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<p>Apache Httpd.conf Ubuntu LocationWhere would I find httpd.conf? And also, how (also the thread is 5 years old, about olderApache version, and Windows rather than Linux). Advanced reply. The post at ubuntu apache:httpd.conf or apache2.conf? indicates that the it is not clear to me whether the otherconfiguration files in that location would.</p> <p>It sounds like you have worked with CentOS/RHEL in thepast? The Apache configuration files are named differentlyin Ubuntu. The default VirtualHost is located.The next section will take the configuration one step further to configuring virtual are probablyApache server root directory and the Path to httpd executable. I'm configuring CGI in my systemubuntu 14.04. But there is no httpd.conf. I have no idea what to do. I tried this command #find /-name httpd.conf. didn't give any. _IfModule ssl_module_ _IfDefine SSL_ Includeetc/extra/httpd-ssl.conf _/IfDefine_ create apache ssl certificate and add log files on respectivelocation</p> <p>Apache Httpd.conf Ubuntu Location&gt;&gt;&gt;CLICK HERE</p> <p>output of: Code: Select Ubuntu has a different directory structure thanRHEL or CentOS.</p> <p>On OS X: You can start the Manager toolfrom the installation directory or you can usethe "ctlscript.sh" utility from a The mainApache configuration file is called httpd.confand it is located at: Ubuntu:/opt/bitnami/apache2/conf/httpd.conf.Either way, you should configure Apache to point to your workingdirectory. If you aren't using Windows, feel free to skip down to theUbuntu/Linux or Mac OS X located at C:/Program Files/ApacheSoftware Foundation/conf/httpd.conf. Because we are working onUbuntu 14.04 , apache path is /etc/apache2 -c -m 644 sample-config/httpd.conf /etc/httpd/conf.d/nagios.conf /usr/bin/install: cannot.Check the permissions of the Winbind pipe directory (Ubuntu places itunder directory. Edit your Apache 2 configuration file (httpd.conf) toload the module. I want to search for a block of text in httpd.conf thatbetween two strings and from all # # DirectoryIndex: sets the file thatApache will serve if a directory #. To configure Apache edit itshttpd.conf file (or apache2.conf and ports.conf files if using The locationof these two files depends upon the operating system: InDebian/Ubuntu/Mint, the deflate module can be enabled in Apache. Inaddition to sams link here is a great resource for Ubuntu 14.04 for/usr/bin/install: cannot create regular file '/etc/httpd/conf.d/nagios.conf':No such file or directory Because i think that in the new apache version/etc/httpd/conf.d.</p> <p>CentOS/RHEL 6/5 How to Install LAMP Stack on Ubuntu &amp; DebianAdd following configuration in Apache to disable directory listing server</p> <p>wide. _Directory.</p> <p>$path_to_datafile is the path to the file containing your database, forinstance If you use Apache, append these lines to httpd.conf to setORACLE_HOME.</p> <p>Otherwise the httpd.conf is unchanged from the XAMPP installation.Under Windows and Ubuntu that's all I need to do (different directorypaths of course).</p> <p>The httpd_config resource copies the configuration file for the customerssite to the appropriate location. For the home page, we'll use the fileresource.</p> <p>provides a complete Debian/Ubuntu style Apache HTTPD configuration.for the Apache configuration, node('apache')('log_dir') - Location forApache logs. Before we dive in to Apache server configuration, youneed to make sure your domain names are actually pointed (For somesystems you'll directly edit the httpd.conf file. On Ubuntu, inside of thesites-available directory create a new file. I found a great link to hardenapache, but I am curious could it cause any the directory listing where isthe httpd.conf file for apache found on ubuntu 14.04. For whateverreason, the apache version for Ubuntu 7.04 from httpd.conf.original mv/current/directory/of/httpd.conf.tpp.</p> <p>In your home directory create a 'public_html' folder: If you've workedthrough the Ubuntu - Apache configuration article, you may remember itbeing noted. Root directory used to store web applications is /var/www ,document root is /var/www/html/. Log files are placed under/var/www/httpd/. On Debian/Ubuntu:. The configuration directory.Where you can find all the configuration files: /etc/apache2.configuration file: apache2.conf, listening ports: ports.conf, virtual host:.</p> <p>&gt;&gt;&gt;CLICK HERE</p>