><p>How to connect to the devices </p><p>Capturing device data </p><p>Making sense of the device data in real-time </p><p>Taking action on the device data </p><p>Sharing devices, data and insights </p><p>Valu</p><p>e t</p><p>o U</p><p>ser </p></li><li><p>The Cars Big Data Problem </p><p>The car must not become a data monster </p><p> Volume </p><p>Growing from </p><p>Terabytes to Exabytes </p><p> Velocity </p><p>In-flight data with </p><p>milliseconds response </p><p> Veracity </p><p>Varying freshness </p><p>and trustworthiness </p><p>Variety </p><p>Different forms of data </p><p>from different sources </p><p>25 GB </p><p>of data per hour </p><p>generated from </p><p>a Plug-in hybrid </p><p>vehicle </p><p>38 microsecond </p><p>response to </p><p>millions of </p><p>events per </p><p>second </p><p>80% 3% - 5% </p><p>of data is unstructured traffic, weather, docs </p><p>of warranty claims are fraudulent </p></li><li><p>APIs Drive Value </p><p>Driver &amp; </p><p>vehicle </p><p>monitoring </p><p>News </p><p>Fault analytics </p><p>Service and </p><p>warranty data </p><p>Pay as </p><p>you drive </p><p>Journey &amp; </p><p>GPS </p><p>Traffic, Weather, </p><p>Parking data </p><p>Advanced </p><p>diagnostics </p><p>Other cars </p><p>Mobile apps </p><p>APIs </p><p>Partner Center </p><p>Social f Web &amp; </p><p>More Things </p></li><li><p>Connected Car usage patterns </p><p>Monetize Charge for usage of vehicles </p><p> Enable Pay-per-use models of things </p><p>Optimize </p><p> Improve efficiency of activities with data from vehicles </p><p> Anticipate &amp; predict optimal actions and responses </p><p>Extend Provide more value through connected vehicles </p><p> Deliver data, content, services through things </p><p>Control Remotely affect behavior of vehicles </p><p> Make remote adjustments to optimize settings </p></li><li><p>Services </p><p>Car Mobile Home </p><p>Integration </p><p>Analytics </p><p>Decisions </p><p>Messaging </p><p>Car </p><p>3rd Parties </p><p>Available </p><p>Bi-Directional </p><p>Flexible </p><p>APIs and Efficient Event-Based Messaging </p><p>APIs </p></li><li><p>Top 3 emerging use cases </p><p> Reliable, Responsive Communication </p><p> Fleet Management </p><p> Usage Based Insurance </p></li><li><p> 2013 IBM Corporation </p><p>IBM AIM Industry Software </p><p>Infotainment &amp; Safety </p><p>Vehicle APIs </p><p>Roadside Assistance </p><p>Managed APIs </p><p>Smart Home </p><p>Retail Offers </p><p>Social </p><p>Parking space Auto Dealers </p><p>Charging station Location </p><p>Speed </p><p>Warning Codes </p><p>Battery </p><p>Charge </p><p>Fuel level </p><p>Emissions </p><p>Concierge </p></li><li><p> 2013 IBM Corporation </p><p>IBM AIM Industry Software </p><p>Vehicle Remote Services </p><p>Multi Vehicle Flexibility </p><p>Find My Car </p><p>Start / Stop Engine </p><p>Pre Heat / Defrost the Car </p><p>Lock / Unlock the Car </p><p>* </p></li><li><p> 2013 IBM Corporation </p><p>IBM AIM Industry Software </p><p>Vehicle Condition Monitoring </p><p>Multi Vehicle Flexibility Dealer Warning Integration </p><p>Reduce Warranty Costs </p><p>Predictive Maintenance Slope Aware Power Train </p><p>! </p><p>$$$ </p><p>$$ </p></li><li><p> 2013 IBM Corporation </p><p>IBM AIM Industry Software </p><p>Highly Automated Driving </p><p>Overtaking Assistance Road Condition Awareness </p><p>! </p><p>Road Sign Recognition </p></li><li><p> 2013 IBM Corporation </p><p>IBM AIM Industry Software </p><p>Vehicle to Everything, Everyone </p><p>Mobility Services </p><p>Environmental Monitoring </p><p>Pay How You Drive </p><p>Fuel Efficiency through smarter infrastructure </p><p>Co2 </p><p>70 $ </p></li><li><p> 2013 IBM Corporation </p><p>IBM AIM Industry Software </p><p>New Usage Models </p><p> Multi Vehicle Flexibility Pay Per Drive </p><p>Automated </p><p>Pick Up Drop Off </p><p>Geofencing </p></li><li><p>Industry stories </p></li><li><p> 2013 IBM Corporation </p><p>IBM AIM Industry Software </p><p>17 </p><p>Enabling new forms of relationships with vehicles </p></li><li><p>Streaming Analytics </p><p>Highly Accurate Weather data </p><p> launches Connected Services </p><p>for the Car of the Future </p><p>APIs for 3rd parties </p><p>Windshield Wipers </p><p>Lights </p><p>Temperature </p><p>Messaging </p></li><li><p> Keyless </p><p>vehicle access </p><p>in real-time </p><p>via the app </p><p>MQTT - Reliable Open Standard message based communication with a QoS Real-time communication with cars for a seamless user experience. </p><p>Always connected, always an up-to date view of cars in the system </p><p>Driver authenticated, and unlocks in a couple of seconds </p></li><li><p>Sprint provides Key-fob response time &amp; Driver Preferences in the Cloud </p><p>Unlock command sent to car, </p><p>door unlocks </p><p>Owner pushes button on app </p><p>Sprint authenticates </p><p>user </p><p>SPRINT VELOCITY </p><p>Connected car </p></li><li><p>Mobile Internet Cloud Connection Platform </p><p>Tried out: from 2013,9 provinces, roll out in July 2014, 31 provinces Connected trucks250,000 in 9 provinces Growing&gt; 2000 trucks /day now, &gt; 5000 after July 2014 Forecast1.5 millions truck connect to platform in 2014, 6-9 millions truck connect to platform in 2015 </p><p>National Public Truck Platform in China </p></li><li><p> Tracking - history, speed, location </p><p> Vehicle status - battery voltage, coolant temperature </p><p> Fleet management - dispatching </p><p>Vehicle Management Platform </p></li><li><p>Easy to instrument vehicles Standards-based support with minimal device requirements </p><p>Internet-scale Real-time big data from masses of Vehicles </p><p>Location awareness Tracking where Vehicles are, how they move in space and with other Things </p><p>Real-time analytics Applying models to predict, detect, optimize and anticipate </p><p>Driving new business models and innovation Exposing and monetizing valuable information and services </p><p>A Future with Connected Cars </p></li><li><p>Usage Based Insurance </p><p>Tizen </p><p>Vehicle Remote </p><p>IBM MessageSight Internet of Things Cloud </p><p>IBM Softlayer BlueMix </p><p>IBM Connected Car Demo http://m2m.demos.ibm.com </p><p>IBM </p><p>Intel </p><p>Linux Foundation </p><p>Local Motors </p><p>Streetline </p><p>ParkerData TM API </p><p>Rally Fighter </p><p>Node-Red </p><p>Visual wiring Internet of Things </p></li></ul>